"You know, when they told me I'd be traveling to another galaxy, visiting strange new worlds, defending humanity against unimaginable alien threats, this just is not what I pictured!"
―Evan Lorne[src]

Evan Lorne is a major in the United States Air Force and a team leader on the Atlantis expedition. He is also the second-in-command under Atlantis' military commander, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard.


Background information[]

In the far, distant past, at least one Ancient became an ancestor in Lorne's family line, passing down the Ancient Technology Activation gene to him. (SGA: "Condemned")

Evan Lorne 9

Evan Lorne painting.

Not much about Lorne's past is known apart from the fact that he joined the United States Air Force, and that he grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. His mother was an art teacher and he had picked up the hobby of painting as a regular weekend activity. But after sometime, his time painting was halted when he joined and trained for the Air Force, but later picked up the hobby again after arriving on Atlantis. He has at least one sibling, a sister, who has two sons, aged five and seven years old at the beginning of 2008. He loves ice cream. He also used to sleepwalk when he was a kid. (SGA: "Sunday", "Doppelganger", "Spoils of War")


"Major Lorne, we need enough naquadah to manufacture 303s."
Martin Edwards[src]
Evan Lorne

Lorne on P3X-403 while a member of SG-11.

By 2003, Lorne was working at Stargate Command as a member of SG-11 under Colonel Martin Edwards. After Lt. Ritter, a fellow team member, went missing on P3X-403, where the unit was setting up a naquadah mining operation, he was tasked with showing SG-1 around the area. His blasé attitude regarding primitive mining tools the team had discovered (and moved, contra the standing instructions of Dr. Daniel Jackson), mirrored that of his commanding officer and caused considerable consternation for Jackson. Lorne accompanied the search party lead by Teal'c that located Ritter's body. He was overcome by the sight and vomited. (SG1: "Enemy Mine")


"You know, when they told me I'd be traveling to another galaxy, visiting strange new worlds, defending humanity against unimaginable alien threats, this just is not what I pictured!"
―Evan Lorne referring to his mission on P3M-736[src]
Evan Lorne 4

Lorne and McKay search for Aiden Ford on P3M-736.

Two years later, in 2005, Lorne was reassigned to the Atlantis expedition where in addition to becoming the second-in-command under the current military head, John Sheppard, Lorne also received command of his own team. One mission took him to P3M-736 so as to examine the local plant life with Dr. Parrish, an assignment he considered something of a letdown. During the course of this, however, he discovered a dead Wraith and evidence that Lt. Aiden Ford, who had fled Atlantis some weeks earlier, might be on the planet. After returning to Atlantis, he was assigned by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard to accompany Dr. Rodney McKay in the search. During the course of the search, Lorne appeared somewhat amused by McKay's antics, but found his personality quite trying and remarked that McKay must be quite a genius if Sheppard hadn't shot him already. Eventually he was stunned by Ford, and fell back to the Stargate after recovering to find McKay gone. There he took charge when Wraith Darts came through the Stargate. (SGA: "Runner")

Lorne's team joined Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team on an offworld reconnaissance mission to Thenora, during the course of which a Wraith Dart appeared and captured Dr. Rodney McKay and Lt. Laura Cadman with its dematerialization beam. He fired upon the dart with a rocket launcher but missed, hitting a tree instead. (SGA: "Duet")

After Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team went missing while on a mission to Olesia, Lorne's team accompanied Dr. Elizabeth Weir to meet the Magistrate, piloting the Puddle Jumper and aiding Sheppard's team in their escape from the prison island on which the planet's Stargate was located. (SGA: "Condemned")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was infected with the Iratus bug retrovirus, he led a mission to obtain Iratus bug eggs but two members of his team were killed. (SGA: "Conversion")

A few weeks later, upon returning from an uneventful mission to a cordial but reclusive world, Lorne was informed that Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team had again gone missing. Although he noted that Sheppard's team could be lax about checking in at times, Dr. Elizabeth Weir sent him out to look for them anyway. After finding no trace of Sheppard's team on the planet to which they had been sent, he remained in the vicinity of the Stargate while Dr. Radek Zelenka attempted to interface with the planet's Dial Home Device and determine where they might have gone. (SGA: "The Lost Boys")

Evan Lorne 7

Lorne and McKay at the Battle of Edowin.

When Dr. Rodney McKay managed to return to Atlantis with the news that Aiden Ford was holding the rest of the team and had forced them into attempting to disable a Wraith Hive Ship, Lorne accompanied the Daedalus to intercept the Hive. He took a cloaked Puddle Jumper and attempted to contact Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team, but was forced to return to the Daedalus when it engaged the Wraith. He watched the rest of the Battle of Edowin from the bridge. (SGA: "The Hive")


"I'm afraid we've done everything we can on our end. Request immediate beam-out to Daedalus."
―Evan Lorne during his command of the Orion[src]

Lorne was involved in retrieving one of a pair of stasis pods from decaying orbit around a planet with a Spacegate; when the inhabitants of the pods proved to be intent on killing each other, one of them, Phoebus, used Dr. Elizabeth Weir's body to impersonate her and enlist Lorne's help in locating Thalan, who inhabited Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. Initially frustrated by the secrecy of the individual he presumed to be Weir, Lorne was notified of the situation by Colonel Steven Caldwell and attempted to apprehend her. When he didn't accept Phoebus' suggestion that Caldwell might have been the one who was compromised, Phoebus managed to render him unconscious. (SGA: "The Long Goodbye")

Evan Lorne 8

Lorne captured by the Genii.

Not long afterward, it was Lorne's team that went missing for a change, while escorting Dr. Lindsay offworld. When he came under fire, Lorne ordered Lindsay back to the gate; a burned body wearing Lorne's dog tags was later discovered, but soon identified as not being his. A bounty had been placed on Lorne and several other bearers of the Ancient Technology Activation gene by the Genii, who were seeking to acquire samples of the gene. Lorne and the others were freed by Ladon Radim, along with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay (who had by then been captured as well), shortly before Ladon staged a Coup d'etat to take over the Genii government. (SGA: "Coup D'etat")

Evan Lorne 5

Lorne in command of the Orion.

Lorne briefly assumed command of the recovered Ancient vessel Orion during Atlantis' brief alliance with a faction of Wraith. Lorne's first assignment was to keep the ship out of sensor range so as not to be detected; but after the Wraith reneged on their deal and set out for Earth, with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard missing, Dr. Elizabeth Weir sent Lorne and the Orion as part of the effort to stop them. His command ended with the Orion's destruction (though he did destroy a Wraith Hive ship first), after he and his crew had evacuated to the Daedalus. He later accompanied a team onto the Wraith Hive ship left crippled by the battle, aboard which he was nearly killed by the hive's queen. (SGA: "Allies", "No Man's Land")

He again encountered trouble offworld when his team was attacked by at least twenty gun-wielding assailants on M72-656 and cut off from the Stargate. He was rescued with the aid of Dr. Rodney McKay who jammed the attackers guns with his new found telekinetic powers. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")

On another mission, Lorne discovered the nation of Geldar, noting Dr. Rodney McKay's likeness on the national flag. He later assisted Dr. Radek Zelenka in examining the Society research lab on Atlantis; eventually the two began to use the equipment to influence yet another planet, developing a quick rivalry as they did. When Dr. Elizabeth Weir discovered this, she immediately ordered the room sealed and the power cut. (SGA: "The Game")


"I'd like you to beam up Lorne and get a flight of F-302s close enough to nudge [an asteroid] our way."
John Sheppard during an Asuran attack[src]

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team was trapped on a largely decompressed moon base with a failing orbit, Lorne came to their aid again. He used a Puddle Jumper to enter the base after Sheppard's became lost to them. He brought welding equipment to repair a hatch in order to repressurize the base. He then flew the survivors minus Sheppard, who piloted the shuttle, down to the planet. (SGA: "The Ark")

On the mandatory rest day, he was painting a portrait of the Atlantis skyline when Dr. Carson Beckett asked him to go fishing with him because Dr. Rodney McKay canceled on him. Unfortunately, for Beckett, he declined. When Beckett died, he was one of his pallbearers to take the coffin back to Earth. (SGA: "Sunday")

Evan Lorne 6

Lorne leads a flight of F-302 fighter-interceptors.

When Atlantis was attacked by an energy beam fired through an Asuran satellite, Lorne led a flight of F-302 fighter-interceptors to maneuver an asteroid into the beam's path, thereby giving the city enough time to activate its Stardrive. He suggested crashing the asteroid into the satellite itself, but carried out the mission as planned. (SGA: "First Strike")

During the city's bout with the homicidal alien entity, Lorne sleepwalked and believed Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Colonel Samantha Carter to be Replicators before he was stunned by Ronon Dex. (SGA: "Doppelganger")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was kidnapped by the Travelers, Lorne led a group of Puddle Jumpers to rescue him. He was about to fire on the vessels when they jumped into hyperspace leaving Sheppard in his Jumper. (SGA: "Travelers")

Later, when Kirsan fever overran the city, Lorne and several security teams rounded up the personnel. In an effort to offset the effects, they took heavy amount of stimulants. They stunned an immune Teyla Emmagan and locked her in the brig. He believed she was responsible for the outbreak because she was not affected. He was then stunned by Dr. Rodney McKay, Dr. Radek Zelenka and Colonel Samantha Carter. The effects of the stimulants caused paranoia and leads to a conflict between Lorne and an immune Ronon Dex who was carrying the cure. The city is eventually saved when he yields to Ronon. (SGA: "Tabula Rasa")


"Assemble your team. You'll be escorting Teyla back to M2S-181."
Samantha Carter[src]

Following the fall of the Replicators, Lorne and his team accompanied Lt. Colonel John Sheppard to secure a Wraith Hive Ship. After they determine the ship was headed to the Wraith cloning facility, he and his team remained behind to guard the ship and Teyla Emmagan. Todd helped them out by running the weapons when they come under attack and later abandoned ship prior to its impact with the cloning facility. (SGA: "Spoils of War")

When the city went into a false quarantine lockdown, Lorne was in Stargate Operations and was the de facto commander under the circumstances. When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, in disabling the communications, triggered the self-destruct, his team helped to blow doors open to get to the Main power room to disable the power. (SGA: "Quarantine")

Evan Lorne 3

Teyla, Lorne, and his team search for the Athosians.

When Teyla Emmagan had visions of Kanaan, his team helped escort her offworld to investigate. When they found and questioned a man who had information, they were returning to the city to report in when the trader and Teyla were kidnapped by a Wraith Dart. When they get a lead on her location, he and his team are already prepared to go. His team is pinned down trying to rescue Teyla, but they are saved and it turns out it's not Teyla but Dr. Carson Beckett. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1")

Several weeks later, he and his team were offworld following a lead when Lt. Colonel John Sheppard left them to return to Atlantis and was sent into the future. When Sheppard returned, the group traveled to the M2S-445 and in turn was trapped when the building collapsed on top of them. They were saved by the teams of combat engineers and by the Daedalus but suffered a broken leg. Several weeks later, he was one of the ones that was infected with the Wraith pathogen during this mission but was later cured. (SGA: "The Last Man", "Search and Rescue", "The Seed")

After the events on Atlantis, Ronon Dex was kidnapped by Tyre while on a mission with Teyla Emmagan. Lorne later interrupts Dr. Rodney McKay and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard after they received word from another Satedan named Solen Sincha. Lorne accompanied Sheppard's team on a rescue mission to get Ronon back. He later joined Sheppard and a now detoxified Tyre on another rescue mission to save Ronon. The mission was successful and they later detoxified Ronon after his brutal brainwashing. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

During the events when a Daedalus appeared above M35-117, Lorne was observing the alternate Daedalus from Stargate Operations with Dr. Radek Zelenka and stood as lookout for them. After a few hours, the alternate Daedalus reappeared and Lorne and Zelenka took a Puddle Jumper and "picked up" Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")

Evan Lorne 2

Lorne and his team investigate Sheppard's team's disappearance.

After Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team received an invitation from the Coalition of Planets to be spokespersons Atlantis's behalf. After a few hours without any kind of response from them or the Coalition, Richard Woolsey sent his team to investigate the disappearance of Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, and Teyla Emmagan. Lorne later returned to Atlantis with Myrus, a messenger for the Coalition, who informs Woolsey that they are being held for crimes against the peoples of the Pegasus Galaxy. (SGA: "Inquisition")

Later, Michael Kenmore and his hybrid followers took control of Atlantis and protected Stargate Operations from anyone below the tower. In an attempt to launch a full attack against Michael, Lorne was rendered unconscious from a Stun bubble being made from a Puddle Jumper. (SGA: "The Prodigal")

A few weeks later, Todd's Hive Ship appeared above Atlantis. Richard Woolsey sent Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team and later Lorne's team with Dr. Jennifer Keller to investigate why Todd isn't responding. They later encountered Todd's Wraith now looking for food (in other words, humans). They managed to hold them in the rear section of the broken down hive ship and thanks to Todd, they landed safely in the ocean and were rescued by Major Kersey's team. (SGA: "Infection")


"C'mon, we've gotta get out of here now."
―Evan Lorne aboard the Super-hive[src]

After a while, Todd contacted Atlantis to apprise them that there is a Zero Point Module powered Super-hive in the Pegasus Galaxy. After Daedalus defeat at the Hive Ship, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard convinced Todd to tell the location of two ZPM's he acquired from the Asuras. Lorne and his team were sent to retrieve them. When Atlantis dropped out of hyperspace, Lorne then joined Ronon Dex, Dr. Rodney McKay, and Teyla Emmagan after they discovered there was a Stargate on the Hive. After meeting with Sheppard in the Dart Bay, they set a Nuclear warhead and then made their way back to the Gate and held their position before retreating to the Alpha Site. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

Alternate realities[]

Alt Evan Lorne 1

Lorne in command of SG-1.

Alternate timelines[]

Alt Evan Lorne

General Lorne in command of Stargate Command.


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Evan Lorne 1

Lorne enjoyed painting.

  • Lorne's first name has never been mentioned on screen, but was printed on his F-302 fighter-interceptor flight suit in "First Strike." Actor Kavan Smith and executive producer Joseph Mallozzi have both confirmed it as well. Despite this, Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection issue 46 gives his first name as Stephen. This was fixed in Stargate Atlantis: The DVD Collection issue 75 which also confirms his name as Evan Lorne.
  • His last name was given to him by Peter DeLuise in "Enemy Mine" and was named after his brother-in-law Lorne Loder, the brother of Anne Marie DeLuise.
  • It is never specifically stated when Lorne joined the Atlantis expedition, but he almost certainly was a member of the expanded military contingent brought by the Daedalus in 2005. During his first appearance, in "Runner," he seems relatively unfamiliar with Dr. Rodney McKay, and was never seen during the show's first season — even at staff meetings where Lt. Aiden Ford, a far junior officer, was present. Also, since Lorne and Sheppard held the same rank at the start of the series, his presence would have complicated Sheppard's status as the expedition's ranking military officer. In fact, his appearance after Major Sheppard's promotion may suggest he took Sheppard's place as second in command of Atlantis' military contingent.
  • Like Dr. Rodney McKay, Lorne's inclusion on Stargate: Atlantis was not planned. A new character was to appear in "Runner", but when Kavan Smith auditioned for and received the role, the producers changed the name to match the original character.


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