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The Eos is a Tau'ri spaceship commanded by the United States under the command of Colonel Freeman. It was present orbiting the planet Glaudyk when SG-1 were trying to solve the Strayka problem and was responsible for transporting the Strayka from Glaudyk to its new homeworld. (Stargate: "Vala Mal Doran 5")




As any Tau'ri warship, Eos posses a bridge very similar to the Daedalus-class vessels.The bridge is very wide and many personnel can work at the same time on it.Colonel Freeman and Brandt are known members of the crew that are present on the bridge.


The Hangar is where minor-size starships such as the Remorseless Angel are contained.

Containment roomEdit

The containment room serves as a location to contain dangerous or oversized beings such as the Strayka. The room is the biggest known area of the ship.

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