Eighth was a Human-form Replicator.



He was discovered in orbit around Orilla after the Asgard had destroyed an approaching Replicator vessel commanded by Fifth. Eighth, who was heavily damaged and inoperable at the time, was brought on board by Thor, who attempted to access the datastream that linked all Replicators together in order to learn more about the Replicators down on the surface of Orilla. However, the attempt led Fifth to revive Eighth, who subsequently attempted to kill everyone on board. Eighth was killed by Colonel Jack O'Neill, using the newly constructed Replicator disruptor, testing the device in the process. (SG1: "New Order, Part 2")


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  • Eighth was not referenced by name in the episode and was the seventh human-form Replicator encountered by SG-1. His name was revealed to be Eighth in the ending credits of the episode, but what became of the logically-existent 'Seventh' was never revealed.
    • Notably enough, the re-imaged Battlestar Galactica is also missing a Humanoid Cylon Number Seven model. However, the confirmation of this fact took place after 2004, so it is more likely to be coincidental.
  • Eighth broke the previously observed pattern, commented on by Colonel O'Neill in "Unnatural Selection", of odd-numbered Replicators being male and even-numbered Replicators being female.
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