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Dog's dream planet was a planet in Milky Way galaxy which has a Stargate. The planet is densely vegetated and Tau'ri has explored the planet in the past and encountered the locals and became friends.

In 2020s to visit Gus Bonner and his team after moving from Tlak'kahn. And they stayed on the planet for a short time after the discovery that Thorn suffered from a disease and Bonner wanted to help them. Tlak'kahn came to the planet and captured Bonners team and then threatened them to kill Thorn of them did not get Bonner and Draga. The team managed to defeat Tlak'kahn using Draga and Thorn. Draga healed Thorn and before the team traveled on so said Gus Thorn to move their village further into the forest so Tlak'kahn could not find them. (INF: "Double Duty")

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