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Series: Stargate: SG-1
Episode: 7.3
Original air date: 20 June, 2003


This wonderfully humorous episode addresses the age-old question: What would it be like to know what you know now, and get to live your life over again with your younger body?

A teenage boy comes to the base showing Jack O'Neill's pass, claiming that he is O'Neill. Even the DNA scan shows that he is telling the truth. Jack O'Neill had woken up one morning in a much younger body than the one he had when he went to sleep. The SGC staff discover evidence that a rogue Asgard scientist might be conducting secret experiments on humans from Earth and that this could be the reason why the Colonel suddenly become younger.

Everything, though, is still not what it seems.


  • Michael Welch who plays the younger Jack does a wonderful job getting his mannerisms right. It is very funny seeing the adolescent Jack demanding normal, adult treatment and saying "Jackisms".
  • The ID card held in the first scene after the teaser lists Jack O'Neill's birthdate as October 20, 1952 and his name as "John J. O'Neill."


Guest stars


Cloning, Loki, Asgard, Thor

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