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"Endgame" is the tenth episode of the eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


Earth's Stargate goes missing after it is beamed away. Outside Earth, the Alpha Site loses contact with Earth and suspects something is wrong, while Teal'c finds out that every Jaffa on a planet is killed with no signs of battle. The rest of the team discover that The Trust is responsible for the missing Stargate.

Previously on Stargate SG-1Edit

The Tok'ra create a poison that only kills Symbiotes. Osiris was in possession of Asgard transporter technology. The Trust stops Alec Colson from making the Stargate public knowledge and blackmails Dr. Daniel Jackson into translating Ancient text.


When the Stargate disappears from the Embarkation room in Stargate Command, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson investigate while Teal'c is on an offworld mission to negotiate with rebel Jaffa.

Having received a "Do Not Proceed" response to his IDC, Teal'c travels to the Alpha site, where he discovers that they can't contact Earth either. Teal'c decides to return to P4S-161 to get a Jaffa Tel'tak to travel back to Earth. But when he arrives, he finds an entire Jaffa army lying dead without a mark on their bodies.

Daniel and Carter trace the adapted Asgard beams to a warehouse and make a shocking discovery. The warehouse contains missiles and a nerve gas. When investigating the warehouse they are attacked by a member of The Trust and a number of the nerve gas capsules are smashed. Daniel and Carter believe death to be only a matter of seconds away and are shocked when they remain alive.

At the Alpha site, Teal'c and other Jaffa are outraged by the attack and believe it must be the work of the Tok'ra using the Symbiote poison. Colonel Ben Pierce points out that the start of attacks coincided with the Earth's Stargate going offline. Teal'c and rebel Jaffa M'zel decide to seek out a nearby Tok'ra on a deep cover mission to find out what is going on.

Their attacker in the warehouse won't talk but he was carrying an Area 51 ID card. Daniel and Carter go to investigate and find the captured Goa'uld/Asgard beaming gauntlet present and in working order. Dr. Hugh Bricksdale, the scientist investigating it insists that they have never been able to make it work and that it had not been removed from the site.

Bricksdale meets with Hoskins of The Trust and expresses his disquiet at what he had been made to do. Carter, Daniel and an armed response team arrive and pursue Hoskins on foot. Carter manages to shoot him with a Zat'nik'tel and while investigating his pockets she accidentally activates the Asgard beaming device and finds herself as well as the Trust agent beamed aboard a cloaked Goa'uld vessel in lunar orbit. She is instantly stunned by a Trust member bearing a Zat.

Teal'c and M'zel allow themselves to be captured in order to meet with Zarin, the Tok'ra posing as the head of the Jaffa garrison. They're taken before her and she expresses her anger as they have risked exposing her as a Tok'ra.

Daniel interrogates Bricksdale and he only breaks when Daniel informs him that the SGC will allow him to keep the two million dollars the Trust have paid into his Cayman Islands account. The scientist reveals that the Goa'uld device worked and that he had transported to the vessel in orbit. The Trust now have several devices that allow them to transport to the vessel. He agrees to fix the original device for Daniel.

Carter awakes to find the Trust preparing to fire a nerve gas missile at another planet. She argues with them about the morality of their actions stating that millions of innocent Jaffa will die. The Trust do not accept her argument and press on with their attack.

While arguing with the Tok'ra about the attacks, a rocket engine can be heard in the background. Teal'c immediately realizes that they are under attack from the anti-Goa'uld weapon but he is prevented from leaving... and then suddenly is the only one left alive on the planet.

Daniel prepares to beam up to the vessel and argues with Brigadier General Jack O'Neill about his plan. O'Neill considers the idea insane and Daniel wonders out loud where who learned to consider insane plans from. The Prometheus begins to search for the Goa'uld vessel.

Carter continues to argue with the Trust about the morality of their actions but they refuse to listen to her. They ask her to offer up 'harder' targets for them to hit if she is so concerned about innocents being killed. She refuses.

Daniel disables the cloak on the vessel and the Prometheus closes in. The Trust see that their cloak has failed and they head off to try to fix it or go into hyperspace. Daniel sneaks around the ship to try and shut down the hyperdrive. He is zatted and captured.

The Prometheus closes in and requests orders from General O'Neill. They have had no signal from Daniel and believe the hyperdrive is still working. They request orders to attack. O'Neill is torn and does not want to order an attack on a vessel containing SG-1.

The Trust prepare to hyperdrive away from Earth. They turn on Daniel and Carter and prepare to kill them. Suddenly the Stargate starts to dial in and when the wormhole bursts out Carter and Daniel take advantage of the situation to attack.

While fighting the Trust, Daniel and Carter hear Teal'c radio through for clearance. They scream at him to come through and he does just in time, killing Hoskins who had them in his sights. SG-1 signals the Prometheus to beam them and the Stargate out. They make it just as the Trust go into Hyperspace.

The Stargate is returned to its rightful position and devices are placed around it to prevent it from being beamed out again. O'Neill does not seem happy with having to make big decisions.


Alpha Site; Ancient language; Anubis; Area 51; Asgard; Asgard transporter; Ba'al; Cayman Islands; Cell phone; Cloak; Coffee; Alec Colson; DNA; Earth's Moon; Fort Knox; Goa'uld; Harris; Kevin Hartkans; President Henry Hayes; Jaffa Rebellion; Kara kesh; Locator beacon; Naquadah; National Security Agency; NID; Osiris; Osiris' Al'kesh; P3S-114; P4S-161; P5R-357; Prometheus; Shol'va; Symbiote poison; Tel'tak; Tok'ra; The Trust

Notable QuotesEdit

Mackenzie: Let me ask you something. This late at night, there's not that many people around. Do you get the urge to just dial up the Gate and check out another planet, just for a few minutes?
Harriman: That'd be no.
Mackenzie: Yeah. Me... me neither.

Mackenzie: The Gate's gone.
Harriman: I can see that.
Mackenzie: Are we going to get in trouble for this?

Jackson: Is it just me or does that look like an Asgard beam.
Carter: It does. Which makes no sense. Why would they take our Gate?
O'Neill: Yeah. Usually they ask nicely before they ignore us and do whatever they damn well please.

Jackson: What's this?
Carter: Methyl Phosphonofluoridic acid.
Jackson: Which is?
Carter: Nerve gas.
Jackson: Ok, putting it back.

Carter: I think the Trust intends to launch a full-scale chemical attack on the Goa'uld. Without any regard for the millions of Jaffa lives that would be lost in the process.
O'Neill: So they didn't get the memo.

Hoskins: This position's compromised. We need to get out of here now.
Brooks: Yes sir.
Jennings: What about them?
Hoskins: We can't take them with us.
Jackson: I don't mind going for a little ride.
Carter: Me neither.


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  • When Teal'c returns through the gate to the planet, one of the dead Jaffa can be seen breathing. After that M'zel comes and tells that everyone were all dead when he had arrived.
  • After Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter shoots Hoskins with a Zat'nik'tel, her Zat closes without the usual sound.
  • One of Zarin's Jaffa refers to the Stargate as "the Gate" rather than "the Chappa'ai."
  • At around 13:47 mark, the scene where Area 51 is shown is actually old footage from the first time SG-1 arrived at Area 51 in the episode "Touchstone". The then Major Albert Reynolds can be seen going down the stairs on the right hand side of the screen.
  • In the Act 1 interview scene, CMSgt. Walter Harriman addresses Dr. Daniel Jackson as 'sir', even though Jackson is consistently portrayed as remaining a civilian throughout his time with the Stargate Program and has never been shown to have any sort of military rank or operational authority within the SGC. On the other hand, this may be intentional to show that Walter is distressed and deferential, 'sir-ing' Daniel even though he doesn't really have to.
    • "Sir" is an address of respect, it is not an issue of Jackson outranking him. Especially true amongst the enlisted ranks, it is common courtesy to address civilians as "sir" or "ma'am." When you also consider Jackson's role and history in the SGC, it would be terribly disrespectful to not call him sir when not addressing him by name.
    • It is also common for important civilians working inside the military to hold a kind of "honorary rank", often commissioned, without having actually been promoted through the ranks (e. g. Captain "Hawkeye" Pierce on M. A. S. H.). This also serves to give them command authorities over enlisted personnel when the need arises. I have always wondered, why Teal'c and Dr. Jackson have not been given such ranks.
  • There was no real reason to decide between destroying the Al'kesh and letting it go, as SG-1 was on board. They could have simply accessed the bridge and stopped the ship from entering hyperspace, or if late they could have flown it back to Earth. They had a Zat to accomplish such an attack against a single Trust agent. The acquisition of the Al'kesh would have been worth the minimal risk.
    • On the other hand, SG 1 may not have known for sure there was only a single Trust agent. Or the agent in the control room could have sealed bulkheads to trap SG1 or vented the air to kill them. Finally the Al'kesh could have been making a jump into a hazardous situation (which happens almost invariably in the SG universe despite being statistically highly improbable IRL where space is nearly entirely empty).

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  • French: Sans Pitié (Without Mercy)
  • Italian: Fine Del Gioco (Endgame)
  • Spanish: Fin Del Juego (Endgame)
  • Czech: Konec hry (Game Over)
  • German: End spiel (Endgame)
  • Hungarian: Végjáték (Endgame)
  • Russian: Конец игры (Game Over)

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