Eliras Sorun is a male human from planet Eldeore.


Background InformationEdit

He is the head of Geslonian Museum is a tall thin man with poorly groomed beard and a terrible haircut. He moves around in fits and starts, like a car with a gearbox problem. He tends to fidget and his hands are always fiddling with a pen of similar knickknack. When he speaks, he does little mincing gestures with his hands. His hair is dark going gray at the top. He slouches regularly, making him seem perpetually balance, and when he moves he looks like he's stumbling forward to continuing to fall.

Conversely, he is always very well dressed probably because his wife put his clothes out and check him before leaving the house. He wears regular fit Eldeoran stores well under pressure and power colors. His shoes are always shone brilliantly, and he wears an elegant ring, an heirloom from his father. Sorun is about history. He devoted his life to studying Eldeoran past and treats artifacts under his care as precious children. Travelers through the Stargate would represent the deepest and exciting thing in his life, he picks their brains for hours on everything they know about his world past and larger universe on the other side of the gate. Sorun is likable in their own way and while he is a bitter employer to his employees, he will treat SG team with almost childlike reverence - fumbling with praise suitable or new tidbits of information, and generally acts like a respected historian. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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