The Eurondans were a race of Humans who were descended from the Tau'ri of Earth, referring to them as their "kindred". The Eurondan homeworld, Euronda, was once a green world for many years, until a war erupted between the so-called Breeders and the Eurondans.


The Eurondans lived and reproduced based entirely on a concept of genetic purity. They grew disgusted with another nation on their world, which they referred to as "Breeders" due to the fact that they reproduced indiscriminately, resulting in a more ethnically diverse population. They made plans to eradicate the Breeders by poisoning the atmosphere of the planet, making it uninhabitable. The Breeders discovered this, and took preemptive action against their neighbors. The Eurondans sequestered themselves in a vast underground base, and continued the war through the use of their advanced technology. Due to limited supplies, most of the Eurondan population went into stasis to conserve resources.

After they were about to fall, they contacted the Tau'ri by Stargate, for their urgent need for help. They agreed on giving the Tau'ri access to their advanced technologies to fight the Goa'uld, in exchange for supplies and heavy water. SG-1, especially Daniel Jackson, were suspicious of fighting an enemy about whom they knew nothing. However, the Eurondans refused to listen to Jackson's suggestions to evacuate their populace through the Stargate to another world. Eventually, the rest of the team discovered their xenophobia, such as discovering that the people in the stasis chambers look exactly the same, and Alar's racist comment about Teal'c. When they learned that the Eurondans started the war, they tried to stop them, realizing they were helping the enemy. SG-1 assisted the Breeder bombers in destroying the facility. The Eurondan facility was heavily damaged, and all apparent information leads to the Breeders retaking complete control of the planet. The Eurondans were likely all killed or captured. (SG1: "The Other Side")

This encounter ultimately taught Stargate Command to be wary of giving any military technology to any potential allies, especially those who had any genocidal intentions. (SG1: "Shadow Play")


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The Eurondans were at least 100 years ahead of Earth technologically in the year 2000. Such technologies include Aero-fighter, which are unmanned and uses a Neural interface from a Remote Flyer. Much of their technologies are powered by the deuterium from heavy water.

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