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The [[supernova]] causes [[SG-1]] and [[Apophis]]' ships to jump 4 million light years. SG-1 hides from Apophis, but after coming out again, they find [[Apophis' mothership]] completely abandoned. It is discovered Apophis and his [[Jaffa]] fled the ship after it is taken over by [[Replicator]]s. They infest the Ha'tak, and furthermore, Apophis has brainwashed [[Teal'c]], and is now working against his team.
Having been left stranded in an unknown galaxy, SG-1 and Jacob Carter desperately search for a means to get home, only for their problems to greatly increase when they learn that Apophis has arrived. In addition to dealing with Apophis, the team must also deal with the Replicators and also face a new danger in the form of Teal'c who has become Apophis' First Prime once again, effectively turning against SG-1. With time running out, SG-1 must save Teal'c and stop both the Replicators and Apophis once and for all.
==Previously on ''Stargate SG-1''==
==Previously on ''Stargate SG-1''==
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