"I've heard of her. She's, um, an expert in international politics. She, er, she mediates top level negotiations for the UN. I actually referenced some of her work when I drafted the first treaty with the Tok'ra."
Daniel Jackson

Elizabeth Weir was an American diplomat, the first civilian commander of Stargate Command and the original commander of the Atlantis expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy.


Background information

Before becoming involved with the Stargate program, Weir was a skilled civilian diplomat who worked behind the scenes in the U.S. government for several years. An expert in international politics, Weir was well-known for mediating for the United Nations. She brokered a dozen of the most sensitive international accords in modern history. She has two Ph.D.s, taught political science at Georgetown University, served in embassies all over the world and speaks five languages, including Russian and Latin. Though she began her career as a political activist lobbying against government spending on the military, she later decided to change things from the inside and entered the realm of government. She concluded that the best way to stop weapons proliferation was to try and end the need for them. Dr. Daniel Jackson referenced her work while drafting the Tau'ri-Tok'ra Treaty. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1", "Lost City, Part 2")


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Commanders of Stargate Command

Major General George S. Hammond (1997-2000)

Major General Henry Bauer (2000)

Major General George S. Hammond (2000-2004)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir (2004)

Brigadier General Jack O'Neill (2004-2005)

Major General Henry Landry (2005-201?)

Brigadier General Samantha Carter (201?-)

She was handpicked by President Henry Hayes to replace Major General George S. Hammond at Stargate Command, as part of his restructuring of the program. Hayes indicated that her diplomatic background, and ideological problems with the military, would make her both an effective leader of the SGC and a suitable public face for the program if and when it was made public. Vice President Robert Kinsey also attempted to manipulate Weir as part of his own agenda, and the circumstances of her arrival led some members of SG-1 initially to distrust her. She allowed Colonel Jack O'Neill to go to Proclarush Taonas in search of the Lost City of the Ancients. In the ensuing confrontation with Anubis, however, she rebuffed Kinsey and made a good impression on the staff at the SGC, and seems to have struck a very quick friendship with Dr. Jackson. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1", "Lost City, Part 2")

For most of her tenure, travel through the Stargate was discontinued as part of Hayes' reorganization, though Major Samantha Carter did convince Weir to authorize a mission to the Othala galaxy using a recovered Goa'uld Tel'tak, so that Carter and Teal'c could seek help from the Asgard in saving the life of Colonel Jack O'Neill. Shortly afterward, the System Lords contacted Stargate Command for help in defeating Ba'al; Weir and Dr. Daniel Jackson entered into negotiations with them. In order to prevent the System Lords from suspecting Earth's vulnerability, she attempted to stall the talks, to the point of demanding Ba'al's territory in exchange for helping defeat him. The attempt failed, but she did grant political asylum to Camulus, whose domain had already been destroyed and released Yu and Amaterasu. After SG-1 returned from saving O'Neill, she informed him that she would be transferring to the Antarctic outpost as leader of the Atlantis expedition and that he was being promoted to Brigadier General and commander of Stargate Command. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1", "New Order, Part 2")

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Commanders of the Atlantis expedition
Dr. Elizabeth Weir (2004-2007)

Colonel Samantha Carter (2007-2008)
Richard Woolsey (2008-Present)

Weir soon departed Stargate Command to focus on negotiations over the Ancient outpost in Antarctica, eventually organizing an expedition team to explore the lost city of Atlantis. After Major John Sheppard was easily able to use the Control chair, she insisted that he be included despite Brigadier General Jack O'Neill's questions about his record. Before leaving, she made a goodbye video for behind her fiancé, Dr. Simon Wallis. Before attempting a connection to Atlantis, she gave the expedition a speech and one last opportunity to change their minds. After the dialing was successful and the MALP indicated it was clear, she joined Colonel Marshall Sumner on the first team through the Stargate. Upon arriving, Sumner informed her that the city was underwater. When Dr. Rodney McKay discovered that power levels were dangerously low, she had Sumner order all search teams back to Stargate Operations. With a catastrophic failure emanate, she had Sumner and Sheppard take a team to find a place to evacuate to. When Sheppard returned with Athosian refugees, Atlantis released itself from the ocean floor and surfaced. When Sheppard wanted to launch a rescue mission, she initially refused until he proved he could fly the Puddle Jumper. When they returned and she was informed that Sumner was killed, she told Sheppard to choose the members of his team as he was now the ranking military officer. (SGA: "Rising")

When Jinto accidentally released the Shadow creature, she ordered the Naquadah generators to be shut down so the creature could not feed on them. When Teyla Emmagan came up with the idea of allowing the creature to go through the Stargate to M4X-337, she authorized the plan. (SGA: "Hide and Seek")

When Major John Sheppard's team dialed Atlantis and reported an Iratus bug had attached itself to Sheppard, she was concerned about bringing it to Atlantis but Lt. Aiden Ford told her they had no choice because they were unable to remove it. When their Puddle Jumper became lodged in the Stargate, she assembled a team of scientists including Dr. Peter Kavanagh, Dr. Simpson, Dr. Peter Grodin and Dr. Radek Zelenka to find a way to retract the drive pods. When Kavanagh was concerned about an overload in the Jumpers systems, she told him to care more about the people trapped and less about himself. After Dr. Rodney McKay was able to retract the drive pod and Ford blew the rear hatch to propel the Jumper through the gate, she checked on Sheppard in the infirmary. (SGA: "Thirty-Eight Minutes")

When Major John Sheppard's team encountered the Wraith for the fifth time in nine missions, she concluded there must be a spy in the city. She set up new security protocols that restricted the movement of the Athosians and set up personal interviews with all the Athosians. During a Puddle Jumper exploration of Lantea, Sheppard and Lt. Aiden Ford discovered the mainland. When Halling approached her to be allowed to move to the mainland, she was surprised they would cut themselves off from the Stargate. When the team encountered the Wraith on their first mission, Sgt. Bates accused Teyla Emmagan of working with the Wraith and had Dr. Rodney McKay search her belongings. He found the necklace that Sheppard had found in the Athosian caves and discovered it was a Wraith transmitter designed to detect Ancients. She approved a mission back to that planet to capture a Wraith which was successful. (SGA: "Suspicion")

When Dr. Rodney McKay brought the Zero Point Module from M7G-677 to Atlantis with the hopes of keeping it and evacuating the villagers, she refused and made him take it back and reinstall it. (SGA: "Childhood's End")

When Major John Sheppard's team met the Hoffans, she approved allowing Dr. Carson Beckett to help them with their drug to fight the Wraith. When Sheppard wanted to test the drug on Steve, she was hesitant because the Geneva Convention prohibits experiments on prisoners but Sheppard convinced her that it was the right course of action. (SGA: "Poisoning the Well")

When Major John Sheppard's team came to an agreement with the Genii to trade C-4 and medical supplies for food, she was hesitant to give another society weapons. When it was discovered that the Genii were in fact an advanced society working on Nuclear warheads, she was angered by Sheppard's agreement to help them build their bombs but agreed after Sheppard insistence that they need allies. When the Genii betrayed them, she had Dr. Peter Grodin access the Wraith data storage device and they discovered there were 60 Wraith Hive ships in the galaxy. (SGA: "Underground")

After the discovery of M5S-224's powerful atmosphere, she traveled to Earth with Dr. Rodney McKay to brief Stargate Command on the situation in the Pegasus galaxy. She visited Dr. Simon Wallis and spent time with her dog Sedgewick. While preparing to return, there was an accident aboard the Prometheus and she was unable to return to Atlantis. Fortunately, this was all an allusion created by the inhabitants of the planet and he never left Pegasus. (SGA: "Home")

During a trip to the mainland , Major John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan discovered a storm approaching Atlantis. Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Radek Zelenka came up with a plan to use lightning to power Atlantis' shield. She uncoupled one of the four Grounding stations and returned to Stargate Operations when an incoming wormhole was received. The incoming party was a Genii strike team under the command of Commander Acastus Kolya. Kolya took her and McKay hostage and forced her to turn over the Wraith data storage device and their supply of C-4 and medicines. After McKay was forced to tell Kolya the plan to save Atlantis, they were forced to repair the damaged grounding station. After finishing repairs they returned to Stargate Operations and tried to fake the activation of the shield to force Kolya to abandon the city. Kolya decides to evacuate but plans to take her and McKay with them. As they approach the gate Sheppard and Lt. Aiden Ford storm Stargate Operations and free her and McKay. McKay then activates the shield and stops the wave from destroying the city. (SGA: "The Storm", "The Eye")

When Major John Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay, Dr. Brendan Gall and Dr. Abrams went on a mission to the Lagrangian Point satellite, they detected a distress call from a near by planet. She was hesitant to allow them to investigate but agreed. When they lost contact with Atlantis, she sent a team led by Lt. Aiden Ford on a rescue mission. (SGA: "The Defiant One")


While surveying the formally flooded sections of Atlantis for structural damage, a team of scientists were exposed to an Ancient nanovirus. She sent Dr. Carson Beckett and a medical team in Hazmat suits to assist and quarantined the city. When Dr. Peterson breached quarantine, Major John Sheppard asked to be released from the gym to stop him but she refused. He then ordered Sgt. Bates to open the gym doors. Sheppard and Teyla put on Hazmat suits and are able to find Peterson. He ran for a transporter and Sheppard shot him but not before he entered the transporter and transported to the Mess hall. Once he entered the mess hall the cities senors detected the virus and the city entered a quarantine lockdown. Once Sheppard and Teyla realized they could move through the city because of their hazmat suits, Teyla headed for the mess hall to calm everyone down and Sheppard went to McKay's lab. Fortunately, Sheppard was able to overload a Naquadah generator, causing an electromagnetic pulse, which deactivated the nanites. (SGA: "Hot Zone")

When Major John Sheppard's team brought Chaya Sar to Atlantis, she tried to convince her to allow them to use Proculus as a refugee sanctuary. When Dr. Rodney McKay scanned Chaya and discovered she was an Ascended Ancient, Chaya explained that she could not protect anyone other then the People of Proculus as punishment for interfering with the lower planes. (SGA: "Sanctuary")

While searching Atlantis, Major John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan and Lt. Aiden Ford found a room with a women preserved in a Stasis pod. Dr. Carson Beckett was reluctant to revive the woman as she was near death but she overruled him. After reviving her it is discovered that she is an alternate Elizabeth Weir. The alternate Weir explained her story and provided them with a list of five planets with known Zero Point Modules. After The alternate Weir died of old age, she poured her ashes over the city in a pot that Major John Sheppard had gotten her that day as a birthday present. (SGA: "Before I Sleep")

When Major John Sheppard's team went to Dagan to search for a Zero Point Module, Dr. Radek Zelenka discovered the cities Long range sensors and a Wraith Dart heading for the city. She ordered three Puddle Jumpers to intercept it. After the first Jumper piloted by Sgt. Markham and Smith was shot down the other two chased it around the city until it self-destructed. Zelenka determined that the Dart transmitted info and directed the senors to that region of space. He detected three Hive ships heading to Atlantis. (SGA: "The Brotherhood")

With three Wraith Hive ships on their way to Atlantis, Dr. Rodney McKay figured a way to send a message back to Earth through the Stargate. She had Lt. Aiden Ford record personal messages for the rest of the expedition and she recorded one for Dr. Simon Wallis telling him to move on. She also recorded messages for the families of the deceased members of the expedition but allowed Major John Sheppard record one for Colonel Marshall Sumner's family. (SGA: "Letters from Pegasus")

When Major John Sheppard's team traveled to an unnamed planet, they discovered a Wraith Lab that belonged to a Wraith Scientist that experimented on Teyla Emmagan's ancestors. They discovered a Wraith data storage device and brought it back to Atlantis. She was able to translate the Wraith language and discovered that the Wraith Scientist was splicing Wraith DNA into Humans and Teyla has a small amount of Wraith DNA in her genetic makeup. Teyla then tried to tap into the Wraith telepathic network and connected with a Wraith on the approaching Hive ship. When the Wraith began to feed on someone, she ordered Dr. Carson Beckett to pull her out. Teyla insisted on going back in and was taken over by the Wraith and Beckett pulled her out. While under Wraith control, Teyla gave the position of the Alpha Site and it was attacked. Teyla wanted to back again because she was close to finding out the Wraith battle plan. She agreed and she was taken over again and had to be stunned by Sgt. Bates. When Teyla awoke, she told them that the Wraith were coming to Atlantis to get to Earth. (SGA: "The Gift")

With three Wraith Hive ships on their way to Atlantis, she sent Dr. Rodney McKay, Dr. Peter Grodin and Lt. Lou Miller to try to repair the Lagrangian Point satellite and Major John Sheppard, Lt. Aiden Ford and Teyla Emmagan to search for a new Alpha Site. On a mission to M1M-316 Sheppard's team encountered a Dinosaur like creature and had to evacuate. When Dr. Radek Zelenka expressed concern about the self-destruct not being effective enough, she ordered him to find a way to erase the Atlantis database. He came up with a computer virus that would destroy the data and possibly infect the Wraith systems if they tried to access it. She asked him to find a way to back up the data on portable hard drives but was frustrated that only 9% could be taken. When the Hive approached the satellite, McKay radioed their progress to her. They were successful in destroying on of the Hives but the other to destroyed the satellite with Grodin aboard. With the two Hives still on their way, she ordered an evacuation. As they were leaving, they received an incoming wormhole from Earth. A team of Marines led by Colonel Dillon Everett came through the Stargate. He informed her that he was taking command and his mission was to defend Atlantis until the Daedalus powered by a Zero Point Module arrives in four days. When Everett ordered Sheppard to contact the Alpha Site and recall all military personnel, she asked him to wait until she was briefed on the plan. During the first wave, she was on the balcony of Stargate Operations and was nearly killed by an exploding Wraith Dart. After Sheppard came up with an idea to remote control a Puddle Jumper, she traveled to the Genii homeworld to trade for two Genii A-bombs. Once she arrived, she was taken hostage by Prenum who intended on trading C-4 for her release but she was able to convince him to trade the A-bombs and returned to Atlantis. When the Mark II Naquadah generator was depleted and there was no way to remote control the Jumper, she allowed Sheppard to pilot the Jumper with the nuke himself. Fortunately, the Daedalus was able to beam him out of the Jumper before the nuke destroyed the Hive. Colonel Steven Caldwell the commander of the Daedalus beamed down the ZPM and she had McKay take it to the ZPM room. After the Daedalus destroyed the last Hive, the remaining Darts headed for the city but McKay was able to raise Atlantis' shield and they impacted the shield. After the remaining Wraith in the city were killed, she was informed that twelve more Hives were on their way. She then approved of Sheppard's plan to take the Daedalus to the Hives next hyperspace exit and take the fight to them. After the plan failed and the Daedalus suffered damaged, she approved the plan to cloak the city. In order to stop the Wraith from firing on the shield, Teyla connected with them and relayed their intention to destroy the city. The Wraith stopped firing and they faked a self-destruct by detonating a nuclear warhead above the shield and cloaked the city. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 1", "The Siege, Part 2", "The Siege, Part 3")

After the siege, the senior staff of Atlantis returned to Earth though the Stargate. She helped pick the new members of the expedition as well as rejected Major General Henry Landry's insistence that the expedition be assigned a new military leader. She insisted that Major John Sheppard stay in command and forced them to promote him to Lt. Colonel. She also attempted to convince Dr. Simon Wallis to join the expedition but he declined because he had taken her advice and moved on. On the trip back to Atlantis on the Daedalus, Dr. Monroe was found dead. She attempted to convince Colonel Steven Caldwell to drop out of hyperspace but he refused. When Dr. Rodney McKay discovered that a Wraith computer virus was responsible, she worked with McKay and Hermiod to eradicate the virus. When they returned to Atlantis, Dr. Radek Zelenka gave her a report on all the systems that have been activated by the installation of the Zero Point Module. (SGA: "The Intruder")

When Major Evan Lorne and Dr. Parrish were exploring P3M-736, they came across a Wraith corpse. Lorne sent the body back to Atlantis and Dr. Carson Beckett discovered the enzyme sack had been removed. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard recognized that Lt. Aiden Ford was responsible and took his team and Lorne's team to the planet to search for him. When they returned without Ford but with the Runner Ronon Dex, she sent a MALP to Sateda but the whole world was destroyed. (SGA: "Runner")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard offered Ronon Dex a place on his team, she was initially hesitant but ultimately agreed. (SGA: "Duet")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team did not return on schedule from their mission to Olesia, she and Major Evan Lorne's team came to investigate. They met with the Olesian Magistrate and he sent out search teams. When they found the crashed Puddle Jumper and it shot a Wraith cruiser with a Drone weapon, she informed Sheppard that two more cruisers were inbound. Sheppard instructed her to dial one of the back up planets to the Alpha Site. She then dials Atlantis and the team along with Eldon escape the planet. (SGA: "Condemned")

When Dr. Collins was killed during a test of Project Arcturus, she shut the project down despite Dr. Rodney McKay's insistence that he could make it work. When McKay convinced Lt. Colonel John Sheppard to try again, Sheppard talked her into restarting the project. When the weapon overloaded and destroyed the Doranda system, she admonished McKay for his arrogance. (SGA: "Trinity")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard returned from Zaddik's homeworld to consult with Dr. Carson Beckett on Ellia, she allowed Beckett to go to the planet to test Zaddik's serum and try to prefect the Iratus bug retrovirus. When Sheppard was fed on by Ellia and Beckett discovered that he was infected by the retrovirus and began to change into a creature like Ellia, she confined him to the his quarters. When Beckett came up with a plan to use Iratus bug embryonic stem sells to replace Sheppard's mutating cells, she sent a team to a planet with Iratus bugs but they were unable to get close enough to get any eggs without the bugs attacking. Beckett then realized that Sheppard was producing pheromones and could enter the cave unharmed. Sheppard succeeded in gathering the eggs and Beckett developed a cure. (SGA: "Instinct", "Conversion")

When Dr. Rodney McKay found the Ancient ship Aurora, she convinced Colonel Steven Caldwell to take Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team to it's location aboard the Daedalus. (SGA: "Aurora")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team went missing, she sent Major Evan Lorne's team to the planet to search for them. When Lorne found no sign of them, she sent Dr. Radek Zelenka to retrieve the last gate addresses from the Dial Home Device. She then sent all available teams to the planets on the list. When Dr. Rodney McKay was able to escape from Ford's planet and Dr. Carson Beckett was able to save him from Wraith enzyme withdrawal, she sent the Daedalus to Edowin to rescue the rest of the team. (SGA: "The Lost Boys", "The Hive")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was trapped in a Time dilation field on an unnamed planet, she joined the team to rescue him. After Dr. Rodney McKay used a probe to find the location of the Zero Point Module, they entered the field and retrieved Sheppard. (SGA: "Epiphany")

When Stargate Command informed the Atlantis expedition that The Trust planted a bomb in Atlantis, she ordered a search of the city. Later, Dr. Rodney McKay discovered there was no actual bomb but the failsafes from the Zero Point Module had been removed and could not be re-enabled because they were password protected. When the Daedalus arrived, she began to interrogate the crew. Her prime suspect was Dr. Peter Kavanagh and despite her reservations she allowed Ronon Dex to attempted to get the code out of him. Fortunately, Kavanagh fainted before Ronon even touched him. When McKay and Lt. Laura Cadman discovered that Colonel Steven Caldwell's password was used to remove the failsafes, she, Ronon and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard confronted him. The Goa'uld inside him revealed itself and she left the room. Ronon attacked him and threw him to the ground. Sheppard then shot him with a tazer forcing the Goa'uld to lose control and Caldwell told them the code. After the failsafes were re-enabled, she believed that she crossed the line with Kavanagh but Sheppard told her she did what she had to. (SGA: "Critical Mass")

When a Puddle Jumper containing Dr. Rodney McKay and Captain Hugh Griffin crashed into the ocean, she organized a team of scientists including Dr. Radek Zelenka, Dr. Bryce and Dr. Donaldson. Once they determined the Jumper's location, she sent Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Zelenka in a rescue Jumper. (SGA: "Grace Under Pressure")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard returned from a mission to the Lord Protector's Planet, he informed her that he was able to trade medical supplies for their Puddle Jumpers and Drone weapons. (SGA: "The Tower")


After Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team discovered two stasis pods in orbit in the Kohal system. When she approached the pod, she was hit in the head with an energy beam and collapsed. When she awoke the consciousness of the pods inhabitant was transferred into her body. She explained that her name was Phoebus and the imprinting was temporary. Phoebus convinced Sheppard to allow the consciousness of her husband Thalan to enter him so she could say goodbye. After Thalan was transferred, Phoebus attacked Thalan and chased him through the city. After she was captured and the imprinting wore off, she awoke in the infirmary and apologized for anything she might have said or done. (SGA: "The Long Goodbye")

When Major Evan Lorne's team were thought to have died on M1K-177, she assigned Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex to head the investigation. Later, when Ladon Radim contacted Atlantis, she allowed him to come to Atlantis and he offered them a Zero Point Module for a supply of weapons so he could complete a coup d'etat against Cowen. She decided to inform Cowen instead in order to keep the lose alliance that was formed during the siege. When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay returned and discovered the planet where Ladon was keeping the ZPM, she approved a mission lure several of Ladon's men to Atlantis to deplete his forces and use a strike team to steal the ZPM. After Ronon and Teyla returned from 177 with a set of photographs of several Atlantis expedition personnel, she determined the personnel all possessed the Ancient Technology Activation gene. When Dr. Carson Beckett examined the bodies of Lorne's team, he discovered they were not Atlantis personnel but Genii. She realized that the strike team was about to be ambushed and tried to contact them but was contacted by Cowen who informed her that he had captured the team and would kill them starting with Sheppard if she did not give him all their Puddle Jumpers. Fortunately, Ladon was planning a coup and released them for the release and treatment of his sister Dahlia Radim. (SGA: "Coup D'etat")

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team captured a Wraith, later to be known as Michael Kenmore and tested the Iratus bug retrovirus on him. When he discovered his true nature, she had him taken to the Alpha Site but he escaped and returned to the Wraith. (SGA: "Michael")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team made contact with the Taranians, she traveled to Taranis to speak with Chancellor Lycus about forming an alliance and possibly using the Ancient ship Orion. When the supervolcano on Taranis was about to erupt, she and Lycus traveled to Atlantis to receive refugees. When the Stargate fell into the lava, she sent the Daedalus to evacuate the population. Later, Dr. Radek Zelenka informed her that the cities Long range sensors had detected a single Wraith Hive ship. (SGA: "Inferno")

A few weeks later, Michael Kenmore brought a Hive Ship to Atlantis, so that they can use Dr. Carson Beckett's retrovirus to spread amongst their rival Wraith factions. She accepted the Queen's offer and Beckett and Dr. Radek Zelenka began weaponizing the retrovirus. After a test of the retrovirus on a single Wraith, the Queen wanted to test it on an entire Hive. After the test failed, she offered their help in repairing their Hive in exchange for all information on Wraith technology. She ordered the information be spread throughout the network to a science team working on fixes for the Hive. When Dr. Rodney McKay was able to find a way to beam the retrovirus into the enemy Hive, she allowed for a second test and allowed McKay Ronon Dex to accompany them on the Hive and let Lt. Colonel John Sheppard travel with the Daedalus. After the two ships left, Zelenka informed her that the information the Wraith transmitted contained a computer virus that accessed the Aurora mission reports and the location of all the planets in their database. After the two Hives attacked the Daedalus and Sheppard, McKay and Ronon went missing, she ordered the Daedalus and Orion to pursue and intercept them before they reached Earth. She updated Stargate Command on the situation and Major General Henry Landry ordered her to return to Earth to brief the International Oversight Advisory. Once on Earth, she was question by Richard Woolsey, Russel Chapman and Shen Xiaoyi. She informed them of her plan to send the Daedalus and Orion to stop the Hive and told him if they wanted to override her orders they would have to fire her first. When Teyla Emmagan dialed the SGC to inform her the ships were preparing to leave and the IOA had not reached a decision, she ordered the ships to leave. After Atlantis detected a Hive heading towards it, she had Beckett sit in the Control chair to destroy it but Atlantis was contacted by Sheppard aboard the Hive. She was able to return to Atlantis with help from the Asgard along with Woolsey who was assigned by the IOA to do a review of her command. After the Human-form Wraith on M8G-352 were killed by Sheppard's team, Woolsey informed her that he was going to recommend she stay in command. (SGA: "Allies", "No Man's Land", "Misbegotten")

When SG-1 came to Atlantis to implement a plan by using a Stargate next to a Pegasus black hole to dial to the Supergate in the Milky Way, to prevent more Ori warships from getting through, she was briefed on the plan and allowed Dr. Rodney McKay to join them. She stayed on Atlantis and help Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran search the Atlantis database in the Holo room. When Dr. Radek Zelenka detected a Wraith Hive Ship heading toward the Odyssey, she contacted Stargate Command to have them relay a message to Teal'c at the Supergate. When she returned to the Holo room, she didn't believe that the hologram was actually Morgan Le Fay until Chuck informed her that the room was not using power. She, Daniel and Vala questioned her and she was about to tell them the location of the Sangraal but the Others stopped her. (SGA: "The Pegasus Project")

When Lucius Luvin came to Atlantis, he came under the influence of Lucius' herb. She sent Dr. Carson Beckett, Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex on a mission to M6H-491 to retrieve more herb for Lucius. When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard kidnapped Beckett, she sent Ronon, Teyla and Dr. Rodney McKay to search the mainland for them and brought them back to Atlantis. She was later cured by Beckett. (SGA: "Irresistible")

When Ronon Dex was captured by Keturah's people and turned over to the Wraith, she helped Lt. Colonel John Sheppard convince Colonel Steven Caldwell to use the Daedalus to take them to Sateda to rescue him. (SGA: "Sateda")

When Dr. Rodney McKay found a reference to an Ancient experiment on the planet Asuras, she accompanied Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team to the planet to make first contact with the Asurans. They were greeted by Niam and brought before the Asuran Council. After an unproductive meeting with the council, she met with their leader Oberoth in private about assisting in the fight the Wraith and trading for any Zero Point Modules they might by able to spare but he refused. She then decided to return to Atlantis but they were stopped and placed in the brig. They were then mind probed and the Asurans discovered that Atlantis was not destroyed as they believed. The Asurans took their city ship into hyperspace and Niam informed her that they were on their way to Atlantis to destroy it. He explained that the Ancients created nanites to fight the Wraith and the nanites replicated and assembled themselves into complex machines and eventually imitating the Ancients. When the Ancients lost control, they sent several warships to destroy them but several nanites survived and were able to replicate. Niam then offered to try to convince Oberoth to spare Atlantis if McKay would remove the aggressive nature from their Base code. McKay was able to reprogram Niam and freeze the rest of the Asurans. She decided that because Niam could not guarantee Atlantis' safety that they must destroy the city ship. McKay was able to overload the ZPM's and they escaped on a Puddle Jumper before the city exploded. On the way back to Atlantis, Niam was reset by the other Asurans and attacked her. Ronon Dex and Sheppard forced him into the rear section and jettisoned him into space. She was infected with nanites, which for a time imprisoned her within her own mind, causing her to believe that her time on Atlantis was only a false memory. Dr. Carson Beckett was able to disable most of the nanites with an Electromagnetic pulse and Sheppard convinced her to fight the remaining nanites. Though she eventually overcame the experience, the nanites remained within her system. (SGA: "Progeny", "The Real World")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was captured by Commander Acastus Kolya, she invited Ladon Radim to Atlantis to question him. Ladon explained that the IDC they were given and used to lure Sheppard's team to the planet was trusted to two other men who were being interrogated. Kolya contacted Atlantis and demanded Ladon be turned over to him but she refused. Kolya forced Sheppard to be feed on by a Wraith and would contact them again in three hours. She sent a team to raid a suspected Genii safe house but it was empty. When the traitor in Ladon's ranks turned over the gate address, she sent a team and they rescued him. (SGA: "Common Ground")

When Rod came to Atlantis from an alternate reality, she allowed Dr. Rodney McKay to use the Zero Point Module to send him back and collapse the Matter bridge. (SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller")

When Major Leonard's team went missing on M1B-129, she sent Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team to search for them. When Atlantis lost contact with the team, she sent a UAV by it was shot down. When they team made contact, she diverted the Daedalus to pick them up. (SGA: "Phantoms")

After the Lanteans were rescued from their ship, the Tria, Captain Helia retook control of the city. The entire expedition were requested to leave and returned back to Earth. She had difficulty moving on after her experiences, ultimately attempting to write a memoir of her experiences, mostly for herself, she admitted, as few would likely be able to read it. After learning that the Asurans took control of the Atlantis and Major General Henry Landry planned to destroy the city, she, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Carson Beckett decided to mount a rescue mission for Major General Jack O'Neill and Richard Woolsey and take back the city. In order to gain access to the Puddle Jumper, she had to distract Dr. Bill Lee by faking an interest in World of Warcraft so McKay could add himself to the list. After stealing the Jumper and escaping Stargate Command, they traveled to New Athos to request the help of Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex in retaking the city. After returning through the Stargate, they went into orbit and retrieved Niam in order to use him to freeze the Asurans. Upon returning to the city, the Asurans fired Drone weapons at their Jumper. Sheppard did his best to evade them but had to submerge the Jumper and enter the underwater Jumper bay. Once inside, McKay discovered he could not drain the water and the outer door was jammed. Fortunately, O'Neill was able to manually drain the water but he and Woolsey were captured by the Asurans. After Niam was reactivated and destroyed by McKay, the team paired off and headed for the shield emitters. She teamed up with Ronon and planted C-4 and an Anti-Replicator gun crystal in the emitters. After completing the task they were captured. Once in the brig, the Asurans activated the shield and were destroyed by the Replicator disruptor wave. After that was accomplished, she joined the rest of the expedition returning to Atlantis. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1", "The Return, Part 2")


Once back on Atlantis, Teyla Emmagan began to see visions of Lanteans. A short time later, she began to see them as well. Later, it was determined that the visions were caused by a swarm of Flagisallus that was attempting to communicate. She passed out because of the echolocation of the Flagisallus. Luckily, McKay and Sheppard were able to divert the Coronal mass ejection with the Daedalus' shield boosted by the Zero Point Module. (SGA: "Echoes")

When an Athosian reported that a village on M65-PL8 was protected by hero, she sent Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team to investigate. (SGA: "Irresponsible")

After Dr. Rodney McKay was zapped by the Ascension machine and gained Near ascension powers, she helped Dr. Radek Zelenka translate the Ancient logs. She discovered that if he did not ascend before the genetic manipulation reached its peak he would die. She attempted to help him ascend but he was able to reverse the machine effects at the last minute. (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")

When the Geldarans and Hallonans were on the brink of war, she attempted to negotiate a peace settlement between Nola and Baden but was unsuccessful. Later, she ordered the Society research lab room sealed. (SGA: "The Game")

When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team was trapped on a Moon Base that was losing orbit, she sent a rescue Puddle Jumper. (SGA: "The Ark")

On the mandatory rest day, she was doing paperwork in her office when Dr. Mike Branton asked her to have lunch with him. After their lunch, she was kissed by him but interrupted by an explosion in the city. She returned to Stargate Operations and Dr. Rodney McKay informed her that Dr. James Watson was exposed to an Ancient Tumor creation device was would exploded at anytime. After Dr. Carson Beckett was killed in an explosion after removing the tumor, she gave the eulogy at his funeral. (SGA: "Sunday")

After Dr. Rodney McKay discovered a Geothermal Mobile drilling platform, she joined Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team along with a group of scientists and traveled by Puddle Jumper to the ocean floor. Once on station, Teyla Emmagan began to sense a Wraith presence. She reached out with her mind but found nothing. While McKay and the scientists worked in the control room she paired with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Teyla paired with Ronon Dex to search the station. Once Ronon was alone with Teyla, she attacked him and knocked him unconscious. They found Ronon and awoke him. They found Teyla disorientated with no memory of attacking Ronon or shutting down power throughout the station. Teyla revealed that there was a Wraith Queen and it took control of her. After Sheppard and Ronon captured the Queen, Teyla entered her mind and discovered the self-destruct on the Wraith cruiser she came from had been activated. After Teyla let her escape and tricked her into disabling the self-destruct on her Wraith cruiser, they returned to Atlantis. (SGA: "Submersion")

After Atlantis lost contact with the Taranian settlement, she sent Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team to investigate. After they reported in that the settlement was abandoned and they found several Bug Pods, she sent Lt. Negley's Marine team as backup. When they returned they informed her that Michael Kenmore had killed the Taranians and escaped the planet. (SGA: "Vengeance")

Elizabeth caught by the satellite's beam.

When the Apollo and Colonel Abraham Ellis arrived in Atlantis and briefed her on his mission to use the Horizon weapons platform to attack Asuras, she objected but had no authority to stop him. After the plan was successful, the Asurans launched a satellite weapon that attacked the city. She attempted to contact the Asurans through the open Stargate in the satellite and was greeted by Oberoth. He refused a peace agreement and attempted to upload a virus so she cut the connection. After Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Radek Zelenka submerged the city and the shield was hours from failure, she ordered the cities Stardrive be activated. After resurfacing and lifting off the ocean's surface, they were forced to lower Atlantis' shield to save power. Before they were able to raise the shield the satellite destroyed the Asteroid that was blocking it and grazed the tower. She was seriously injured in the blast and suffered brain damage as a result. Dr. Jennifer Keller preformed a Decompressive craniectomy to relieve the swelling but her chances of recovery were slim. McKay used the deactivated nanites in her system to repair the damage. This had the side effect of allowing her to interface directly with the replicator collective; as a result, she accompanied Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team on a mission to gather a Zero Point Module from Asuras, but the team discovered a code that would cause the Asurans to attack the Wraith. Weir managed to delay the Asurans, but Oberoth, their leader, physically grabbed her. Weir ordered Sheppard to take the team out, and she was left behind. (SGA: "First Strike", "Adrift", "Lifeline")

According to a Replicator version of Dr. Jennifer Keller, Weir was subsequently killed because Oberoth deemed her too great a threat. (SGA: "This Mortal Coil")


It was revealed that she was not in fact killed but somehow became a member or leader of a group of Asurans that left the main group. Weir believes that with the Asurans dead, they can implement their plan without having to look over their shoulders anymore. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")

Weir, in the body of FRAN.


Elizabeth floating in space.

It was revealed that her group was in fact what was left of Niam's group that was seeking ascension. There were only nine left including Elizabeth. She and her group digitally ascended, but became trapped. In a desperate attempt to regain physical form she hitched a ride along with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's and his team on a Puddle Jumper. She took control over the Atlantis computer systems and eventually used the city's technology to build herself a new body, albeit one that looks like FRAN. She explained that she was never killed but was turned into a full Replicator when she was captured. Her human self remained despite being a Replicator and it was only detected by the members of Niam's group. That group ended up on the run until the other Replicators were destroyed in the Battle of Asuras. She summoned the others in the hopes of them being able to build themselves new bodies with the same technology that gave her one and ultimately proposed that the Replicators build themselves human bodies to live in. When Koracen went rogue and tried to escape, she saved Sheppard from him and killed Koracen. She believed that the Asurans were now too much of a threat and helped the team trick the Replicators through the Stargate to a space gate, leaving all of the remaining Replicators, herself included, trapped and effectively neutralized. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine")

Alternate timeline

Elizabeth is alone in Atlantis

In an alternate timeline, Elizabeth Weir's expedition team was killed when the shield around Atlantis collapsed. Weir, along with Major John Sheppard and Dr. Radek Zelenka, managed to board a Puddle Jumper, but were thrown back in time to the siege of Atlantis by the Wraith. Sheppard and Zelenka were killed when the Jumper they were in crashed. Weir was healed by Janus, who built the time machine, and later secured her an audience with the Ancient Council, asking them to allow her to travel back to her time with a Zero Point Module that would prevent Atlantis from being flooded. While Melia was sympathetic to her plight, High Counselor Moros refused, fearing for the timeline, and offered her a chance to return to Earth with the Lanteans. Instead, Janus calculated that three ZPMs rotated sequentially would allow the city to survive ten thousand years. Janus programed a stasis pod for Weir to use, as well as included a Failsafe mechanism into the city. Janus told Moros that Weir went through the Stargate, when in fact she stayed behind. Every 3,300 years, Weir would awaken to rotate the ZPMs. Ten thousand years later, Weir was revived by the Atlantis expedition—ironically, on her own birthday—and told her story to them. However, she was already weak, and died by day's end. Elizabeth Weir poured her ashes over the city in a pot that Major John Sheppard had gotten her that day. (SGA: "Before I Sleep")


Simon Wallis

Before leaving for Atlantis, Weir was engaged to Dr. Simon Wallis. She left him a goodbye video before she left and told him to move on with his life in a video created before the siege by the Wraith. After returning to Earth, she attempted to convince him to come to Atlantis but he declined because he had met someone else. (SGA: "Rising", "Letters from Pegasus", "The Intruder")

John Sheppard

Although she initially only recruited Major John Sheppard for his powerful Ancient Technology Activation gene, Elizabeth came to greatly respect John's abilities as a soldier, particularly after he single-handedly saved Atlantis from a Genii invasion. When Colonel Dillon Everett arrived to take command of Atlantis following Earth's discovery of a new Zero Point Module and the news of the approaching Wraith Hive Ships, it was Sheppard who convinced Everett to keep Elizabeth in the loop if he wanted to maintain the support of the rest of the city. Elizabeth reciprocated this respect by insisting Sheppard be promoted to Lt. Colonel rather than allow someone else to take command of Atlantis. Elizabeth continued to visit Sheppard even after he began to mutate into a Wraith-like creature following his confrontation with Ellia and the mutated Iratus bug retrovirus, Sheppard reciprocating this compassion by risking his life to try and urge her to keep fighting after she was infected by Asuran nanites during her encounter with Niam. Sheppard was clearly deeply affected by Elizabeth's loss when he was forced to leave her behind on Asuras, and his grief when he learned that she was dead- having first heard a second-hand account from the Organic Asuran duplicates of his team and subsequently witnessing her return and sacrifice to defeat the remaining Asurans- was particularly pronounced, hinting at the strong bond between them that was never given the chance to develop into something more. (SGA: "Rising", "The Eye", "The Siege, Part 2", "The Intruder", "Conversion", "The Real World", "Lifeline", "This Mortal Coil", "Ghost in the Machine")

Behind the scenes


Dr. Elizabeth Weir played by Jessica Steen.

  • Weir was originally played by Jessica Steen in the Season 7 finale, but was soon replaced by Torri Higginson by Season 8 and Stargate: Atlantis.
  • Torri was originally contracted to appear as a regular for six years. However, she was later given a recurring status after only three years.
  • When Weir was declared dead, Torri Higginson had been contracted for four episodes of Season 4. As of This Mortal Coil, she had only appeared in three episodes. This led to speculation that Weir was still alive, a theory given credence by Joseph Mallozzi, who mentioned on his blog that RepliKeller may have been lying[2]. Confirmed deaths turning into survivals are nothing new to the Stargate franchise (the various deaths of Dr. Daniel Jackson and Apophis being prime examples). Since Weir appeared on the next episode, it is probable that RepliKeller was working for her all along and lied at her command.


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