"I am Freyr. Protector of the K'Tau world."

Freyr is a member of the advanced Asgard race and has a position on the Asgard High Council.



SG-1 first encountered Freyr on K'Tau, whose inhabitants worshipped Freyr as their god, just as Cimmeria's worshipped Thor. SG-1 used K'Tau's equivalent to the Hall of Thor's Might to contact Freyr so they could discuss repairing the damage to the K'Tau sun. Freyr was generally personable when meeting SG-1, but was distressed upon learning the damage they caused, and arranged for Colonel Jack O'Neill to address the Asgard High Council on the matter. (SG1: "Red Sky")


Freyr is mentioned again when SG-1 meets with the Asgard High Council about a Naquadah asteroid threatening earth. Freyr and the rest of the Asgard High Council cannot intervene because the Protected Planets Treaty does not allow them to be protected against natural disasters. A frustrated Colonel Jack O'Neill then made some inappropriate references to Freyr's mother. (SG1: "Fail Safe")

Later that year, Freyr visited Earth personally to ask SG-1 to rescue Heimdall and her research materials. He also informed them that Thor was missing in action over Heimdall's planet. By this point, SG-1 was able to recognize him by sight. At the climax of the rescue mission, Freyr commanded an Asgard Fleet which confronted Anubis's motherships, saving SG-1, Heimdall, and Supreme Commander Thor. (SG1: "Revelations")


Presumably, Freyr was with the rest of the Asgard when they destroyed their planet in an act of mass suicide. (SG1: "Unending")

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