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"Eli's Room" is the fifth webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Eli Wallace gives a tour of his room which is also the Kino room.


Eli Wallace guides the Kino and concludes the tour at the next stop; the Kino room, which also happens to be his living quarters. He says that this is temporary, since much of the sections on Destiny are damaged. He says that Dr. Nicholas Rush wants the sections all fixed so they can explore further, while Colonel Everett Young just wants the team to go home, find food and water. Eli confesses that he is mostly taking Young's side. He ends the tour for now, so he can get to sleep and take part in a physical fitness program session in the morning with MSgt. Ronald Greer; who he thinks hates him.


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  • This webisode probably takes place sometime before "Air, Part 3" .
  • Eli Wallace's room is not yet a mess and he hasn't posted any Kino pictures above the console.
  • This webisode is a sequel to no episodes.
  • This is the fourth Tour Webisode. It tours the Kino room.

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