"Forsaken" is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 find the crew of the ship Sebrus on an abandoned planet, but there are also a group of aliens after them. SG-1 tends to them, but not all is as what it seems, as Jonas Quinn uncovers about the background of the Sebrus from Earth history.


SG-1 is on a planet for scientific research when Colonel Jack O'Neill suddenly finds a photo. O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter are then contacted by Jonas Quinn, who has found a crash-landed ship that cannot be identified. Suddenly, three people arrive and threaten SG-1 with weapons. They introduce themselves as the Hebridans and tell them how they crashed. While they talk they are secretly watched by two unknown aliens. SG-1 agrees to help repair the ship.

Serrakin pistol

The aliens attack SG-1.

While Carter and the ship captain named Aden Corso examine the ship, the people outside are attacked by the two aliens. During the shootout one crew member, Tanis Reynard is wounded and one of the aliens is killed when suddenly one of the crew members activates an ear-piercing sound and the other alien is forced to flee (it appears that the aliens' ears are more sensitive to the sound than human ears). SG-1 is then informed that the aliens are a deadly enemy and killed the other crew members.

Back at Stargate Command, Major General George S. Hammond is informed about the situation and where the people might have come from. SG-15 also goes to the planet to help. Meanwhile, the wounded female crew member is in the infirmary of the SGC and talks with Jonas about her life and the Stargate, which the Hebridans don't know about. On the planet, Carter helps repair the ship while talking with Aden. Outside, the other alien sneaks to his dead partner but is confronted by O'Neill; one of the crew members shoots at the alien, who then runs away but is chased.

At SGC, Jonas tries to learn about the ship, which is named Sebrus, while Hammond informs him that someone tried to hack into the computer. Back on the planet O'Neill and Teal'c find the camp of the aliens when they hear weapons fire. Carter is, in the meantime, able to repair several systems while the captain attempts to seduce her. Back at SGC Jonas shows Tanis his room, where they kiss. Suddenly Jonas is called by General Hammond and leaves.


Athea, the wife of Warrick Finn.

Back on the planet, Carter repairs more systems and suddenly sees a video of an emergency call, in which a person calls the Sebrus a prison transport ship, much to Sam's shock. Outside, Teal'c and O'Neill are confronted by the alien. He tells him his name is Warrick Finn and that he is the captain of the Sebrus. Inside the ship, Sam confronts Aden with her zat'nik'tel and informs him about what she learned. She then ties him up while he falsely tells her that he accidentally let the prisoners gain control over the ship. He also tells her that the aliens are his prisoners. Back in the forest, Warrick tells O'Neill that three years ago he transported the prisoners but an asteroid storm forced them to crash-land the ship. When he and his first-mate went looking for food, the prisoners escaped and killed seven crew members. Since then, the fighting has been constant. O'Neill then shows him the photo of the woman which he found in the beginning and Warrick identifies her as his wife. He also asserts that his species, the Serrakin, freed the Hebridans from the Goa'uld thousands of years ago.

Meanwhile, Carter is knocked unconscious by Lyle Pender. At the Stargate, Jonas and Tanis come through. Aden is in the meantime freed by Pender; he then stuns Jonas. Reynard informs Aden that the Stargate allows for many more criminal opportunities than a ship ever could. They then tie up Carter and take Jonas to the gate. O'Neill, Teal'c, and Warrick manage to stop the ship's sonic weapon and free Carter.

Back at the gate the prisoners use Jonas as a hostage and try to flee through the Stargate to a stolen address, but once they get through, the prisoners actually find themselves at SGC (Jonas having arranged for them to steal that address) and are imprisoned.

SG-1 gather for Warrick's departure, they ask Jonas how he knew to plant the 'fake' address, "call it intuition" he says; but then adds that before, while researching Hebridian history, he happened upon a story of a well known POW-vessel also named Sebrus, so when now confronted with this situation wondered if perhaps the ship's name never lost it's meaning (i.e. prisoner associations) down the generations. O'Neill, impressed, congratulates his brilliance. "Besides, I've never trusted a woman that kisses on the first date" adds Jonas jokingly to all their amusement. Then they finally say their goodbyes, Warrick thanks them all and O'Neill especially for trusting him, then leaves wishing they meet again in the future.


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Notable quotes[]

O'Neill: Lots of interesting nebulous things going on?
Carter: Yes, sir.
O'Neill: (looking in telescope) I don't see squat.
Carter: Well, you wouldn't, sir, during the day. When the local sun sets and it gets dark, you can actually see luminous layer of ionized gas around the dying core expanding.
O'Neill: Fascinating.
Carter: You don't care.
O'Neill: Hey, I like gas as much as the next guy.

Carter: They seem to have spaceflight capabilities beyond our own, and maybe they'd be grateful. Who knows what else they have to offer?
O'Neill: Okay, but charge by the hour. No flat rate for these kids.

Teal'c: The Celt were formidable warriors in their time. Their descendants may be valuable allies.
O'Neill: You've seen Braveheart too often.

Corso: No engine diagnostics. No life support status. We've been running the auxiliary weapons systems directly off the battery, but without a computer we don't know how much power we have left.
Carter: So, the first thing we need to do is give you a boost so we can get your computer back online. Then we can give you a full diagnostic. Any idea how we can interface our power source with your system?
Corso: I'll show you the engine room. You know, my department's more telling people what to do. "Fly this way," "fix that." "Don't crash." Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This is the main power coupling.
Carter: Well, this will do the trick. We'll have to jerry-rig something, but it should work.
Corso: Amazing. For a supposedly less advanced human you're pretty comfortable with our technology.
Carter: Well, you're in luck. I have a little more experience with this sort of thing than most people on my planet. Besides, all we're really doing is plugging your ship into my battery.
Corso: Whatever you say.
Carter: That didn't sound very good, did it?
Corso: So, let me get this straight here, Major: you're an officer in your home world's military, you're a scientist, an explorer, and apparently you're a pretty fair mechanic.
Carter: And I make a mean soufflé.
Corso: Sorry?
Carter: Oh, it's something you eat. It's very difficult to make.
Corso: Ah, well, add to that list funny, charming, and beautiful. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. See, rule number one when you're stranded on an alien planet and someone offers to fix your ship, flatter them profusely.

Corso: So what does it mean, Samantha?
Carter: My father wanted a boy.

(The prisoners walk through the Stargate straight into an ambush)
General Hammond: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Earth!

Quinn: Well, that, and I've always been suspicious of a girl who kisses on the first date.


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  • Colonel Jack O'Neill doesn't know that the telescope can't be used at day time and says that he isn't interested in the observations. This is a remarkable contrast to earlier episodes which portray him as a hobby astronomer. His first scene in the pilot episode "Children of the Gods" depicted him using a telescope. In "1969" and "Singularity", he knows how to use even relatively large telescopes. He also knows some details about topics such as black holes and accretion disks. It could also be possible that this is yet another case of O'Neill who's "pretending to be dumber than he is" as mentioned in many previous episodes.
  • Although Jonas Quinn Indicates that the name Seberus/Cerberus is of Celtic origin, the name itself is from Greek mythology (the three headed hound guarding the underworld) and has no known connection to the Celtic cultures. The convict ship Cerberus would be named after the figure of Greek myth, as such names were in vogue at the time for ship names in the 18th century British Empire. This may however not be in complete error, as the Hebridans had been relocated by the Goa'uld (who heavily influenced greek mythology), and the Cerberus myth may have been introduced by their Goa'uld overlord. Jonas, as non-earthling, would simply have been missing the cultural and historical nuances to identify the proper origin.

Other languages[]

  • French: Les Rescapés (Survivors)
  • Italian: Abbandonati (Forsaken)
  • Spanish: Abandonados (Forsaken)
  • Czech: Trosečníci (The Shipwrecked ones)
  • German: Gestrandet (Stranded)
  • Hungarian: Számkivetve (Forsaken)

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