Chancellor Druhin was a Hoffan from the planet Hoff. He was the chancellor of his people.



Upon meeting the Atlantis expedition, he was welcoming and was willing to show his society's plans not only for geothermal power generation, but later a drug his people were working on which would hopefully one day render the Wraith feeding process useless. However, he confirmed the drug was several years from being finished.

Having been informed that the Wraith were likely to return a lot sooner, Druhin was keen to let Dr. Carson Beckett to work with his lead scientist, Perna. When the drug was successfully created, despite Beckett's hesitation that it needed a little more testing, he went straight to the Hoffan Council, intending to ask for approval. Teyla Emmagan and Major John Sheppard met with the chancellor when they discover the drug not only prevents Wraith from feeding, but poisons them, ending in their deaths. Chancellor Druhin failed to see why this was a problem, despite originally claiming the project was a defensive measure. He was fairly hopeful that due to this, the Wraith would simply leave the Hoffans alone once they learn of their new poisoning qualities.

Due to his patriotism, he felt if it meant that the end result would benefit the premise eventually, that he wasn't doing wrong. It was due to this that he ruthlessly sacrificed 50% of his people to the drug's 50/50 survival rate in hope the Wraith would leave them alone. Due to this shocking decision, the Atlantis expedition demanded a vote to be taken by the Hoffan people regarding the drug's survival rate and whether it to be used. With a questionable 96% vote in favor, which he claimed was his people's one voice of resolution, Druhin went ahead with administering the drug - recklessly ended half of his world's lives. Head still held high, he comments that upon their next visit to Hoff, they'd begin supplying the drug to other worlds in Pegasus with Atlantis' help. Sickened with his accusation, Sheppard tells him they're unlikely to ever return, and if they do - he imagined Druhin would not be present, along with anybody else Druhin "saved".

Upon their leaving of Hoff, Beckett and Sheppard agree that Druhin's policy of "Victory at all cost", was somewhat similar to the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, albeit horrifically more extreme. (SGA: "Poisoning the Well")

Later, it was revealed that the Atlantis Expedition was right, as the Wraith wiped out the entire population of the planet after they found out about the vaccine, Druhin included. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1")

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