The Drone attack on Ursini spaceship was a battle that took place between the Ursini and Berzerker drones in an unnamed galaxy.


Five Ursini Spaceships were on a mission in search of advanced technology that could help them defeat their enemy. At some point these ships ran into Drone controlled space. This arrival attracted twelve enemy drone fighters. (SGU: "Awakening")


The Ursini spaceships attempted escape while fighting back the enemy. Berzerker drones attacked the spaceships. The Ursini tried to destroy the drones, but overwhelming number and firepower of the enemy eventually led to destruction of all five Ursini spaceships. (SGU: "Awakening")


After all five Ursini spaceships had been destroyed the drones became dormant, hiding in the debris field. (SGU: "Awakening")

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