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|rank = Leader of the [[Replicator]]s
|rank = Leader of the [[Replicator]]s
|allegiances = [[Replicator]]s
|allegiances = [[Replicator]]s
|appearances = "[[Unnatural Selection]]"
|appearances = ''[[Stargate SG-1]]''<br>*"[[Unnatural Selection]]"
|actor = [[Ian Buchanan]]
|actor = [[Ian Buchanan]]

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"We are Replicators."

First was the first of the Human-form Replicators found on Hala.



When the Replicators found Reese, they hailed her as their creator, and found that she possessed certain advantages over the standard insect-form Replicators. They used her nanite cell technology to create First, to serve as their leader. His abilities enabled him to deactivate the Asgard time dilation device.

When SG-1 entered the planet to repair the time dilation device after being asked by Thor, the first five Human-form Replicators greeted them. After some talk, the Replicators probed the mind of the team to learn more about them. Afterwards SG-1 was "invited" to dinner with the Human Forms, during which they got more information about their creation. When SG-1 worked together with Fifth to reactivate the Time dilation device, First revealed that they had made a fool of his "son". (SG1: "Unnatural Selection")


First was presumably destroyed when Hala was shattered when the Asgard collapsed Hala's sun into a Black hole. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1")


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