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"We are Replicators."

First was the first of the human-form Replicators found on Hala.



When the Replicators found Reese, they hailed her as their creator, and found that she possessed certain advantages over the standard insect-form Replicators. They used her nanite cell technology to create First, to serve as their leader. His abilities enabled him to deactivate the Asgard time dilation device.

When SG-1 entered the planet to repair the time dilation device after being asked by Thor, the first five Human Form Replicators greeted them. After some talk, the Replicators probed the mind of the team to learn more about them. Afterwards SG-1 was "invited" to dinner with the Human Forms, during which they got more information about their creation. When SG-1 worked together with Fifth to reactivate the Time dilation device, First revealed that they had made a fool of his "son". (SG1: "Unnatural Selection")


First was presumably destroyed when Hala was shattered when the Asgard collapsed Hala's sun into a Black hole. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1")

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