This episode is part 2 of 2; it is preceded by "Evolution, Part 1".

"Evolution, Part 2" is the twelfth episode of the seventh season of Stargate SG-1.


Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Bill Lee are captured in Honduras by rebels after getting their hands on a device that could stop the Kull warriors. As Colonel Jack O'Neill launches a secret mission with an old acquaintance to retrieve the two, the rest of the team uncover more information on the warriors by infiltrating Tartarus, the planet on which they are created.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

Anubis creates a new soldier called a Kull warrior. Jacob Carter believes he used an Ancient healing device to give life to a host that is more powerful than a human. SG-1 along with several Rebel Jaffa managed to capture one of the warriors alive and use a Tok'ra Memory recall device on him to discover the location of the planet he was created on. Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Bill Lee travel to Honduras to find the original Ancient device in the hopes of using it to create a weapon against the warriors but are captured by terrorists.


In the guerrilla camp, Dr. Daniel Jackson is questioned by their leader Rafael but refuses to tell him anything about the artifact. Rafael starts to torture Jackson with electricity.

Giving up, Rafael returns Jackson to the locked shack where he and Dr. Bill Lee are being held prisoner, and takes Lee.

Memory recall device 1

The memory recall device projecting the memory of the stars above Tartarus.

At Stargate Command, Major General George S. Hammond informs Colonel Jack O'Neill that ransoms have been demanded for Jackson and Lee by anti government Honduran rebels, but official US policy means no ransom will be paid. However, O'Neill will be allowed to lead an unofficial extraction team to rescue Jackson with the help of a CIA Agent named Burke, who O'Neill seems to know. The Colonel says goodbye to Carter.

Later in the conference room, Jacob Carter informs the others about Tartarus and that the Stargate there is protected by a force field. Selmak decides to use the Kull armor to gain access to Tartarus to deactivate the sensor array so that Carter, Teal'c and Bra'tac can access the planet with a Tel'tak. They can take the Tokra isotope they've used before so the other Go'auld sensor devices won't spot them after they're in. Bra'tac says he can power down a scout ship and hide it nearby to use for their escape. Although it is a dangerous plan, they all agree to it.

In Honduras, O'Neill meets Burke who informs him about what has happened and the current situation between Nicaragua and Honduras. (Basically Nicaragua is granting free passage to anti Honduran extremists.) They start to quarrel about their past. Apparently, Burke was discharged from the military for accidentally shooting and killing a fellow soldier, Woods. Burke blames O'Neill for not testifying on his behalf, but O'Neill says he didn't witness the shooting so he couldn't back Burke up. Burke says it's ironic that now O'Neill needs him. They argue about who will be in charge of the mission. O'Neill says he 'll be in charge, Burke is just a guide. Burke gets angry and leaves, and O'Neill hires a local guide instead.

Meanwhile, in the rebel camp, Lee is returned to the shack and tells Jackson that he told the guerrillas all he knew. Rafael activates the Ancient healing device.

Kull armor

Kull warrior passing through the Tartarus iris forcefield.

Kull armor 1

Jacob within a Kull armor being scanned by Thoth.

Back at SGC, Jacob puts on the armor and enters Tartarus where he is immediately taken to a laboratory by a Goa'uld named Thoth, who starts to examine him. Suddenly Anubis enters the room and calls Thoth away. Meanwhile, Carter, Teal'c and Bra'tac wait in a Tel'tak near the planet and while Carter is angry about her father's stubbornness, the sensor array is deactivated and they fly to the planet.

In Honduras, O'Neill and the guide find Telchak's temple where they meet Burke again. Burke is more conciliatory this time. He has thought things over and he wants to help. He says this valley is as far as the local guide can take O'Neill and besides, he's going to need real backup when they take on the kidnappers. Burke thanks the local guide and offers him double payment. O'Neill is sceptical, but agrees and the local leaves. The two former friends start to look for Jackson and Lee. After some time they find Jackson's guide who was shot but is still alive. The guide tells them that bandits took Jackson and Lee north across the border. Later Burke tells O'Neill that he killed Woods because Woods was a traitor, but kept silent because of his wife.

In the rebel camp Jackson is further questioned about Telchak and the device and is shocked to see that the Ancient healing device was activated. He tells Rafael that it is dangerous. But the rebel leader doesn't believe him, seeing as the device is rejuvenating him. However, one of his cohorts, Chalo, having uneasy feelings about the device, and wants to deactivate it, so Rafael shoots him dead.

On Tartarus, Teal'c and Carter are let into Anubis' base by Jacob.

Anubis' queen

Anubis' Goa'uld Queen.

While there, they find a Goa'uld queen symbiote, which is creating larvae without a mind, in the same way the Tok'ra Queen Symbiote Egeria from Pangar did. Teal'c instantly realizes that Anubis learned about the technique when he probed Jonas Quinn's mind.

As such, they plan to destroy the tank containing the Goa'uld Queen so that she can't be spawned again.

Jacob, Teal'c and Carter then find a room with thousands of super-soldiers, ready to be fashioned into the Kull Warriors by Anubis.

Thoth finds the team but is killed by Carter, which triggers an alarm. They escape (after blowing up the queen with C-4) but are chased by Kull Warriors and one of them makes it into the Tel'tak. They beam the soldier out with the Transportation rings.

In Honduras, Chalo is reanimated by the device and he starts to attack the guerrillas violently. In the ensuing mayhem, Jackson and Lee escape but are quickly found. Before Rafael can kill Jackson, O'Neill kills the rebels. Meanwhile, Chalo is blown up by Burke's Colt M203 grenade launcher. They then take the Ancient device and leave. O'Neill thanks Burke for the backup and Burke says anywhere, anytime. O'Neill says he will recommend a better posting for Burke and they part as friends.

Back at SGC, SG-1 is reunited. Carter tells Hammond that all they did was delay Anubis' ability to create more super soldiers, but he still has an army of hundreds. O'Neill Congratulates Carter on a successful command and they leave to get lunch in the commissary before the full debrief.


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Notable quotes[]

O'Neill: I'm going after Daniel.
Carter: Good.
O'Neill: This other mission—
Carter: Shouldn't be a problem, sir. When do you leave?
O'Neill: Now.
Carter: Good luck.
O'Neill: You too.

Siler: (while gearing up Jacob) How's that, sir?
Jacob: Pretty good. Reminds me of my old football days.
Siler: Did they have helmets back in those days, sir?
Jacob: Funny.

Burke: Okay, my name is Burke and I'll be your guide. Today we'll be looking at indigenous vegetation of Central America. Watch your step ladies--we're not in Minnesota.
O'Neill: Easy.

Burke: What's with the guy from Evil Dead?
O'Neill: Um....
Burke: Classified?
O'Neill: Yeah.
Burke: (laughs) You guys are into some crazy crap, man!

Bra'tac: Teal'c, are you hurt?
Teal'c: Indeed.
Bra'tac: Where?
Teal'c: My pride. An old man has done what I cannot.

Rafael: (to Daniel) I'm going to skin you alive!
(as Daniel grabs a rock to defend himself, there's the sound of gunfire and when he turns back, the rebels are dead. O'Neill approaches)
O'Neill: How many more are there? Daniel?
Daniel: (in shock at the rescue) That's it, you got them all. What are you doing here?

Burke: Hey is that, that thing that made that guy do that thing?
Jackson: Yeah it's okay, it's off now.
Lee: At least we think it's off, it's not glowing anymore so...
Jackson: The glowing thing really gives it away, so if it's not glowing anymore it shouldn't be on anymore.
Lee: ...Do you want to hold it?
Jackson: Nope. (steps away from Bill)

O'Neill: Hey. So nice command.
Carter: We did manage to make it out alive, sir.
O'Neill: There is that. Lunch?


Main Characters

Guest Stars


  • The Goa'uld scientist working on the Kull warriors is Thoth, who was the Egyptian god of knowledge.
  • In this episode we find out that O'Neill speaks at least some Spanish.
  • In the DVD commentary Amanda Tapping explains why Carter carries a Micro 16 assault rifle and not an FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon. Due to the war in Iraq there was a shortage of bullets, which includes blanks like the show uses. They kept O'Neill with a P90 but as you can see in this episode it's used sparingly - we hear him fire it but we don't see him do it. Despite this shortage, it could be surmised that the story reasons for the change in weapon, was due to the need for differing requirements in firepower specific to this mission.
  • The scenes at the rebel camp in Nicaragua were shot at the Mid-Valley Viewpoint of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.
  • This is the first episode in which Anubis appears that is neither a season premiere nor a season finale and the only such episode in which he is played by David Palffy.


  • The Kull Warrior was able to board the moving Tel'tak by a rear entrance. There have been plenty of times that a Tel'tak has been used to imprison someone against their will and they could not escape. SG-1 was held back there by Aris Boch in the episode "Deadman Switch". This would not be a very effective holding room if there is a rear entrance.
  • When the rebels start shooting, the box behind which the boss is hiding says "тоталный сует" in Russian. Not only is that misspelled but it also says "total fussing" (worrying, stressing, i.e., chicken with head cut off). Though to a dual speaker it reads like "total suet" (cow fat).
  • The boss yells "vamos a matarlo" which means "we're gonna kill him", but there are two archaeologists to kill. It should be "vamos a matarlos"
  • At the end of the episode, as the screen fades to black you can hear off-camera laughing, possibly from the film crew.

Other languages[]

  • French: La Fontaine De Jouvence (2ème partie) (The Fountain of Youth (part 2))
  • Italian: Evoluzione (Parte 2) (Evolution (part 2))
  • Spanish: Evolución (Parte 2) (Evolution (part 2))
  • Czech: Evoluce (2. část) (Evolution (part 2))
  • German: Evolution, Teil 2 (Evolution, Part 2)
  • Hungarian: Evolúció (2. rész) (Evolution (part 2))

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