Eye of Odin is a star in Milky Way galaxy. The planet K'tau orbits this star, closer to it than the distance from Earth to the sun. When SG-1 visited the planet their wormhole passed through this star, introducing plutonium into it, causing the spectrum of its light to shift to the red, which doomed all life on K'tau. SG-1 tried to ask the Asgard for help, but were refused, as their intervention would be a violation of the Protected Planets Treaty. Stargate Command first tried to send a rocket to the sun but it was destroyed by two K'Tau. The SGC then sent HU-2340 by MALP to K'tau, but shut down the Stargate during the transfer, so that the HU-2340 would enter the sun. SG-1 returned and discovered that the sun was still red but shortly later it returned to its original yellow. They were unsure if the HU-2340 worked or if the Asgard repaired the sun. (SG1: "Red Sky")

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