The Eldeoran is a race of humans from the planet Eldeore.


A Goa'uld sowed Eldeore with human life around 6.000 years ago. Identity of the Goa'uld is unknown, but he was kill shortly after mankind began to take hold. That left people to begin to build a culture and society of their own. No other Goa'uld ever found the world, or if they did consider it undignified to conquer. Without the System Lords to stop them the society was progressing nicely.

The population maintained a continuity of intellectual growth as Tau'ri never had, and put their first man in space before the fall of the Roman Empire. In less than 2.000 years, they had spread all over their world, which civilization to every continent. Since it was their culture broke along nationalist lines, and soon the fighting with their neighbors over everything from land to resources to ideology. Wars were violent bloody and terrible, like Earths. Eldeore soon became home to some of the most efficient killers in the galaxy.

They survived the atomic age without destroying themselves, but when the Renaissance began on Earth, they had developed the conversion bombs that can convert matter into energy without radiation. These bombs were used. The cause of the war is lost to time, but the resulting holocaust tore their civilization apart. When the smoke cleared, little remained: only broken cities and scattered survivors. Their culture reverted to barbarism plunder the planet into a new dark age. Only one group on the continent of Hurinur maintained their knowledge of technology and science. These people began to quietly rebuild their world, but ths time they decided to do things differently. Never again would they let science go hand in hand with savagery would never advancemets new into the world without guarantees. They placed their focus on social engineering, to move forward in the careful steps rather reckless spirit. Their plan was developed smoothly. While the rest of the world stuck in a medieval level of technology, Hurinurans examined how people interacted with each other and searced for ways to weed out their violent tendencies. They discovered methods of bringing up children without a violent entity and invented machines that could suppress genetic aggression at a very early age.

Two hundred years after the collapse of civilization began Eldeoran society again. Over time, it spread over the entire planet and its careful sociological patterns helped to create a world without crime, no war and no impact. They stopped building military equipment and soon not even need a police force. Technology continued to improve and all the hardships and illnesses slowly disappeared from their culture. They built their continents areas affected by war and carried out surveys in older ruins, hoping to learn more of their past. It was in one of those places which they found Stargate as they moved it to a museum in the nearby town of Geslon. They built even faster than light ships and explored their part of the space, but there are no habitable worlds around and they have not yet come across any other intelligent species. Like everything else in their culture, space exploration is very careful. They do not rush into anything they do. And Eldeore is now a utopia.

Their house contains technology that automatically takes care of their needs and their construction is to prevent the home from getting so much as a stubbed toe. They know no sickness, and medicinal monitors catch problems long before they manifest. Actually most Eldeoraners for their entire lives without experiencing more than brifest moments of pain. They need little in the way of the government because their world has long evolved beyond the need for legislation. Children learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age, and they learn it so thoroughly that simply never occurs them to commit a crime. Theft, abuse and prejudice is effectively nonexistent. Few adults can even remember the feeling of pain, injustice or even anger and fear. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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