Double Jeopardy is the twenty-first episode of the fourth season of Stargate SG-1.


SG-1 arrives on Juna, where they are captured by Cronus' forces, where Cronus himself doesn't take the reunion well. However, unknown to him, SG-1 is actually the robot copies from the real SG-1's encounter on Altair three years ago.


Double Jeopardy 1

The robot SG-1 on Juna.

On the world Juna, the Stargate activates and SG-1 comes through. However they are soon attacked by Jaffa and the natives of Juna. One of the natives named Darian recognizes them and asks them how they dare to return. SG-1 is captured but Colonel Jack O'Neill escapes. Captain Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c are brought to a pyramid and confronted by Sindar, the First Prime of Cronus. SG-1 is then imprisoned and, in their cell, they discuss what to do next.

In the evening Darian goes home but finds O'Neill waiting for him. O'Neill asks him what has happened on this world. Darian explains that SG-1 helped them free their world from Heru'ur but then Cronus came and enslaved them again. He also tells the Colonel that this time he won't believe them. O'Neill leaves.

The next day Cronus appears and the prisoners are brought before him. O'Neill sneaks in the base, disguised as a warrior of Juna, and has to watch as Cronus orders Darian to kill Daniel with a Staff weapon. Darian is at first reluctant, but obeys when the Jaffa hold their weapons on his people. The shot blasts Daniel's head from his shoulders only to reveal that he is in fact a robot, much to the shock of the Juna and Cronus. Cronus sends the natives of Juna away and commands Carter and Teal'c to tell him what they are. They don't answer, and so are sent to Cronus' Ha'tak to be questioned. Darian goes home and tells his wife what has happened.

At Stargate Command the Gate is activated and they are contacted by Harlan, who they then let in. He tells them that they should help their robot doubles (from "Tin Man") who have started to go on missions and now are missing. Both Major General George S. Hammond and Colonel Jack O'Neill are reluctant about rescuing the doubles. Harlan then shows them the coordinates of the world and they remember having visited it previously. They dial the Gate, send a MALP through and see the robot O'Neill, who has overcome the Gate's Jaffa guards. Shortly thereafter Darian arrives and they explain the situation.

SG-1 (without Dr. Daniel Jackson) then goes through the gate to help.

Double Jeopardy

Jack and Robot Jack facing off.

The two O'Neills get into an argument, which devolves into the beginnings of a wrestling match, but eventually they agree to work together.

On the ship a Goa'uld named Ja'din questions the robot Carter and Teal'c, but they refuse to answer. She then tells Cronus that Teal'c wants to speak with him and he agrees. Teal'c is brought to Cronus but he kills the Jaffa and attacks Cronus. However, before he can kill the System Lord a Jaffa frees his master. The female Goa'uld again questions Carter and she tells her how to reactivate the energy source of the destroyed Daniel. This turns out to be a self-destruct command as well. The "dead" robot explodes, killing the Goa'uld and freeing Carter.

In Darian's home, SG-1 and their remaining doubles make a plan to free the others and kill Cronus. Later a Jaffa brings O'Neill in the pyramid but are ambushed by Darian, SG-1, and the doubles, who kill the Jaffa. The robot O'Neill is critically damaged in the firefight. The team is then beamed on board by the robot Carter. Teal'c helps his double but he is also overwhelmed. Before Cronus can kill him (in the same way as he killed his father Ronac, by crushing his symbiote) he is shot by the robot Teal'c, who then dies, his last words being "For our father".

Samantha Carter (android)

Robot Carter dies.

In another section of the ship, the robot Carter accesses the ship's controls through a powerful forcefield, cutting off all sections, but fatally damaging herself as well.

Darian attempts to help robot O'Neill as best he can, although the double tells him not to bother. Darian knows enough that as a machine, he could be repaired, but robot O'Neill reveals that he is running out of power and any repairs would come too late for him. In the end O'Neill beams down to the pyramid and tells Darian that Cronus is dead. He informs his counterpart that the copies went down in the line of duty, but "the real ones" are OK. Robot O'Neill asks him "Are we still so far from real for you?" and O'Neill agrees that they aren't. He watches as his double finally dies. Afterwards SG-1 secures Cronus' ship for themselves.


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Notable quotes[]

Cronus: The treaty between the System Lords and the Asgard does not protect you here. I once told you, that if you were ever at my mercy, I would not be kind. (to Teal'c) You will not be fortunate enough to die as quickly as your father did at my hand, Shol'va. Your fate will be much worse. You will all pay for your sins.

Benson: Sir, we're receiving a signal on the IDC frequency, but this is not an authorized SGC code.
Carter: It says "Comtrya."
Hammond: What does it mean?
O'Neill: Ah... it's kind of like Shalom or Aloha. That stuff.
Teal'c: It is the greeting used by the artificial lifeform Harlan on PX3-989.
Hammond: The one who duplicated you?
O'Neill: Yes... Sir, please don't open the Gate. Please.
Carter: I admit he was annoying, but he wasn't a serious threat.
Hammond: Open the iris!
(Jack gives Carter a look)

O'Neill: Now. From the beginning.
Harlan: The beginning, yes. They were not happy. They could not stop being you. The portable power pack you invented.
Carter: The robot me.
Harlan: Oh it was ingenious! Even Hubald would have been impressed. I have one in my chest right now. Would you like to see it?
Carter: Yes.
O'Neill: No! Show her later.

Hammond: Colonel O'Neill, it was my understanding that the robots agreed to bury their Stargate and never leave their planet.
O'Neill: Yes, sir.
Hammond: Then it would seem your robot counterpart is equally as good at following orders as you.

Robotic O'Neill: I told you what you wanted to hear. Besides, what were you going to do? Destroy me?
O'Neill: I might have!
Robotic O'Neill: Alright, bring it on, Fly Boy! Let's go!
(they start wrestling)
Carter: Sirs! As much as I'd like to see how this plays out, don't we have something more important to do?

(Darian and Robotic O'Neill have just killed all the Jaffa in the temple, Robotic O'Neill is badly damaged)
O'Neill: Are you alright?
Darian: I am.
Robotic O'Neill: I'm fine too, thanks for your concern.
O'Neill: (eye roll) Are you alright?
Robotic O'Neill: A little gas. Yeah. Got gas.

(Robotic Teal'c kills Cronus and saves his Jaffa self)
Robotic Teal'c: For our father! (dies)

O'Neill: (to Darian) Go tell your people Cronus is dead. If they still think he's a god, have 'em come take a look. (Darian nods and leaves)


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  • When android O'Neill and Colonel Jack O'Neill meet up on P3X-729, and the original O'Neill asks, "What's that mean?" in response to android O'Neill's claim that he does the job better, android O'Neill says, "Better? It means BET-TER, stronger, faster," a reference to The Six Million Dollar Man, a television series about a former astronaut with bionic implants.
  • The android storyline is continued in the novel Stargate SG-1: Hydra, where a rogue NID operation manages to create further android duplicates of SG-1 in an attempt to further their own goals, culminating in the creation of the 'Theta SG-1', twisted psychopathic and sociopathic versions of the originals- created through the use of the Goa'uld programming taken from Junior- interested in nothing more than their own survival.
  • A clip from this episode was featured in the film Fanboys.
  • In the audio commentary, it was revealed that the set where Robo-Sam and Robo-Teal'c are being interrogated is the same set that was used in the episode, "Absolute Power", most notably in the scene where O'Neill confronts Jackson with Jackson later destroying Moscow.
  • This is the only episode of Stargate SG-1 directed by actor Michael Shanks who plays Dr. Daniel Jackson. As such, Shanks only appears in this episode as the android version of Jackson who is killed in the first ten minutes of the episode. In addition, this episode also marks Shanks' directorial debut.


  • When "SG-1" comes through the gate at the start of the episode and when Dr. Daniel Jackson takes cover by the Dial Home Device he bumps into it, causing it to wobble.
  • When Harlan gives Major Samantha Carter the gate coordinates there is a brief view of the computer screen, on it the designation is P2X 729, but all other references in the show are to P3X 729.

Other languages[]

  • French: Répliques (Replicas)
  • Italian: Doppio Rischio (Double Jeopardy)
  • Spanish: Doble riesgo (Double Jeopardy)
  • Czech: V dvojím ohrožení (In Double Jeopardy)
  • Hungarian: Kettős kockázat (Double Jeopardy)
  • German: Doppelter Einsatz (Double Effort)

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