"Family" is the eighth episode of the second season of Stargate SG-1.


Teal'c and SG-1 return to Chulak to rescue Rya'c, who was taken by Apophis. Eventually, they find him, but Teal'c notices that Rya'c has been brainwashed by Apophis, who sends him to Earth to destroy the Tau'ri.


Bra'tac arrives through the Stargate to inform Teal'c that his son is being held by Apophis.

In the Briefing Room, Major General George S. Hammond tells Colonel Jack O'Neill that O'Neill's report clearly gave everyone the impression that Apophis had died in the explosion.

When Hammond wonders what Apophis would want with Rya'c, Teal'c states that Apophis does not want Rya'c, he wants Teal'c himself.

Bra'tac agrees and tells them that Apophis and Klorel successfully escaped the blast via the rings system, although nearly all the Serpent Guards loyal to the two Goa'uld died in the explosion that destroyed the two ships, which ultimately caused Apophis to return to Chulak in shame.

After thinking it over, Hammond allows SG-1 to return to Chulak on the condition that they bring Drey'auc and Rya'c back to Earth, so that Teal'c will no longer be vulnerable to the Goa'uld through his family. He tells Teal'c that is to be the last time that Teal'c withholds any information concerning his family.

After arriving on Chulak, having knocked the Serpent Guards who were guarding the Stargate unconscious via some gas, they go to a house where Drey'auc is living; previously she had been forced to live in the camps of the outcasts because of her husband's treason.

It is the house of Fro'tak, an old friend of Teal'c's, who reveals that because Teal'c had been thought to be dead, Drey'auc had married Fro'tak in an attempt to give Rya'c a better life, a fact Bra'tac swears he did not know. Teal'c feels betrayed, and Bra'tac initially has to forcibly keep Teal'c from killing Fro'tak; however, Teal'c swears to Bra'tac that he will not attempt to kill Fro'tak. O'Neill and Bra'tac decide that, while Fro'tak has been a trusted ally in the past, it would be best to keep a close eye on him in the future.

The initial attempt to rescue Rya'c is met with failure, as he runs away from his rescuers, appearing to have been brainwashed by Apophis. In a broadcast message to the people of Chu'lak, Rya'c confirms his brainwashing by calling his father a traitor to Apophis, to Chulak, and to his family. A price is set on Teal'c's head, one million shesh'ta, and on the heads of SG-1, but Teal'c has hope that Rya'c is fighting his brainwashing or perhaps pretending to be brainwashed, because Rya'c refers to his mother as Drey'auc of the Morning Groves, which is incorrect. Teal'c interprets this to be a request to attempt another rescue in the morning. SG-1 and Bra'tac are not convinced, but Teal'c is determined to try. As they finish discussing the matter, there is a knock at the door, and Drey'auc hides everyone in a secret room while Fro'tak goes out to meet a group of Jaffa who have come to search his house for the traitor. After a brief search, they leave, and Fro'tak regains Teal'c's trust.

Late that night, Drey'auc finds Teal'c refusing to sleep, Teal'c informs her that he never wishes to lay eyes on her after Rya'c has been rescued. She says that she married Fro'tak because he was the only one who offered to marry her, and not because she harbors any love for him, and they kiss.

Unknown to them, Fro'tak sees this, and he sneaks out of the house, heading straight for the palace, remaining unaware that Jack has been keeping an eye on Fro'tak as well.

Fro'tak arrives at the palace and informs the Jaffa on guard that he will lead him to the traitor and his evil friends. Jack sneaks in and shoots the guard with a Zat before attempting to reason with Fro'tak.

For a second, it looks like Fro'tak may agree, but the second he gets up, he starts yelling for the Serpent Guards. Jack kills Fro'tak with the Zat before firing a third shot to disintegrate the body, destroying the evidence.

As Jack flees, a Serpent Guard appears and orders that the palace be sealed off, leaving Jack trapped inside.

The next morning, a Serpent Guard descends on the house, much to Bra'tac's outrage. However, it's soon revealed that the Guard is none other than Jack who states that now he knows why the Guards are cranky all the time, given how heavy the helmets are. As Sam and Daniel remove the helmet, Daniel demands to know where Jack has been, while Drey'auc wants to know where Fro'tak is.

Jack grimly tells the group that Fro'tak left last night and made a beeline for the palace, that he planned on turning them in and Jack was forced to kill him, with Jack apologizing for his actions. This leaves Drey'auc and Bra'tac deeply shocked.

A while later, the group try a second rescue attempt. Jack says that this can't be a firefight and that they are to target a single Jaffa guard closest to them. On Jack's signal, SG-1 and Bra'tac successfully dispatch the guards and save Rya'c, who is thrilled to be reunited with Teal'c.

They reach the Stargate, only to discover it's guarded by two Jaffa, so O'Neill and Captain Samantha Carter remain very suspicious of Rya'c. However, there appears to be nothing to do except take Rya'c back to Earth, so SG-1 along with Drey'auc and Rya'c return to Earth, while Bra'tac remains on Chulak.

Upon their return, Rya'c passes his medical exams with flying colors, but Drey'auc remembers that while training with Bra'tac before he was taken by Apophis, he lost two of his teeth. No teeth are missing, so he is anesthetized to remove the false teeth and to have his body intensively scanned to make sure there are not any other suspicious implants. Upon waking, he immediately attempts to break the teeth, which the SGC has determined contained two organisms which, when combined, would be able to wipe out all life on the planet within a week. Teal'c's attempts to convince Rya'c that Apophis is not a god do not work, so electro-shock therapy is suggested as a method of deprogramming. It is not known whether conventional electro-shock therapy will kill the Goa'uld inside him. After Teal'c hears a detailed explanation, he suggests that one shot from a Zat'nik'tel might safely mimic the effects, as it has a similar discharge to the therapy and is known to not kill any Jaffa or their Goa'uld. He tells Drey'auc that it would be extremely painful, but she gives her full support.

The parents go into the room together, and though difficult, Teal'c shoots Rya'c with the Zat, which causes him extreme pain; however, he awakens with no memory of any of the events leading up to or including his rescue, and he is free of Apophis' brainwashing. Drey'auc and Rya'c are sent to the Land of Light, where they can be safe and free.


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Notable quotes[]

Fro'tak: You are the warriors of the Tau'ri? I am Fro'tak of the High Cliffs.
O'Neill: Jack...of the Windy City.

Drey'auc: What happened? Where is my son?
O'Neill: He's alright. We just ran into some problems.
Teal'c: It is far worse than that, O'Neill. Ry'ac's body lives but his heart and mind have been destroyed.
Drey'auc: What are you saying?
Teal'c: He is now with Apophis.
Bra'tac: The boy was a stranger. A beast.
O'Neill: Oh come on. The kid's brainwashed.

Daniel: (After Teal'c almost kills Fro'tak for marrying his former wife) I guess in a way you should be thanking him.
Teal'c: How can you say that Daniel Jackson?!
Daniel: Well, last time we saw them, they were barely surviving as outcasts in a refugee camp. Fro'tak has given them a new life in society.
Bra'tac: Daniel is right, Teal'c.

O'Neill: If we can pull this off, sir, we can grab Teal'c's kid and nail this mother (small pause) Goa'uld in one sweep.

Apophis: (in normal voice) I will give one million shesh'ta to the Jaffa who brings Teal'c to me alive and another million for the heads of those who are with him.
O'Neill: Well, if you've got a price on your head, you're doing your job.

O'Neill: (in a serpent helmet) No wonder these guys are always cranky!


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • The scenes taking place around the Stargate on the Chulak were shot at the Reclaimed Gravel Pit of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.


  • At the start of the episode, the IDC is received before the wormhole is formed.
  • When Teal'c comes home after finding Rya'c brainwashed, a telephone rings in the background.
  • When Teal'c runs towards the Chulak Stargate, as he leans against one of the stones for cover, the stone moves, indicating it is a much-lighter-than-stone prop.
  • Dr. Daniel Jackson states that Apophis and Klorel must have ringed over to Klorel's Ha'tak and used the Stargate to escape immediately after he did. This isn't possible, as Jackson leapt through the gate with only a couple of seconds left on the C-4 countdown at the end of "The Serpent's Lair". They likely left before Jackson entered the room. Though Jackson would not have known the exact time on the C-4 timer when entering the wormhole.
  • When SG-1 and Bra'tac take out the Jaffa guarding Rya'c, they act like they killed them all, with Colonel Jack O'Neill even saying "one shot, one kill." However, they only zatted the Jaffa once so the ones not killed by Teal'c and Bra'tac should still be alive, despite everyone acting like they are dead.

Other languages[]

  • French: Famille (Family)
  • German: Der verlorene Sohn (The Prodigal Son)
  • Italian: La Vendetta (The Vengeance)
  • Spanish: Familia (Family)
  • Czech: Rodina (Family)
  • Hungarian: Családi ügy (Family Business)

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