Farrell was a Eurondan, and appeared to be the second-in-command to Alar, the people's leader.

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2000[edit | edit source]

After a plan to wipe out the "Breeders", some of them survived and launched attacks against the Eurondan base. When SG-1 finally came to Euronda in the year 2000, Farrell helped SG-1 in saving them. However, Dr. Daniel Jackson thought there was more than what meets the eye. He asked questions to Farrell, regarding the enemy they're fighting. Farrell told him about the "Breeders", and how they reproduce "indiscriminately". After learning of the Eurondans' attempted genocide, SG-1 attempted to stop them. The Breeders launched an attack against the defenseless bunker. The room Farrell was standing in collapsed, and she was most likely killed after being crushed by falling debris. (SG1: "The Other Side")

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