Elson was the leader of a village of 600-700 people on Elson's planet in the Pegasus galaxy that took in the people of Balar, survivors of the Hoffan plague.



In 2008, he was confronted by a Wraith Commander and was told he must give up the Balarians, or the people of his village would be killed. He sympathized with the Balarians and accepted Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's offer to relocate the entire village to another planet. Some members of his council (like Renni) agreed with his decision, while others (like Jervis) were willing to give up the Balarians for the promise of freedom from the Wraith. When Jervis took matters into his own hands and led a group of Balarians to the Wraith, Elson had him jailed.

Later, Elson led Jervis to believe the remainder of the Balarians were hiding inside the nearby mine, when in reality, Jervis was leading the Wraith into a trap. The people of Elson's village, as well as the refugees from Balar were able to escape through the Stargate to Atlantis with Sheppard's team. He and his people have since been relocated to a new planet. (SGA: "Outsiders")


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