An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor, temblor or seismic activity) is the result of a sudden release of energy in a planets crust that creates seismic waves.

The catacombs of the Tower suffered from tremors. (SGA: "The Tower")

Members of the Atlantis expedition experienced tremors when evacuating the people of Taranis. (SGA: "Inferno")

The people of M5V-801 also experience tremors as much of the ground beneath their settlements had been mined year ago and Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Jennifer Keller and Colonel Samantha Carter almost died when the mining facility they fell collapsed. (SGA: "Trio")

Dr. Lisa Park mentioned that she was once in an earthquake when young and cut her feet on broken glass. (SGU: "Darkness")

The planet Tuat has long-time being victim to a phenomenon similar to an earthquake,called a Tuat-quake,as implied by the Goa'uld that reside there. (Stargate: "Rebellion 2")

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