The Dragon Guards were the personal guard of the Goa'uld Lord Kur whose terrifying imagery and reputation was inherited by his Jaffa. Each Dragon guard was trained to be a vicious warrior who would fight to the end, never surrendering in battle even when situations look dire.

Jaffa lore described the Dragon guard as cunning as well as deceitful warriors who would not hesitate to use any means to achieve victory in battle. This can be considered dishonorable by other Jaffa, however, it was a necessity to the Dragon guard in order to achieve victory through any means. As such, they were known to fight in seemingly impossible situations and emerged victorious thanks to their unadulterated savagery in combat.

In terms of weaponry, they were equipped with standard Jaffa armor, staff weapon and some carry Zat'nik'tel. Their helms, when activated, were fearsome to behold as they resembled a dragon which adds to the intimidation these warriors bring against the enemies of their master. They are also equipped with an additional weapon unique to their order namely the Dragon Talons which were twin blades that strap to the forearm and extended over the back of the hand roughly 8 inches in front of a closed fist. The blades were slightly curved downward roughly two inches from the tip, giving the weapons the appearance of a talon. They were used in close combat and allowed the guards a means to engage enemy troops when they were too close for staff weapons or Zat'nik'tel. (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")

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