"The man is nothing if not resilient. He's been busy, too. He's gathered himself together a little gang, doped them all up on the enzyme."
Rodney McKay[src]

Ford's Coalition was an organization created by the Tau'ri Aiden Ford that operated in the Pegasus galaxy.


The members of Ford's Coalition were humans who had subjected their bodies to the Wraith enzyme. This made them stronger and gave them a heightened level of endurance. However, the downside of the enzyme meant that they were addicted to its effect and had a high level of belief that they were superior to everyone.

The organization consisted of humans from various human civilizations and included former members of the Genii. They attacked not only the Wraith but other societies in order to procure technology to maintain their operations. In addition to this, Aiden Ford taught them a range of Earth based military tactics and unarmed forms of combat.

The coalition was known to forcibly drug people by lacing food with the enzyme without informing those eating it. (SGA: "The Lost Boys")

After the death of most of the team sent to destroy a hive ship and Ford leaving whatever was left, the coalition is presumably disbanded.


The Coalition was formed when former Lieutenant Aiden Ford, rogue member of the Atlantis expedition, escaped from Atlantis and began traveling various worlds in the galaxy. During his time on various taverns in the worlds of the galaxy, he began to inform humans about the enzyme and its effects on him. He began to subject these humans to the enzyme and formed his own organization that sought to fight against the Wraith.

This group created a base of operations on a planet and began to actively hunt for Wraith and engaged in guerrilla warfare. As a result of these attacks, many Wraith were killed and their enzyme glands taken from their bodies in order to feed the addiction that the members of the coalition were suffering from. They later began to capture the Wraith instead allowing them to take a constant supply of the enzyme from the drugged weakened Wraith. The coalition also discovered that the Wraith had begun a process of segregating their telepathic network and were become increasingly territorial.

Ford's Coalition ambushed Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team and captured them in order to enlist their aid in an assault against a Wraith Hive ship. They had acquired a Wraith Dart and used Sheppard to pilot them to the Wraith ship in order to sabotage it from within. However, a complication arose which resulted in the death of most of the Coalition with two members left behind in their base of operations to guard Dr. Rodney McKay. Eventually, McKay escaped by injecting himself with a massive dose of the Wraith enzyme and using it to overpower his guards, knocking them out. During the Battle of Edowin, the Hive ship the Coalition targeted and a second ship destroyed each other thanks to Sheppard tricking them into fighting, but Kanayo died from Wraith enzyme withdrawal and Ford disappeared and was believed dead when the hive ships were destroyed. (SGA: "The Lost Boys", "The Hive")

Presumably, the Coalition was destroyed after their disastrous assault against the Hive ship though it’s possible some of them may have survived, notably the two guarding McKay.

During the attack on the hive ship, Ford managed to escape by stealing a Wraith Dart of his own, but due to his lack of knowledge of how to fly one, he crashed on Edowin. Ford survived and was found by the Travelers who had a doctor who was a Wraith worshipper and knew how to treat the enzyme withdrawal. Ford survived the withdrawal and eventually recovered, but didn't return to his coalition though he continued to fight the Wraith until 2010 when he was found by the Atlantis team and returned to his family on Earth. (SGA: "The Third Path")

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