This episode is part 1 of 3; it is followed by "Enemies" and "Threshold".
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"Exodus" is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 returns to Vorash in a Ha'tak vessel that once belonged to Cronus to help the Tok'ra move to a new planet. After learning Apophis and his fleet are coming to Vorash, Major Samantha Carter has a daring plan to send the planet's sun into a premature supernova, to defeat Apophis once and for all. However, Teal'c's need for revenge against Tanith could not only to be Teal'c's undoing but it could prove fatal for SG-1 as well.

Previously on Stargate SG-1

After the Goa'uld Tanith deceives and murders the Jaffa Shan'auc, the Tok'ra use him to provide misinformation to Apophis. Teal'c sees a memory from his symbiote detailing the murder of his father Ronac at the hands of Cronus. Apophis is able to kill Heru'ur and absorbs his fleet into his own. SG-1 with the help of their Android duplicates are able to defeat Cronus on the planet Juna and take possession of his Ha'tak.


A Goa'uld Ha'tak appears in orbit of the planet Vorash, the current main base of the Tok'ra. SG-1 transports down, much to Tanith's surprise. Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c meet with the Tok'ra High Council where they reveal to Tanith that they know all about him being a traitor. He is then imprisoned and Teal'c visits him. He informs Tanith about what will happen to him and they also talk about Shan'auc.

On the ship the Tok'ra prepare to evacuate while Jacob Carter talks with Jack about the ship and the Goa'uld. Jack states that they are lending the ship in exchange for learning how it works; Jacob reminds him about the time when the Air Force tried to retrofit a Death Glider. Jack states that they have been smart enough to steal the Ha'tak in the first place, more so than the Tok'ra have even thought to do. Jacob points out that SG-1 has been knocking down System Lords one by one, resulting in more power hungry Goa'uld to take their place, reducing the Tok'ra chances to defeat the Goa'uld once and for all. They have a plan but are still working on it.

In his cell Tanith talks with a guard and then collapses (and is said to be dead by the guard). When the guards enter the cell, he overthrows them and flees.

He returns to the surface and uses a long range visual communication device to contact Apophis. Teal'c then searches for him together with the Tok'ra.

Meanwhile, Jack and Dr. Daniel Jackson are informed by Major Samantha Carter and Jacob that Apophis is coming and that they plan to destroy his fleet by blowing up Vorash' sun. This would be done by throwing the Stargate currently on Vorash into the sun while it is connected to P3W-451 – the planet where they found the black hole. The gate would suck in enough mass from the star to cause it to supernova. Jack agrees to the plan. Later Daniel talks with Teal'c about his revenge on Tanith with Teal'c stating that in the future he will not be capable of such restrain.

After the Tok'ra are all evacuated, SG-1 and Jacob fly to the sun where they are able to connect the Stargate on board to P3W-451 as planned. They then send it to the sun and wish to flee. Suddenly an Al'kesh, a Goa'uld mid-range bomber, de-cloaks and attacks. Although Teal'c fires back he can only make one hit. Finally the Al'kesh is able to damage the ship, so that they can't enter hyperspace. Jack and Teal'c then board a Death Glider to fly to the Al'kesh but before they can fire it flies back to the planet. Teal'c follows it, despite Jack's worries.

On the Ha'tak Jacob and Sam start to repair the ship's systems.

At the planet Teal'c and Jack are able to destroy the Al'kesh (much to Tanith's shock, who was waiting for it on the planet) but they are caught in the explosion. Jack can only send an emergency call to the Ha'tak, where Jacob and Sam are partly successful with their repairs.

Back on the planet Jack and Teal'c are unharmed although their glider crash-landed. They intend to go to the Tok'ra base to find Tanith. However, Apophis' fleet appears and he sends two Jaffa to retrieve Tanith. The repairs on the Ha'tak are finally complete and so they can hide from Apophis.

At the location of the rings Teal'c is shot and presumably killed in the back with a staff weapon, and Jack is stunned by a Zat'nik'tel, but he (Jack) is able to kill the two Jaffa attacking them before ringing back to the Ha'tak.

Later, on board the mothership, Tanith meets Apophis with Apophis noting that Tanith is injured. Tanith assures Apophis that the wound will heal with Apophis asking about the Tok'ra.

Tanith admits that his effects were stopped but he has managed to get a gift that will make the journey seem worthwhile for Apophis.

On cue, two Serpent Guards emerge and dump Teal'c's lifeless body before Apophis with Apophis commenting that it's the shol'va.

Glider launch bay.

On the Ha'tak, Jacob launches all the Ha'tak's gliders, which are programmed to flee the solar system. Apophis follows them but soon realizes that it was a trick. In the meantime Jack is rescued from the planet by his teammates. Finally, the sun explodes and SG-1 flees, while Apophis' fleet is destroyed.

Suddenly SG-1's flight through hyperspace is interrupted and when Jacob scans the area they realize that they crossed four million light years in mere seconds which leaves Sam stunned as she tells her father that what they've just done is apparently impossible.

Jacob then reveals that it's going to take them 125 years to return to the Milky Way. Suddenly, Apophis' mothership then appears, trapped with them far from home.

Apophis' mothership confronting SG-1's Ha'tak.

It then cuts to a view of the two giant ships who are now in a stand-off of some sort with each other.


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Notable quotes

Tanith: What is happening?
Jalen: Defense systems picked up a mother ship entering orbit.
Tanith: We must evacuate immediately.
Jalen: We have been expecting it.
(SG-1 and Jacob ring down to the Tok'ra base)
O'Neill: Hey, kids... we're not parked in a red zone, are we?

Teal'c: Tanith was surprised to see us.
Jacob: We didn't want to give him any warning.
O'Neill: He doesn't suspect you're on to him?
Jacob: Not that we know of. We'll see soon enough.
Teal'c: Of what do you speak?
Jacob: Well, thanks to the mother ship you're so graciously lending us...
O'Neill: It's not me. Hammond. It was an order, remember?
Jacob: Well anyway, we'll be able to move the Stargate to a planet not currently on the Goa'uld map. We'll finally be able to ensure the security of a more permanent Tok'ra base. As useful as Tanith has been in relaying false information to Apophis, we can't afford to take him with us.
Teal'c: What will become of him?
Jacob: We have a little surprise for you, Teal'c. Shall we?

Tanith: I must say, Colonel, I was most intrigued by your means of arrival.
O'Neill: Yeah, it's a sweet ride. Little rusty, but uh, it's still got zip, ya know?
Tanith: How exactly did a Goa'uld mother ship come into your possession?
O'Neill: Well it was kind of a... trade deal.
Tanith: How so?
O'Neill: Cronus gave us his ship. And he got what was coming to him.

(After revealing to Tanith that he had been used by the Tok'ra)
Tanith: You will never escape. The System Lords will hunt you down to the ends of the galaxy.
(Tanith is taken away by the Tok'ra guards)
O'Neill: That guy is a living cliché.

Jacob: I still don't think it's really necessary for you to be here.
O'Neill: Sorry, not lettin' her outta my sight.
Jacob: My mission is to oversee the relocation of the Tok'ra base. What's yours again?
O'Neill: Protect Earth's big fat asset.

(Upon using the rings to get inside the Tok'ra base)
O'Neill: (to two Tok'ra) So how do you guys know where to stand, anyway?
(The rings beams them down)
Jackson: Any sign of him [Teal'c]?
O'Neill: No, he's still looking.
Jackson: You guys have been out there for hours already.
O'Neill: Yeah, it's a Jaffa revenge thing...

Carter: This is the sun that Vorash is orbiting. It's a regular main sequence star with a core temperature of about fifty million degrees and enough hydrogen to burn for five billion years.
O'Neill: Yeah?
Jacob: We wanna blow it up.
O'Neill: Wow.
Jackson: That's, uh...
Jackson and O'Neill: Ambitious.

(After O'Neill's and Teal'c's crash-landing)
O'Neill: Ah, this is a bad idea.  I said that, remember?  Remember I said, "General, this is a bad idea!?"
Teal'c: I remember, O'Neill.
O'Neill: "Let the Tok'ra get their own ship," I said, "They don't share with us, why should we share with them?"
Teal'c: I remember.
O'Neill: Yep, that's what I said.
Teal'c: How much time remains before the sun explodes, O'Neill?
O'Neill: Huh? Oh... 45 minutes.
Teal'c: Then at least we have prevented Tanith from escaping.
O'Neill: Yes!  At least we have that!


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  • This is the last season finale that ends on a cliffhanger until Season Nine's "Camelot."
  • The first scene of this episode starts with a view of the exterior of a spaceship, moving past a stationary camera. This may be a tribute to Star Wars, in which all of the films start in this fashion. There is also a scene on Vorash where the camera pans over a long, dragon-like skeleton, also reminiscent of Star Wars Episode IV.
  • In this episode thirteen Ha'tak ships are destroyed by SG-1. This brings the total of Ha'tak ships destroyed by SG-1 up to twenty since Stargate Command's inception.


  • The event horizon being "pulled" into the gate, as it did in "A Matter of Time", should have still occurred while the gate was inside the cargo bay.
  • When releasing the clamps, there are no constellations visible on the Stargate.
  • Twelve minutes in, as a Tok'ra guard deploys his Zat it doesn't deploy all the way and he leans it forward slightly to get it to fully deploy.


Other languages

  • French: Exode (Exodus)
  • Italian: L'Esodo (The Exodus)
  • Spanish: Éxodo (Exodus)
  • Czech: Exodus (dubbed in English)
  • Hungarian: Exodus (dubbed in English)

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