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"Faith" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Stargate Universe.


When an uncharted star interrupts Destiny's Faster-Than-Light engine, it is forced to make a slingshot around the star, the process of which takes a month. The only planet orbiting the star is surprisingly like Earth, with food, water, and breathable air, which makes some of the crew consider staying.


A group of people are forced to evacuate to Destiny after an attack on Icarus Base, and are now trapped there. During the time on Destiny, tensions rise between Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young. Recently, Rush frames Young for murdering Sgt. Spencer, who actually committed suicide. After Young learns Rush is trying subvert his command, he abandons Rush on a Gravel pit planet, and returns claiming that he died in a rock slide. Rush returns during a battle with an unknown alien race, and plots a mutiny with Camile Wray. The mutiny is ended by Young, but the conflict isn't over yet.


Lt. Tamara Johansen is sleeping in her quarters when her alarm goes off; despite being tired, she gets up to get ready for work for the day. Meanwhile, Lt. Matthew Scott is shaving before starting the day. He receives a cut from his first stroke. Dr. Nicholas Rush, determined to work despite having his tracking implant surgically removed from his heart recently, stumbles into the Control interface room against protests from Dr. Lisa Park and Dr. Adam Brody, who state he hasn't devoted enough time into making a full recovery. Since there is too much work to be done, Rush orders Park and Brody to start repairing the damaged and leaking shuttle where Senator Alan Armstrong sacrificed himself in order to give the Destiny expedition more time.

Destiny drops out of FTL near a star that shouldn't exist.

Using one of the Ancient environmental suits, Brody enters the shuttle and welds a large metal plate into the damaged section of the hull. After doing so, Park re pressurizes the shuttle. Despite the slight hissing of air escaping into space, Brody is satisfied that the atmosphere is holding and takes off his helmet. Rush orders them to start repairing the shuttle's propulsion and navigation. Colonel Everett Young then walks in, noting that Rush doesn't look so good. Young explains that he's ordered his people to make an effort to reconcile with the civilians, and is trying to do the same himself in regards to Rush. Rush brushes off the effort. Just as they finish, Destiny drops into normal space. Rush discovers that the Stargate isn't dialing, as there are no nearby planets; they seemed to have just stopped in the middle of nowhere. Brody then radios in and contradicts Rush; he can see a star through a shuttle's window.

Everyone is baffled as to what has happened; Eli Wallace notes that the Seed ships should have scanned and transmitted a record of this system to Destiny, but for some reason Destiny did not know this was here. A team in the Destiny mess hall is awaiting orders, but doesn't hear word of the Stargate dialling. Scott notices T.J. is starting to exhibit some strange behavior, but she passes it off as exhaustion. MSgt. Ronald Greer briefly changes the subject about the military trying to reconcile with the civilians, and notes that he doesn't like it; Scott tells him to just pretend he does.

Rush discovers that the star is a G2-class, the same class as Earth's sun, and because Destiny did not know it was there, the sun's gravity well disrupted Destiny's propulsion systems, causing it to exit FTL; a glitch in its technology. Because of this, Destiny is now performing a parabolic course around the sun, which will take a few weeks. By the time Destiny leaves the system, it will resume its course. Rush also makes another discovery; there's a planet almost identical to Earth in size and climate orbiting the star, and it's within shuttle range. In investigating the reason Destiny did not know about this system, Rush and Eli can find no glitch. Dr. Dale Volker reports that the star has just come out of T Tauri phase, and that it is 200 million years old. This is odd, since the planet couldn't have developed that quickly; it should just be a ball of molten rock.

A scout team explore the planet.

A team comprised of Scott, Greer, T.J, and Dr. Robert Caine take the shuttle to the planet and land near some woodland. They exit the shuttle to check the surrounding area. T.J. takes a sample of water from a stream and tests it in an analysis jar, determining it to be pure. Greer turns up with a kiwi-like fruit. Before they can perform a test to see if it is fit for human consumption, Greer just takes a bite out of it, despite protests that it may be poisonous; Greer brushes off their concerns and enjoys it.

Scott later radios Young to report. He announces that they have brought back several plant samples that T.J. believes has some medicinal properties. The water is pure, and Greer had no reactions from the fruit. After the report, Scott finds T.J. admiring the view, noting it looks like home, and reminisces about the time when she and her father went camping in the Olympic Peninsula. The team then enter the shuttle again and fly out. Under direction from Young, they do a fly-over of the area, discovering their first sign of technology; an Obelisk.

Destiny is performing a parabolic course.

Upon returning, the team reports that the obelisk is around 2,000 feet tall, and it is emitting a faint EM field, but other than that, it isn't doing anything else. Eli spots the alien text written on it; the obelisk is a piece of technology that is far too advanced for the Nakai to have created it. Rush also believes the same race actually created the planet. Eli cites the Genesis Device from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan; nobody else in the room gets the reference. Since they speculate that the race also created the star, Eli goes on to believe they may have encountered the work of the "number one all-time advanced civilization." Rush has calculated that Destiny is going to jump back into FTL in four weeks, two days, and seven hours, and suggests they use the time to send some people to the planet. Since they're almost out of shuttle range, they have to send them quickly. Once Destiny passes the star and re-enters shuttle range, those who would be on the planet can return with supplies. Eli points out that their luck with aliens hasn't been that great thus far, but Young assures him that everything they do carries some inherent risk.

Camile Wray walks into the infirmary to see about a headache she claims she had since arriving on the ship. T.J. gives her a plant sample from the planet to make a tea from, the plant contains the ingredient aspirin is made from. She is also curious to know whether T.J. will go down to the planet; she will, since she can't pass up any opportunity to get out of the ship for a month. Wray, meanwhile, is skeptical about Rush's calculations, and although a part of her wants to go, she doesn't believe she can trust Rush.

Several people are entering the shuttle. Young orders Scott and the military personnel to keep a round-the-clock look out on the camps, and that a team should escort the science teams every time they are to go into the woodland. Young also informs him that they are working on the damaged shuttle, and hopefully, by the time Destiny is within range again, it will be fixed, so they can return some supplies quicker. Chloe Armstrong then walks in, also volunteering to join the team; Scott finds this awkward, since their relationship came into question since the mutiny. T.J. is also ready, having appointed Cole to look after Dr. Jeremy Franklin. Once all volunteers are on board, those who are still on Destiny watch the shuttle take off from the observation deck.

The team arrive on the planet.

Sometime later, the shuttle lands on a clearing on the planet. Once everyone disembarks, Scott wants some tents to be made as soon as possible, though for now, they can sleep in the shuttle. He then leaves everyone to their teams and assignments. As he finishes, Chloe approaches Scott; she wasn't assigned a team. Scott decides to appoint her to help T.J. with the nearby plants. After she leaves, Scott witnesses an argument taking place between Airman Dunning and Dr. Morrison. Greer approaches to see what the conflict is about. Morrison tells him he is not going to dig a latrine Dunning ordered him to. Dunning makes the excuse that "somebody has to do it." In the "spirit of cooperation", Greer solves the conflict by having both of them dig together.

Caine, Chloe and T.J. plan to log and take photographs of the plants, and then put them through a test to see if their edible. Chloe notices T.J. is not feeling well; T.J. insists that she will be fine, and it will pass. Chloe believes it may have something to do with the lack of food and water they all consume. Scott then walks by to inform the team that Destiny is now officially out of shuttle range.

Eli decides to join Camile in the Mess Hall; they are the only people in there. Wray expresses hope that those on the planet will bring back loads of food, since the fruit they received recently is almost gone. Eli chooses the time to present a piece of fruit he has smuggled in, and offers to share it with her. After cutting it in half and splitting it, Wray asks Eli if making a star is possible; Eli notes that it is possible, since it just apparently appeared out of nowhere, and the planet's age does not match, stating "if some all powerful alien beings didn't create it, who did?"

Robert Caine believes a higher power must be involved in making the planet.

In some forest on the planet, next to a stream, Caine appears to be meditating. From the other side of the bank, Scott appears to refill his canteen, and is startled to see him. After apologizing for the interruption, Caine thanks Scott for being one of the few soldiers who are genuinely trying to mend fences between the civilians and the military personnel; they have the planet to help. When Scott notes they are lucky finding it, Caine remembers that his mother once told him that there is no such thing as luck, "only the hand of God giving you a little help when you need it most." He admits that until now, he did not believe in religion, but since coming onto the planet, he believes that this must be a miracle of some kind. He later relays his belief to other people. Morrison quickly points out that he is not a believer; "You miss your flight and the plane crashes, you weren't spared for a reason. God doesn't have a master plan for you. Things just happen," he says.

Young approaches Brody and Park, who are working on the damaged shuttle, and wants a report on their progress. Brody reports that the propulsion system is almost completely shot, but they can make the shuttle perform left turns. Rush then radios in, requesting permission to use the power from the engines to strengthen the shield, so they can take the opportunity to explore more of the ship. Eli and Wray are together in the observation deck. She believes they might have made a mistake by not going to the planet, while Eli believes sending the crew there was a mistake.

Tamara Johansen spots an idyllic waterfall.

The weeks start passing on both the planet and Destiny. On the planet, everybody there is having a good time. Chloe takes some time to swim at a lake. They start playing makeshift soccer games. Chloe and Scott's relationship appears to have been fixed. T.J. is starting let her hair down. Upon exploring, she finds a waterfall. Meanwhile, on the ship, everybody there is not having such a relaxing time. The damaged shuttle repairs continue. Lt. Vanessa James leads a team to explore the previously unexplored areas of the ship. Rush is still recovering from his past surgery.

Chloe is searching the surrounding area for food, when she hears some coughing. She follows the sounds to find T.J. hunched over and vomiting. When Chloe wants to help, T.J. tells her she isn't sick. Putting the pieces together, Chloe discovers she is pregnant; T.J. is going through morning sickness. T.J. says she is fifteen weeks along, starting just before she left Icarus Base. She plans to keep this news secret for now, and will find the right time to inform others before anyone else notices.

James' team has found some sort of robot in one of the crates, but they don't what it is for yet. Rush says he will figure it out as soon as he is able; there are other items of discovery he has to analyze first, and he does not want any body to touch before he does. Young orders James to close the crate.

Chloe Armstrong spots a shooting light beam from the obelisk.

It is soon night time on the planet. The team there all gather around a fire. Scott approaches Chloe, who admits that she likes the planet, and also expresses Caine's belief that a higher power may have detected the expedition's troubles and made the planet for them. Just then, she notices something; a bright beam of light shoots from the top of the obelisk into space. Scott decides to relay the news over to Young; Volker detected some strange radiation, but needs time to work on it. Together, Scott, Young and Rush speculate that the team's presence must have triggered it, and that it may be calling the aliens to the planet. Young tells Scott they won't be there to find out.

The next morning, Scott announces that Destiny is almost within range, and they need to start packing their supplies and fly back and forth a few times. Volker wishes to spend more time on the obelisk, but Scott says there isn't enough time. Greer breaks up the silence and orders everyone to start packing. Some members are quite unhappy with this.

Young checks up on shuttle status. Brody and Park are confident that the shuttle can now turn in all directions, but since the propulsion system is still a problem child, the shuttle may never be fully operational. Meanwhile, Eli and Wray are talking in the Mess Hall, this time with James joining them. They are all talking about what kind of fruits and vegetables the team will bring back with them. Eli is taking interest in the sweet potatoes they will bring back from Scott's recommendations. Wray notices the troubled look on Rush's face; he says that his calculations are correct, but they will leave the planet for good without knowing who made the system.

Matthew Scott is at a loss on what to do next, now that some wish to stay on the planet.

On the planet, T.J. thinks about what the group is to do. Chloe asks Scott to give her some time, since quite a few people on the team are thinking of staying; Scott and Greer say they shouldn't stay, because the aliens may be hostile. Chloe rather brusquely replies "why do you immediately think they're gonna harm us?" Caine joins in on the argument and reiterates that the planet was created for them, and they were led here for a reason. T.J. tells Scott that she feels healthier on the planet, due to the abundance in food and water. Scott says that they will take a lot back; T.J. points out they will run out eventually. Scott also points out that Volker has found evidence that the approaching winter will reach sub-zero temperatures; they can build shelters, but Caine believes that the aliens will come to them before then. Finally, T.J. admits she is pregnant, and she can't bear the thought of raising her child on Destiny.

Scott reports the problem with Young, who is adamant that they return. Scott tells him that, in total, eleven people have decided to stay, including Caine, Chloe, T.J., and himself. Later, Young tells the news to Rush and Wray; Scott believes he has the obligation to protect those on the planet, and wonders what to do with them. Wray believes they shouldn't force them off of the planet; Rush believes otherwise, since they can't risk any more losses. He believes Young should retrieve those who wish to return, and then have the rest rounded up by force. Young however, has another plan in mind.

T.J. asks Scott if he told Young about her condition; he hasn't yet. He also believes Young is the father, since he saw certain looks between the two of them at some point, though he heard no rumors about the two.

Everett Young flies the damaged shuttle to the planet.

Rush hears of Young's plan of bringing some back, but letting some stay, by giving them the damaged shuttle, against Rush's wishes. Young ignores him, and asks Brody if it is ready to fly; it is, but there are some issues regarding whether or not the shuttle will hold atmosphere. He soon takes off and flies into the planet's upper atmosphere. So far, so good. However, through re-entry, the welded plate starts to creak, but Young and the shuttle make it. The team on the planet spot the shuttle.

Once Young successfully lands outside the camp site. He exits and asks if anybody has changed their minds regarding staying or leaving; they haven't. Young has an offer; he will leave behind the damaged shuttle for shelter and fly overs, but not leaving the atmosphere, since it is too risky. His ultimatum is that those who wish to stay will have access to the damaged shuttle. However, all the military personnel are coming back with him. If anyone objects, everyone will return to Destiny by force. When T.J. protests, Young explains that they cannot give up getting back to Earth, and Destiny is their best chance of that. Caine argues that the aliens who made the planet might be just as helpful, but Young's stance remains unchanged. Most of the military personnel come as ordered, and he convinces T.J. and Scott that the crew aboard the ship need them just as much as those on the planet will. Caine and about six other civilians remain behind, while everyone else comes back without incident. Chloe decides to come back to Destiny. The ship soon jumps into FTL again.

Young speaks with Rush, stating that he's sorry Rush never got the chance to speak to the aliens who made the solar system, joking that he would finally have had someone to hold a decent conversation with. Noticing that Rush is in the process of carving chess pieces with a knife, he notes that he enjoys the game. After deciding to leave the room, Scott approaches Young about his motives towards staying; Young doesn't want to hear it, he just wants to attend the feast being held in light of all the food they brought back with them. As he leaves, Scott believes they might have abandoned a lifeline that was given to them. Young doesn't feel anyone is qualified to judge such a thing.

The Expedition enjoy a much-needed feast.

In the end, the majority of the expedition are in the Mess Hall, attending, and enjoying the bountiful feast of fruits and vegetables. Every one is having a good time. Meanwhile, T.J. doesn't attend, and is in her quarters, crying alone.


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Notable quotes

(Greer turns up with a new type of fruit found on the planet.)
Greer: Yo, check this out. There's a whole grove of trees back there loaded with these things.
TJ: Hmm, looks like a kiwi. Take it back and do a...
Greer: I'll do one right now. (takes a bite out of the fruit)
TJ: Greer!
Scott: What the hell are you doing?
Greer: Oh, that's nice.
TJ: We don't even know if it's poisonous.
Greer: (unconcerned) We will!

Eli: We're oh for three on Close Encounters of the Third Kind. What makes you think that these guys are gonna be any different?

(Greer spots a conflict between Dunning and Morrison)
Greer: Hey! What's going on over here?
Morrison: I'm not digging a latrine.
Greer: Is that what you told him to do?
Dunning: Somebody's gotta do it.
Greer: True enough. Start digging.
Morrison: What? No, you can't make me.
Greer: You too.
Dunning: But, Sergeant, I've gotta...
Greer: You're gonna dig, OK? You're both gonna dig, and you're gonna love every moment of it or you will keep digging until you do.

Camile: Do you think it's possible to create a star?
Eli: No way. Now, being transported to a ship on the other side of the universe by a wormhole, that's totally doable!

Brody: We made some progress in navigation so we can turn left, but not right or up or down.
Young: OK, (to Park) why did you say "Great"?
Park: We can turn left.

Scott: What if we were meant to stay there? All of us? What if that planet was our lifeline and we just let it go?
Young: I can't pretend to answer that, Matthew, no one can.


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • The song that played in the episode was "All My Days" by Alexi Murdoch.
  • When Eli Wallace asked how far the Seed ships were ahead of them, it was unknown at the time. It was later learned, by the Novans having arrived on a planet 2,000 years in the past that the ships are somewhere in the neighborhood of that period of time ahead of the Destiny.
  • In the original pitch for this episode, a female crew member discovers that she is pregnant. Shortly after, actress Alaina Huffman announced her own pregnancy so the arc was given to her character instead of a secondary character.


  • When Colonel Everett Young is negotiating for the return of the military personnel from the planet, he presents the repaired Ancient shuttle as a bargaining chip. He notes that it's incapable of leaving the atmosphere, then goes on to say he will only leave it to the settlers if they agree to his terms. Since he already brought the shuttle and cannot return it to the ship, his leverage in this negotiation would be eliminated unless he planned to further disable the shuttle.

Other languages

  • Hungarian: Hit (Faith)

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