Doctor Eva Robinson is a psychologist and a member of the Atlantis expedition.


Background InformationEdit

In the far, distant past, at least one Ancient became an ancestor in her family line, passing down the Ancient Technology Activation gene to her.

Eva was born in Atlanta Georgia. When she was eight years old, she watched the Moon landings with her granddad. She moved out to the west coast when she got married. At some point, Eva had done some work as a psychologist for the SGC, and by the time she was forty-eight, she became the Atlantis expedition's psychologist. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")


Following the return of Atlantis to Earth, Eva was assigned by the IOA to help the returning personnel adjust to life on Earth again. It was quickly discovered that Eva naturally possessed the Ancient Technology Activation gene and she was taken on a Puddle Jumper flight by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard to show her the wonders that Atlantis had as well as the dangers. When the IOA agreed to let Atlantis return to the Pegasus Galaxy, rather than departing, Eva asked to accompany the expedition as the new psychologist. Her request was granted and Eva went back to Pegasus with the expedition. When Atlantis arrived over the frozen planet, Eva marveled at the view from the balcony before landing. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

Days after the kidnapping of Doctor Rodney McKay, Eva decides to meet some of the people she will be working with after getting bored. Traveling to the mess hall, Eva sits with Doctor Radek Zelenka and chats with him for a while. During this time, Zelenka tells her that everyone is stressed, overworked, underpaid and too busy to deal with traumatic experiences that should have them hiding under their beds. After Zelenka tells her that half of the people in the city are having regrettable romances and the other half wouldn't know how to begin one without an instruction manual, she asks which category he falls under and he tells her that while he prefers to be regrettable, he has not had time due to how busy the last few weeks have been. He is then called away abruptly to deal with a problem.

Later, when Sheppard arrives in the Avenger, Eva is in a meeting with Woolsey, Doctor Bauer and the new physician's assistant and rushes to the control room when the alarm is raised. Interested in the proceedings, Eva watches the potentially dangerous landing performed by Sheppard, worried briefly by the effects the heat of reentry has on the ship. She is still there when Sheppard arrives with Dahlia Radim and notes how both Dahlia and Woolsey are less than pleased with the mission which left two people injured. Eva's interest is peaked when Zelenka mentions being a pallbearer for Doctor Carson Beckett and realizes that he doesn't believe that McKay is alive. Zelenka admits that he hopes McKay isn't due to having seen someone upon before and tells her that it was Colonel Sheppard when she questions how it had turned out.

After the arrival of Colonel Samantha Carter and the George Hammond, Eva observes her interactions with Sheppard, Beckett and Teyla and muses on the complexities of their friendships. Running out of milk, Eva visits the kitchen where she meets Sergeant Pollard who tells her about the complexities of his job and his desire to retire to New Athos to settle down with Halling's cousin Osalia and how complicated that can be for him. The encounter causes Eva to realize just how complex some of the questions she has can be and how carefully she has to tread as a result.

After Sheppard goes behind her back to get Zelenka an eye exam to prevent him from getting kicked off of Atlantis for his vision, Doctor Jennifer Keller makes a deal with him where people with medical or psychological problems will go to her or Eva, both of whom will use their professional discretion to determine the seriousness of the issue and whether it merits sending someone home or not rather than following the IOA's rules. In this way, Keller and Eva can help them if they've only "had a rough week" instead of being so burned out that they're going to get somebody hurt while at the same time determining if someone has reached that level of danger. (SGA: "The Lost")

After the arrival of Doctor William Lynn on the Daedalus, Eva sits down to lunch with Lynn and Zelenka who argue with each other through Eva over their past. Annoyed with the two men arguing through her, Eva tells them off only to have Radek explain that they are arguing about what she would call "unresolved issues." Eva tells the two men she'd be happy to help them resolve the issues, but during her office hours, not lunch. Eva asks Zelenka about how Jeannie Miller is doing and if there's been news on McKay, but Zelenka tells her that its been nothing but a week of bad news before getting called away. (SGA: "Allegiance")

During the Second Battle of Atlantis, Eva chose to remain in the city when Richard Woolsey asked for anyone with the ATA gene willing to do so to stay. She spoke with Doctor Daniel Jackson and then was one of the volunteers to fly Teyla Emmagan, Radek Zelenka, Captain Laura Cadman and a team to a Wraith cruiser heavily rigged with explosives. Richard Woolsey accepted Eva's offer and she was successfully able to get the team upon the cruiser. When Cadman, Teyla and her team boarded Queen Death's hive ship, Eva decided to remain on the cruiser with Zelenka and Ember rather than trying to fly to safety in the chaotic battle. When the cruiser came under fire from two more ships, Eva evacuated Zelenka and Ember, but the Puddle Jumper took damage and was left adrift. Eva watched as Zelenka allowed Ember to feed on him, saving Ember's life and they were rescued after the battle by the George Hammond. (SGA: "Inheritors")

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