F-302, airborn fighter developed entirely by Humans on Earth, with the help of technology gathered through the Stargate. Although its hyperdrive was malfunctional, it was Earth's first interstellar vessel. For weaponry, it contains four missles, as well as Railguns. (SG1: "Redemption", "Fallen", "Lost City, Part 2") (SGA: "The Intruder", "Allies", "No Man's Land")

Technical Data



  • As a prototype it was called X-302
  • In Production it is called F-302

Fighter Wings

1st SFW - "Snake Skinners"
- 201nd Space Fighter Squadron - "Darkstar Titans"
- 510th Space Fighter Squadron - "Death Angels"
- 701st Space Fighter Squadron - "Dragon Riders"

1ST TFW - "Wraithwaxers"

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