The Dome is an opaque semi-spherical shield extended over the territory where the people of P3X-289 lived. When Stargate Command initially scouted the planet, the M.A.L.P. returned imagery that showed the planet itself did not have a safe atmosphere, but an energy dome was active over a portion of the terrain. Upon further investigation the M.A.L.P. revealed that within the dome was a perfectly intact biosphere within which

M.A.L.P. imagery of the Dome transmitted through the gate to the SGC.

appeared to be a reasonably advanced civilization.


SG-1 made contact with the civilization and soon discovered that the power source sustaining the dome was failing, compensating for the diminishing power by incrementally shrinking the dome. This lead to the losses of both territory and members of their society. However, the people within the dome were completely unaware of any changes due to a neural interface they called "The Link" which periodically updated everyone in their society with information that downloaded directly into their brain. However, it was at least semi-intelligent and chose to address deteriorating life support conditions within the dome by small population control measures: compelling individuals—often those who posed some sort of threat to the narrative the Link was giving the populace—to exit the dome into the toxic atmosphere of the planet, and subsequently erasing their existence from everyone's memory. (SG1: "Revisions")


The plot of the shrinking dome was later alluded to in Stargate: Atlantis' Season Four premier "Adrift" when a damaged Atlantis is adrift in space. Due to severe power losses, the city automatically retracts the shield incrementally until it covers only the central spire. (SGA: "Adrift")

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