The Elite Guard was a battalion of Genii soldiers that reported directly to Cowen.



After capturing several members of the Atlantis expedition, Cowen moves the elite guard to M6R-867 to prevent the expedition from mounting a rescue mission while he trades for all of the expedition's Puddle Jumpers. A cloaked scan by Lieutenant Lou Miller determined that the elite guard was made up of a "massive amount of troops" and any rescue attempt would result in many casualties on both sides. Eventually, Ladon Radim chooses to let the Atlantis team go, explaining that as part of his planned coup, he needed Cowen and the elite guard all in one place. Shortly after Ladon, his men and the Atlantis team return to Atlantis, a nuclear weapon planted by Ladon detonates, killing Cowen and the entire elite guard. Once Cowen's loyalists learn of the destruction of the elite guard and the death of Cowen, they surrender without a fight and its billed as a bloodless coup as no one died on the Genii homeworld. (SGA: "Coup D'etat")


After being humiliated by Lucius Lavin, Haemon complains as he used to be a member of the elite guard before the coup and has been reduced to being a mercenary. (SGA: "Irresponsible")

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