This episode is part 2 of 3; it is preceded by "Exodus" and followed by "Threshold".

"Enemies" is the season five premiere of Stargate SG-1, and is the 89th episode overall.


The supernova causes SG-1 and Apophis' ships to jump 4 million light years. SG-1 hides from Apophis, but after coming out again, they find Apophis' ship completely abandoned. It is discovered Apophis and his Jaffa fled the ship after it is taken over by Replicators. They infest the Ha'tak, and furthermore, Apophis has brainwashed Teal'c, and is now working against his team.

Previously on Stargate SG-1

SG-1 and the Tok'ra are pushed to destroy Apophis once and for all after Tanith alerts him to Vorash. In order to destroy him, they plan to set the star to go supernova, by using the Stargate to dial P3W-451 and cause the sun to go critical. However, in the meantime, Tanith escapes, and Teal'c gets shot by a Jaffa and supposedly dies before he is taken by Tanith to present to Apophis. The sun successfully goes supernova, wiping out Apophis' fleet. However, after they exit hyperspace, SG-1 and Selmak/Jacob Carter realise that the supernova have caused the Ha'tak to travel 4 million light years to an Unnamed Galaxy, which will take them over 120 years to get back at top speed. Furthermore, it is also revealed Apophis' mothership has also survived.


With very little choice (weapons won't cause a dent to Apophis' mothership, and hyperdrives are offline), SG-1 and Selmak/Jacob Carter decide to make contact with Apophis in order not to get killed. However, Apophis shows no interest in what they are going to say, and even ignores their surrender, saying "Klavel ha," Goa'uld for "too late."

A mysterious ship attacks Apophis' mothership before it could destroy SG-1's Ha'tak.

Apophis charges up weapons, but takes a while in actually firing them, which makes the team feel uneasy. However, as the ship finally fires, they all miss the Ha'tak, and instead is trying to hit a second unidentified vessel. The ship's shield proves powerful, and even uses its weapons to block several shots, as well as firing back at Apophis. While Colonel O'Neill admires the people of the ship for fighting Apophis first, Jacob decides to retreat, since they have no idea if the aliens onboard the ship are hostile or not. He sets a course for the corona of the system's Blue giant, since its radiation can make them invisible to ship's sensors, but SG-1 would also be blind.

Another problem is that they have one hour until the radiation could become dangerous, so Jacob and Major Carter decide to fix the shields to buy them nine more hours. While they are repairing them, Carter won't stop thinking about the loss of Teal'c. After they switch the control crystals, the shields are back online. However, they discover another problem; the hyperdrive crystals are burnt, and with no spare crystals, they can't go into hyperspace. In the peltac, Doctor Jackson asks O'Neill what happened on Vorash. O'Neill is reluctant, but eventually explains they were ambushed by Jaffa, and Teal'c was shot in the back.

Meanwhile, in Stargate Command, a Tok'ra contingent arrives in the Gate Room. One of them introduces herself as councilwoman Ren'al. She informs General Hammond that the plan to wipe out Apophis' fleet worked, though they did find a one-man pod that traveled to Goa'uld-occupied territory, but the identity of the occupant is unknown for the time being. They also inform Hammond that they detected two distortions during the supernova, implying two ships may have escaped, though they are confident nobody would have survived, thinking SG-1 and Selmak were those people. Ren'al tells Hammond that whether they survived or not, their actions caused a power vacuum for the Goa'uld, and would be fighting each other for years to come. When they consider the team heroes, Hammond says to her; "you'll forgive me for holding out hope a little longer. SG-1 has a surprisingly good habit of beating the odds."

SG-1's Ha'tak in orbit over a blue giant.

The shields have almost become ineffective to the radiation, and Carter and Selmak are still unable to repair the hyperdrive, even retro-fitting other crystals doesn't work. With no alternative, they must risk leaving the coronasphere of the blue giant and face whoever may have survived. As they leave the coronasphere, they see that Apophis' ship is still around, but the other ship isn't. Fortunately, they notice no life signs onboard. They decide to take the opportunity to commandeer the ship, since it has faster hyperdrives and more advanced weapons and shields, so at the very least, they could retrieve the necessary control crystals.

However, as they enter the ship via the transportation rings, they hear a self-destruct counting down on four minutes. Jacob Carter plans to go into the peltac to shut it off, while Carter and O'Neill retrieve the crystals. On the way, they notice a group of dead Jaffa. Carter is distracted by a familiar noise. They both then see a Replicator scaling up a wall. O'Neill contacts Jacob on the radio and recommends pulling back. Jacob seems to agree with him; Replicators have taken over the peltac. With three minutes remaining, Carter still goes to find the crystals.


The Ha'tak attempts to outrun the implosion.

With one minute left, Jacob awaits Carter and O'Neill in the ring room. They have retrieved the crystals, but they're being chased by Replicators. They are able to ring back onboard the Ha'tak before being overrun by Replicators. With no time to fix the hyperdrive, Jackson pilots the ship with sublight engines to get as far away from Apophis' ship as possible. As it blows up, Jacob takes over control of the ship and transfers all power to the shields, despite believing they won't make it. Fortunately, the shields are powerful enough to protect the Ha'tak from the shockwave.

After the narrow escape, the Carters then start to utilise the newly acquired control crystals to repair the hyperdrive, which is a success. Their joy is short lived when Jackson calls for them, as he has detected something; a ship. When they arrive at the peltac, they pick up a Tel'tak on sensors. Believing they may have escaped the Replicator incursion, Selmak hails them. The individual who answers come to a surprise for the team; Teal'c. He reveals that since Tanith presented him to Apophis, he managed to have revived Teal'c in a sarcophagus, and after the Replicators attacked, him and a small number of Jaffa who supports the rebellion. They allow him to enter the ship.


Teal'c defects... to the wrong side.

Sometime later, SG-1 and Teal'c reunite. O'Neill runs to him and embrace. However, Teal'c gets hold of his sidearm and aims it at them, while other Jaffa train their zat'nik'tels at them as well. O'Neill and the team wonder what is going on. Just then, Apophis enters, who congratulates Teal'c, and informs him that he has resumed his rightful position as Apophis' First Prime.

While SG-1 are taken to an empty room, where O'Neill thinks Teal'c has a plan going, until he punches him in the face. He claims that he was in the service of Apophis all along for the past four years, and calls his four years with SG-1 "subterfuge;" out of all the times O'Neill's life was in danger, he wished him to die. The team realize that he has been brainwashed to serve Apophis again, much like what he did to his son, Rya'c. Teal'c listens to them no further, and locks them in the room. Fortunately, Jacob is still at large. O'Neill asks Carter to see if she could look around the control panel and make the doors open.

Teal'c and some of the others unload the cargo, including a sarcophagus and some crates. However, unknown to them, as they leave the room, the top of one crate starts to dissolve, meaning the Replicators have boarded the ship. Apophis examines his new peltac and despises the late Cronus' decoration sense. After a course for Delmak is plotted, Teal'c enters in his Jaffa armour and kneels down to Apophis. When he says that Selmak has eluded capture, Teal'c promises to take care of it personally.

In the room, Carter, despite not knowing what to do, fiddles around with the control panel. Just then, the doors opens, revealing Jacob, who is busting them out. Just as they are about to leave, they are stopped by Teal'c, who after telling O'Neill that he would become the host to his symbiote, "Junior", he shoots the control panel, before leaving them again. A few moments later, the ship unexpectedly drops out of hyperspace. As Teal'c investigates, he and his fellow Jaffa find the engine room swarming with Replicators.

The doors open partially on SG-1's cell. They then see a Replicator enter. Fortunately, it doesn't pay much attention to the team, as they don't pose them a threat, yet. They swiftly exit the room. Meanwhile, Teal'c informs Apophis the ship is infested with Replicators, and their weapons have proven to be useless. Apophis sends his Jaffa to protect him while he walks out of the peltac. However, they are cut off by Replicators. Apophis retreats back to the peltac, while the Jaffa stay back to fight the Replicators, but they all die in the process. Furthermore, Replicators make their way to the peltac.


Teal'c is wounded.

SG-1 arrive in a cargo room, and find a crate carrying several P90s. The team and Jacob arm themselves, and plan to go to the Tel'tak and escape the Ha'tak. Carter and O'Neill however, vow to get Teal'c back brainwashed or not. However, Teal'c and the rest of the Jaffa plan to use the Tau'ri weapons to dispatch the Replicators. Carter and O'Neill await in an ambush. O'Neill throws the shock grenade, and after exchanging weapons fire, all Jaffa but Teal'c are killed. After shooting a Replicator, he is at a vulnerable position; O'Neill has a clear shot. Teal'c refuses to surrender, and aims his Staff weapon at O'Neill, but O'Neill manages to wound him first. Fortunately, he is alive, and they send him back to the Tel'tak, where Jacob and Jackson are waiting. However, the Ha'tak enters hyperspace, preventing their escape.

The Carters discover that the Replicators are heading towards Delmak, the last set of co-ordinates Apophis entered. Also, the ship is going ten times faster than its normal top speed, and rising. Jacob think this is good news, since when the Replicators reach a critical number, they're going to need new resources, and Delmak sounds appetizing; they'd wipe out the Goa'uld and arrive home in no time. O'Neill points out this is far from good news, since they'd "eat" anything, and SG-1 can't let them get a foothold situation in the galaxy. Since they figured out Goa'uld computers from Apophis' mothership, they'd override the self-destruct very quickly. One alternative remains; the second the Ha'tak drops out of hyperspace, they'll destroy the deceleration control crystals, so the Ha'tak will fly helplessly to the planet's surface, destroying it, and the Replicators, like what they did with the Biliskner two years ago. Since they would also deactivate the C-4 timer, Carter proposes a close range fire burst from a P90, though the engine room is bound to be "bug central." With the ship going 800 times faster than normal top speed, they have little time.

"That, is a big bug."

Jacob is in the Tel'tak on the cargo bay, while Carter, Jackson and O'Neill head to the engine room, where they find a giant-beetle Replicator, which is powering the hyperdrive. They open a panel, and wait. Moments later, the Ha'tak drops out of hyperspace over Delmak. As the giant Replicator powers down. O'Neill fires his P90 at the crystals, instantly destroying it. The Replicators retaliate by sending a wave of Replicators. SG-1 retreats, while taking turns firing. On the way, their exit is blocked, so they shoot their way through to the rings. However, as they arrive, the Replicators override the hatch controls, and begins to close. Fortunately, they are able to leave before it completely closes.

The Ha'tak is drifting helplessly towards the planet. In the peltac, the Replicators crawl over Apophis' personal shield. With defeat imminent, Apophis screams in defiance. The Ha'tak falls straight to the surface, causing a mass of destruction, as well as the death of the evil Apophis once and for all. SG-1 watches the destruction, while O'Neill checks up on Teal'c. Jacob warns him that he has his body back, but getting his mind back will not be as easy. Teal'c informs O'Neill he will not succumb to torture, but O'Neill insists he won't and apologizes for shooting him, before telling him that Apophis is dead. However, Teal'c doesn't believe him. "Gods cannot be killed," says Teal'c brusquely.


Alpha Gate; Ancient Greek; Apophis; Apophis' mothership; Biliskner; Blue giant; Brainwashing; C-4; Cheyenne Mountain; Control crystal; Cronus' Ha'tak; Delmak; Embarkation room; First Prime; Foothold situation; General's office; Goa'uld; Ha'tak; Host; Hyperdrive; Hyperspace; Jaffa; Jaffa Rebellion; Junior; M9 pistol; "Nemesis"; P90 submachine gun; Peltac; Radiation; Replicator; Replicator patrol ship; Rya'c; Sarcophagus; Self-destruct; Sensor; Shield; Shock grenade; Sokar; Staff weapon; Stargate; Stargate Command; Sublight engine; Symbiote; Tel'tak; Thor; Tok'ra; Transportation rings; Unnamed Galaxy; Vorash; Vorash's sun; Zat'nik'tel

Notable quotes

O'Neill: I'm enjoying their style. Shoot first, send flowers later. It works.

Jacob: We're not going to make it!!
Sometime later, the Ha'tak vessel narrowly avoids the destruction of Apophis' mothership
Jacob: That was close.
O'Neill: I believe someone said... we're not going to make it.
Jacob: Sam, let's get the hyperdrive running.
O'Neill: Excuse me. I distinctly remember someone saying... "We're not gonna make it!" I think we made it.
Jacob: I'm sorry, I over reacted. At the time, it looked very much like we weren't going to make it.
O'Neill: Yes, well, maybe next time you'll just wait and see.
Jacob: And blow the last chance I might ever have to be right?
O'Neill: What?
Carter: Welcome to my life.

Selmak/Jacob: I am Selmak of the Tok'ra, commander of this ship.
O'Neill: You know, we really should talk about this commander thing.

Jackson: Come on Teal'c, you don't really think that you're still First Prime of Apophis?
Teal'c: I have never ceased to be in the service of my god.
O'Neill: All right, that's sounding a little brainwashy.

O'Neill: Come on, you and I together have taken down half a dozen Goa'ulds.
Teal'c: Enemies of Apophis.
O'Neill: And we kicked his ass twice! Hell, you sat around and watched him die once.

O'Neill: Come on Teal'c. A part of you has to know the truth.
Teal'c: The truth is you are a prisoner of Apophis. When the symbiote that I carry matures, you will become its host.
O'Neill: OK, I meant the other truth.

O'Neill: That is a big, bug

Background notes

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  • While the Replicators in earlier episodes were always spider-like, this episodes introduces them in several new insect-forms.


  • This episode marks the final death of Apophis, though actor Peter Williams returns in several later episodes to reprise his role in flashbacks, hallucinations, and alternate realities.

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