Eli Wallace Elementary School was an elementary school located on the planet Novus.


The elementary school was the first major school of Novus, which was built a few decades after the initial settlement by the Tau'ri and was named after Eli Wallace as a memory of him after he entered residence and educational systems. The school was inaugurated by Matthew Wallace, Eli's grandson, who went on to become headmaster of the school. The school was destroyed when the planet was consumed by a black hole. The inauguration of the school was recorded by kino, where an older Camile Wray was the guest of honor.(SGU: "Epilogue")

In 2010, after downloading part of the Tenaran databank, the main timeline version of Eli Wallace watched the kino recording of the dedication of the school named after him. Eli was interrupted by Dr. Nicholas Rush before he could finish watching the recording which Rush comments that Eli has seen several times. Eli explains to Rush that he intends to make the recording part of his documentary, intrigued by what their descendants have accomplished. (SGU: "Blockade")

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