"Ethon" is the fifteenth episode of the ninth season of Stargate SG-1.


Jared Kane, of the Rand Protectorate, defies orders and travels through the Stargate to Earth. He informs SG-1 that his people were visited by a Prior, who instructed them to build a satellite and, with it, destroy the Caledonian Federation. When Kane and Dr. Daniel Jackson return to Rand, they are both arrested, prompting SG-1 to launch a rescue mission with the Prometheus.

Previously on Stargate SG-1[]

On the planet Tegalus, Dr. Daniel Jackson is caught in the middle of a war between the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation. After being injured in the fighting, he is nursed back to health by Leda Kane. The Priors attack several worlds including the Jaffa planets Kallana and Sartorus.


Stargate Command is contacted by Jared Kane from Tegalus, who reveals to them that his nation, the Rand Protectorate, was given an Ori satellite weapon when they became followers of the Ori. The Caledonian Federation, which is engaged in a cold war with Rand, however, refuses to follow the Ori. He tells them what he knows about the weapon and SG-1 agrees to help and they also plan on using the Prometheus to destroy the satellite.

A message is sent to the SGC from the leaders of the Rand Protectorate stating that they are open for talks. However, instead of meeting with the leaders, upon their arrival on Tegalus, Kane and Dr. Daniel Jackson are imprisoned. President Nadal of the Rand Protectorate, tells Kane that he is being held for treason and Daniel is being held because his people willingly harbored a fugitive and has protected Rand documents in their possession. He tells them that they will be detained until their trial date can be set.

The Prometheus emerges from hyperspace and tries to rescue Daniel by using an Asgard beam to beam Daniel directly to the Bridge, but they only end up getting Daniel's locator beacon which has Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell realizing that things aren't going so well.

Captain Kevin Marks then confirms that they're being targeted with Colonel Lionel Pendergast, the Prometheus's commanding officer giving the order to fire missiles at the satellite but the missiles themselves are destroyed in seconds which has Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter realizing that defensive capabilities have been added.

Battle of Tegalus 5

SG-1 and the crew of the Prometheus as the Ori satellite strikes the Prometheus for the first time.

The satellite then attacks, breaching Prometheus's shields while also dealing an incredible amount of damage. This has everyone on board the ship scrambling to limit the damage as they prepare themselves for the possibility of another devastating shot from the laser.

As a result of the attack, the Prometheus's weapons and hyperdrive system are both offline which means that the Prometheus can't defend itself nor can it even escape into hyperspace which means that the ship has been left stranded and is also vulnerable to attack.

Battle of Tegalus 2

A group of X-302s led by Mitchell leaving the Prometheus in the hope of destroying the Ori satellite.

Mitchell and Teal'c of Chulak, along with a group of F-302 fighter-interceptors, leave the Prometheus and attempt to attack the satellite directly, only for their attacks to be stopped by a shield. Despite one fellow pilot radioing Mitchell and informing it's no use and that they're not getting through, Mitchell encourages the other fighters to keep at it.

On board Prometheus, there's chaos as everyone struggles with the aftermath of the first attack with Carter and Marks heading off to an upper level in the hope of getting the sublight engines back online.

Marks heads for an elevator, only for Carter to stop him and say that the elevators aren't safe. Marks apologizes and states that he doesn't know what he was thinking before he and Carter move on.

Back in the main area of the ship, Lt. Catherine Womack who's been examining the console quickly returns to her seat and informs Pendergast that the weapon is reaching maximum power again.

Pendergast then activates the intercom system and tells everyone on board to brace for impact with everyone on the ship presumably bracing themselves for another hit.

In the X-302, a frustrated Mitchell states that the damn thing's shield is not weakening.

Battle of Tegalus 4

The Ori satellite striking the Prometheus a second time.

Seconds later, the second shot from the satellite hits the ship, dealing even more damage than the first shot. It tears through a small area of the ship, sending debris into space with the impact severely shaking the ship and causing two crew members to be thrown out in space, killing both of them in the process while Marks who's climbing a ladder injures his left arm with Carter saving him.

As she helps Marks, Carter tells the Bridge that they can be beamed up to Control Room 2.

Back on the Bridge, Wormack tells Carter that's a negative because the Control Room no longer has life support.

Commander Goran Pernaux wonders if they should broadcast a call for surrender but President Nadal is adamant, stating that the Book of Origin states enemies of the Ori show no mercy in attempts to draw others away from the path, with Nadal insisting that they need to face this with all the strength they've been given before telling a Tegalan Technician to finish it.

Mitchell radios the Prometheus for a status report. Pendergast tells him that it's not looking good right now. Mitchell wonders if they can assist but Pendergast states that it isn't possible before telling Mitchell to stand by for further orders. Mitchell agrees to do that.

To buy Carter some time, Pendergast attempts to negotiate for surrender but eventually his efforts are in vain with Pendergast informing Carter who's still working on the generator that it's over and to give him power for the Asgard transporters before announcing that they're abandoning ship.

Nedal insists that Kane is a Caledonian spy and demands to know who else is working with him. Daniel states that they're not spies and that perhaps his own people are leaking information because they don't agree with the government's position about the Ori. Nedal ignores Daniel, stating that if Kane doesn't tell him who is in the Caledonian spy network that he's working with, then the ship will be destroyed.

Battle of Tegalus 3

Marks and the other Prometheus crew being transported to safety.

Eventually, the Prometheus crew are evacuated to the surface of Caledonia while Nadal soon gives the order to destroy the ship which leaves Daniel and Kane horrified.

The satellite strikes Prometheus again, hitting the very center of the ship, splitting it in half. While Pendergast closes his eyes in acceptance of his fate, the ship ultimately explodes, killing him.

Battle of Tegalus 1

Teal'c and Mitchell watching as the Prometheus is destroyed for good.

As this happens, Mitchell and Teal'c who are still in the X-302 can only watch in dismay as the ship is destroyed with Mitchell removing his mask and muttering, "Oh, Hell", obviously stunned at the sight with Teal'c taking off his own mask as well.

In the bunker, Daniel can only watch in silent dismay and horror as a tech confirms to Nadal that the Prometheus has been destroyed.

In Caledonia, with Mitchell and Teal'c meet up with Minister Chaska who tells them that they were monitoring the entire exchange and have recovered 76 people of the crew in Caledonian territory. Mitchell states that there were over 115 people aboard the ship and Chaska asks if they have a manifest that they can compare names to the people who were rescued. Mitchell tells her that he doesn't then asks where their people are. Chaska states that the transport with the rescued crew has just arrived. Carter walks in, much to the relief of Mitchell and Teal'c. After a quick reunion, the team begins to hatch a new plan to destroy Rand's satellite weapon.

Meanwhile, Daniel continues to try and convince President Nadal to solve the issue peacefully.

Back in Caledonia, Carter explains that the satellite has a weakness - its shield uses a lot of power which means it has to be activated from the Rand control bunker. When they hesitated to fire against it so they could try to get Daniel released, that's what allowed the Rand control bunker to activate its defensive features. If they had fired against the satellite right as they came out of hyperspace, they would have easily been able to destroy it. Carter comes up with a plan to detonate equipment from an F-302 over the Rand command bunker to release an electromagnetic pulse and disrupt the systems controlling the weapon. The plan is effective and while the systems are down, Mitchell and Teal'c move into position to destroy the satellite.

Realizing what will happen, Nadal finally decides to make a deal with Caledonia, which was proposed to him by Daniel: He will give Caledonia the Stargate and any Caledonian that does not wish to believe in Origin would be allowed to leave the planet. Caledonia's Minister Chaska grudgingly accepts the terms and Mitchell and Teal'c don't destroy the satellite.

When the control systems reactivate, Nadal goes back on his word and orders the space weapon to destroy the Caledonian capital building. However, Commander Goran doesn't agree and shoots Nadal, killing him. In turn, Goran is shot by Nadal's bodyguards. Jared steps in and convinces the Rand soldiers to accept Pernaux's order to stand down and deactivate the space weapon. When SG-1 leaves, both nations agree to try and solve their problems peacefully.

A while later, Mitchell visits Daniel is his office after having personally delivered a letter to Pendergast's family about his death. Mitchell notes that it was thanks to Daniel and Pendergast's leadership that they survived, and Daniel realizes that Mitchell hasn't heard the news: shortly after SG-1 and the Prometheus crew returned to Earth, the SGC lost contact with Tegalus. To discover what happened, the Daedalus was diverted to Tegalus on its way back from Atlantis. The Daedalus discovered that the Caledonians were apparently not content to leave the planet and talks broke down, leading to a war between the two sides. Both the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation were decimated. All the Daedalus discovered was a planet full of rubble, with the Stargate presumably buried in the aftermath.


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Notable quotes[]

Mitchell: You want the big chair?
Carter: Not me. I'll sit here.
Mitchell: Sam, he's in Washington.
Carter: Yeah.
(Mitchell moves towards the chair, then backs away)
Mitchell: Right...

Jackson: Kane, I—I have to ask... Leda?
Kane: Five months ago, while Rand was deciding whether to accept Origin or not, a disease swept through the country. Thousands became deathly ill. The Prior said those who believed and embraced the Ori would be cured. That's when people everywhere began accepting them as gods. We watched so many...barter away their beliefs in exchange for their lives. But Leda, she—she refused to accept it.
Jackson: I am sorry.

Mitchell: Blue squadron, this is blue leader. Break off the attack and scramble formation between the Prometheus and the weapon. Maybe one of us will get lucky and take a portion of the next shot.
Teal'c: I would not consider that lucky, Colonel Mitchell.
Mitchell: Well it could be for anybody aboard the Prometheus.

Kane: Do you ever give up?
Jackson: Not until I'm dead. (Daniel pauses for a few seconds to think his statement through.) And sometimes not even then.

Nadal: (about the power loss) To our knowledge, the Caledonians do not possess the level of technology required to do this. Such a weapon could only have been given to them by your people.
Jackson: I hope so.

Pernaux: Shut down the satellite.
Kane: You heard him, the President is dead. Commander Pernaux is next in command.
Soldier: He's also the one who killed the President!
Kane: The President violated an international treaty. You want to be the one responsible for destroying a city full of people when this goes to tribunal?

Jackson: Hey. Haven't seen you since the memorial service.
Mitchell: Yeah. It was a rough day.
Jackson: So, where you been?
Mitchell: I, um... hand-delivered Landry's letter to Colonel Pendergast's wife and kids. They needed to know that he died saving his crew... that his death mattered.
Jackson: Well, seventy-six people survived. That's a—a testament to his leadership.
Mitchell: And yours. We never would've got off that planet if you hadn't brokered the deal.
Jackson: So, I take it, then, you haven't heard.
Mitchell: Heard what?
Jackson: Soon after we left, the talks broke down.
Mitchell: And?
Jackson: And we've been unable to make contact with them. General Landry had the Daedalus reroute on its way back from Atlantis. It seems the Caledonians weren't content to just leave their fair planet.
Mitchell: They launched an attack.
Jackson: And Rand responded. The Stargate is presumed buried in the rubble.
Mitchell: Rough day.
Jackson: Rough day.


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  • This episode acts as a sequel to the Season 8 episode "Icon".
  • According to Greek mythology, an eagle was sent daily to gnaw on Prometheus' liver as a punishment for stealing fire from the gods for mankind. A Latin mythological handbook can be understood to give the eagle's name as Aethon.
  • This episode was the first shown example of Ori weaponry which is not seen again until the Ori ships arrive.
  • Caledonian military personnel wear German Bundeswehr Flecktarn uniforms.
  • Kevin Marks has been promoted to Captain since his last appearance. He is somehow promoted again to Major between "Ethon" and his next appearance in "Off the Grid" shortly thereafter.


Other languages[]

  • French: Ingérence (Interference)
  • Italian: La Missione Tragica (The Tragic Mission)
  • Spanish: Ethon (dubbed in English)
  • Czech: Satelit (Satellite)
  • Hungarian: Ethon (dubbed in English)

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