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Draga is an alien that was discovered by Stargate Command. She is sometimes referred to as the Dragon Lady.

Draga was found when Human explorers found a statue on an alien world made of the same material as the Stargate. Upon analysis of the artifact, it was discovered that a worm shaped larval entity was present within. The creature was believed to have been an adolescent Ancient at which point the Tlak'kahn invaded the SGC in order to gain the newborn creature. (INF: "The Decision")

As time went on, the larval creature would enter into a metamorphosis through a chrysalis and mature into an adult. This adult entity would be referred to by Gus Bonner and his comrades as Draga. Clearly female, Draga possesses wings and a somewhat Human shaped face along with a serpentine shaped tail and no legs. She has two arms with three clawed digits. (INF: "Double Duty")

Draga is quite mysterious though somewhat calm and a gentle being with an almost childlike understanding of the world. She has no memory or knowledge of her past and longs to finding out her origins along with her people. She is also incredibly powerful, possessing a number of psionic talents such as telekinesis to the point of actually activating a Stargate without assistance. As time went on, further powers began to develop within her complex genetic code. Later they discovered that she is not ancient, but an Otsorok. (INF: "Us and Them")


  • 'Draga' is a feminized form from the Latin root 'Draco', the source of the English 'dragon'.