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"Double Duty" is the second episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers Summary[]

Trapped on a jungle planet, the team is ambushed by the Tlak'khan as they attempt to learn about the contents of a chrysalis they possess. Eventually, they escape, as does the winged Ancient within the chrysalis.


The team and the creature arrive on a world Harrison considers to be a "dog's dream planet." Major Gus Bonner attempts to reopen the Stargate in order to return to Earth, but finds that his G.D.O. has been locked out. The next second, a large mosquito-like creature flies towards the team and into the gate. The creature is smashed against the iris, convincing General Stoneman that whoever dialed the gate has been destroyed.

Meanwhile, Stacy tries, in vain, to contact Stargate Command. Major Bonner tells the cadets that, since they obviously cannot return to Earth, they will just have to do their best to evade the Tlak'kahn by gating from planet to planet. He goes on to inform them that he was on the planet a few months ago and that the squirrels are pretty dangerous. Harrison mocks Bonner for not being able to handle "some squirrels" only to find himself and the chrysalis seized by a Giant Squirrel and put in its cheek pouches.

Major Bonner and the remaining cadets attempt to shoot down the creature but its protective casing absorbs the blasts and the "squirrel" swings away into the trees. Bonner uses a jetpack to rescue Harrison and the chrysalis but the squirrel pushes them down, forcing him to land in "something soft."

Bonner and Harrison find themselves surrounded by the native Thorn aliens. Bonner explains that he thinks he might have spread an illness to the villagers, who were suffering from a plague the first time he visited the planet. Ec'co points out that all SG teams are screened for infectious diseases before passing onto the Stargate, but Bonner still feels responsible and insists on staying until the villagers improve.

Stacy argues that they have to protect the chrysalis, but Seattle decides to stay with the major. Harrison complains that when he joined the Air Force, he thought he wouldn't have to think anymore, but he decides to go with Stacy and Ec'co. Ec'co dials the gate, but stops when the chrysalis starts to move. The cadets don't notice that someone has already begun dialing the gate from off-world, until they hear the kawoosh.

Tlak'kahn warriors start to file out of the gate and the cadets run, although only Harrison manages to escape. He jumps onto one of the all terrain vehicles and the Tlak'kahn start to blast at him, but Da'kyll orders them to stop. The gate deactivates. Commander Da'kyll had brought with him giant assault tanks and many warriors. Harrison radios Bonner, and tells him the situation. Bonner agrees to meet with Harrison at the squirrel tree and Seattle is going to, however she feels something happening to the chrsyallis. Back to commander Da'kyll, the chrysallis is begins to break up. Then, a flying alien creature emerges from it and flys away. Stacy and Ec'co manage to break free of their Tlak'kahn captors and run away. Harrison picks them up on the vehicle and takes them to the tree.

Notable Quotes[]

Gus: Meet me at the squirrel tree. And try not to act like a nut.


  • In this episode, Major Bonner gets his GDO locked out, but he knows this and, thus, doesn't go through the gate. In "Children of the Gods", Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson were unsure whether their GDO codes had been locked out and Carter ran through the gate anyway saying that if it was closed, she would be the first one to know. However, this isn't really a contradiction per se, since the GDOs could have been redesigned to let one know whether or not their code had been accepted.
  • In this episode, Da'kyll says to revive Stacy and Ec'co after he had captured them, stating that they would live enough to tell him where Bonner was. However Stacy and Ec'co didn't die and lived on to the end of the show's only season. However, since the show was cancelled it is unknown if the characters would have died in a later season.



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