Dunning is an Airman in the United States Air Force, who was assigned to the Icarus Base in 2009.



He and roughly 80 people were forced to evacuate Icarus Base during an attack against the base by three Lucian Alliance Ha'tak vessels. He ended up on the Destiny, an Ancient spaceship located several billion light years from Earth. (SGU: "Air, Part 1")

Later in 2009, the Destiny expedition made a first contact of sorts with the Nakai, who started attacking. During the attack, one of the alien fighters latched on to Destiny near Dunning's location. After the aliens drilled through the hull, he witnessed the aliens kidnapping Chloe Armstrong, before they retreated. After a force shield was erected over the hull breach, Dunning reported to Colonel Everett Young about Chloe's abduction. (SGU: "Space")

Since the attack, most of the civilians plotted a coup on Destiny. When it came time to act, Dr. Nicholas Rush locked down the ship, and separated the military with the civilians. Unfortunately, Dunning and Lt. Tamara Johansen were trapped on the civilian side of the ship. He held Dr. Lisa Park and two others at gunpoint. He considered shooting them, but was ordered to lower his weapon by TJ. He was held in a makeshift brig until the military personnel took back the ship. (SGU: "Divided")

Later, Destiny dropped out of FTL in an uncharted star system, and would take a month in order to correct its course to account for the system. In the meantime, a team traveled to a nearby seemingly paradise planet. From the start, he had an argument with civilian member Dr. Morrison, when Dunning ordered him to dig a latrine. When the argument grabbed MSgt. Ronald Greer's attention, Dunning argued that "somebody's got to do it". Greer sought out a compromise, and ordered Dunning to dig as well. After the month was over, he returned to Destiny, with every over member of the military. (SGU: "Faith")

Dunning in his Hallucinogenic rage

An Alien tick was attached to Dunning causing him to hallucinate his fear of snakes being under his skin. In his hallucinogenic rage, he cut through the skin on his wrist trying to get the imaginary snake out. He was soon sedated in the Destiny infirmary by Lt. Tamara Johansen where she was able to remove the Tick with the Squiggler Venom. (SGU: "Pain")

Shortly after the Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny, he was part of a team that was sent to an unnamed planet in the Ancient shuttle to replenish the food and water supply. During reentry the shuttle lost power and crashed on the planet. After Lt. Matthew Scott and the rest of the team unburied the Stargate, he returned to Destiny. (SGU: "Aftermath")

Later he was assigned to the Lucian Alliance member Ginn, as her personal escort. (SGU: "The Greater Good")

He was assigned to guard the armory on Destiny. When Simeon killed Michaels and escaped to kill Ginn, he shot Dunning during his escape through the Stargate. He was taken to the infirmary and Lt. Tamara Johansen was able to save him. (SGU: "Malice")


He entered a stasis pod for the trip to the next galaxy. (SGU: "Gauntlet")

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Dunning seems to be attached to those who worked with him on Icarus Base, he brought a photo with him in his personal belongings of his friends who died during the attack on Icarus. (SGU: "Subversion")

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