"This place reminds me of home."
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Eden is the only planet that orbits an uncharted star in an unnamed galaxy visited by Destiny. It appears to be a paradise world with almost ideal conditions for life. The only sign of civilization on it is a giant obelisk built by an unknown race. There is no known animal life. Dr. Dale Volker found evidence that the winter on the planet lasts for several months and is below zero. A theory develops amongst the Destiny expedition that the planet itself and even the whole star system may have been built by an unknown advanced race or a higher force (God), though most believe in both.

During its voyage, Destiny dropped out of FTL near it when its Faster-Than-Light engine was disrupted by the unexpected star's gravity well. That gave several members of the Destiny expedition about a month to stay on the planet's surface in a camp to gather fruit and vegetables for the expedition's food supply. Some expedition members (including Dr. Robert Caine, Dana, Peter, Val, Rachel, Norris and Vince Kwan) decided to remain on the planet. (SGU: "Faith")

None of the remaining members survived the harsh winter and most of them died from the extreme cold. However the Planet builders reanimated their bodies, completely restored the damaged shuttle left behind with the colonists and sent them back to the Destiny only for them to die a short time later as the reanimation wasn't permanent. (SGU: "Visitation")


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The planet is named after the lost paradise in the Bible.