"I am Freyr. Protector of the K'Tau world."

Freyr is a member of the advanced Asgard race and has a position on the Asgard High Council.




SG-1 first encountered Freyr on K'Tau, whose inhabitants worshiped Freyr as their god, just as Cimmeria's worshiped Thor. SG-1 used K'Tau's equivalent to the Hall of Thor's Might to contact Freyr so they could discuss repairing the damage to the K'Tau sun. Freyr was generally personable when meeting SG-1, but was distressed upon learning the damage they caused, and arranged for Colonel Jack O'Neill to address the Asgard High Council on the matter. (SG1: "Red Sky")


Freyr is mentioned again when SG-1 meets with the Asgard High Council about a Naquadah asteroid threatening earth. Freyr and the rest of the Asgard High Council cannot intervene because the Protected Planets Treaty does not allow them to be protected against natural disasters. A frustrated Colonel Jack O'Neill then made some inappropriate references to Freyr's mother. (SG1: "Fail Safe")

Later that year, Freyr visited Earth personally to ask SG-1 to rescue Heimdall and her research materials. He also informed them that Thor was missing in action over Heimdall's planet. By this point, SG-1 was able to recognize him by sight. At the climax of the rescue mission, Freyr commanded an Asgard fleet which confronted Anubis's motherships, saving SG-1, Heimdall, and Supreme Commander Thor. (SG1: "Revelations")


In order to determine whether or not the Asgard will grant all of their knowledge and technology to the Tau'ri, Thor sends Asgard engineer Hermiod to observe the humans in action under immediate threat and report back to the High Council. During the meeting with Hermiod, Freyr is one of only four High Council members well enough to attend and sits silently as Thor, the Chief Archon and Hermiod discuss the issue with Hermiod's support of humanity ultimately swaying the High Council into going forward with the plan. (SGA: "Hermiod's Last Mission")


Presumably, Freyr was with the rest of the Asgard when they destroyed their planet in an act of mass suicide. (SG1: "Unending")


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