Evnith was a humourless, cruel Goa'uld who was not especially intelligent and served under Morrigan as the governor of the planet Gleanavar.


Background informationEdit

She was given that position after her predecessor, Sholred, was found to be a Tok'ra spy who was inciting rebellion throughout the ranks of her followers be they Human or Jaffa. This rise through the ranks was mostly due to her personality and also the fact that she was suspicious to the point of paranoia. Evnith was aware that her mistress would be watching her progress closely and so set out to undo Sholred's damage as well as demonstrating to the populace how a true Goa'uld rules through awe and terror. She was quite sure of her place of power and thought that, due to her hard work, she may even be offered a position of more power in Morrigan's ranks. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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