This episode is part 2 of 2; it is preceded by "Space".
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"Divided" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Stargate Universe.


Dr. Nicholas Rush and Chloe Armstrong suffer nightmares following their ordeal on the alien vessel, and Dr. Nicholas Rush suspects that a tracking device may have been placed on the ship's hull. Later, a splinter group of the civilian crew on Destiny executes a coup with life-threatening consequences.


A group of people are forced to evacuate to Destiny after an attack on Icarus Base, and are now trapped there. During the time on Destiny, tensions rise between Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young. Recently, Rush frames Young for murdering Sgt. Spencer, who actually committed suicide. After Young learns Rush is trying subvert his command, he abandons Rush on a Gravel pit planet, and returns claiming that he died in a rock slide. Rush is able to activate the alien ship and is captured by an unknown alien race. The aliens launch an attack on Destiny and Rush is able to escape from the mothersip with Chloe Armstrong, who was captured during the attack, and return to Destiny.


Chloe Armstrong experiences a recurring nightmare from her ordeal with the Nakai.

Chloe Armstrong is walking along the corridors of Destiny, which are unusually dark and empty. After passing the empty Destiny mess hall, she walks up to a closed door with an extremely bright light coming through the viewport. Through it, she sees herself standing under a hole made by the Nakai fighter. She sees herself being sucked through the hole, before being dropped into the holding tank, this time with no breathing masks. As she struggles to get out, she sees her mother on the other side of the glass, walking up to her, and tries to get her out. When she can't, Chloe lowers her head and raises it again. Her mother has turned into a Nakai.

This is all revealed to be a nightmare, as Chloe wakes up in bed next to Lt. Matthew Scott, who also wakes up, and notices Chloe recovering from the nightmare. After Chloe declines Scott's suggestion of visiting Lt. Tamara Johansen he attempts to console her by announcing the aliens are gone, and she should move on. Chloe finds the advice rather insulting, since she can't just forget about the ordeal. She then gets out of bed and walks out, claiming she just needs to clear her head. After dressing up, she walks to the Mess hall, and finds Dr. Nicholas Rush sitting at a table. He too has had similar dreams. Neither of them remember what the aliens subjected them to. Chloe tells Rush that everyone else thinks they're safe, and questions if they're right; Rush merely replies "no".

Sometime later, Destiny has dropped out of FTL. Rush meets with Colonel Everett Young in his office, wishing to discuss something. Young likewise has something to discuss; the Long-range communication stones. Young suspects that since Rush was the first to activate the Long-range communication device, he took one of the stones as some sort of insurance, and kept it with him; that was possibly how the aliens got hold of a stone. Rush neither denies nor confirms this. He then insists that they should worry about how the aliens know where Destiny was in the first place. Young suggests that they could have tracked Destiny through the communication stone link, but Rush points out that they don't know how the technology works, and that the aliens are technologically inferior to the Ancients. Rush believes they tracked the ship with a subspace tracking device; he suspects such a thing because, although not knowing what the aliens did to him, he has been experiencing flashes of memory from being linked to one of them, and is convinced that the aliens have done such an action. Since they've already gotten rid of the fighter Rush stole, and the ship is out of FTL, now would be the perfect opportunity to search for any additional trackers on the hull of Destiny.

Scott walks along a corridor with a Kino being guided by Eli Wallace. At one point, Scott opens a door and lets the Kino through alone, because it is about to enter a section that's void of atmosphere after one of the alien fighters breached the hull. Eli flies the Kino through the breach and explores the hull for the tracker. Young leaves Eli and Rush to it while he goes to the Mess Hall.

There, he gets himself some water when MSgt. Ronald Greer approaches and wishes to speak with him in private. After the two find an empty hallway, Greer shows concerns about who took Sgt. Spencer's weapon (very few know it was Rush, but Greer does suspect) and what happened between him and Rush on the planet. Before he can continue, Rush radios Young and announces that he has found an alien fighter latched onto the hull. Since Eli programmed in where it is, Young and Scott go to the Ancient shuttle to neutralize it. They have one hour until Destiny returns to FTL.

Meanwhile, Rush takes Camile Wray to a Research lab. It has enough connectivity to the ship's systems to act as a substitute for the Control interface hub, in order to enact their plan of controlling the ship. Wray is surprised they have to act so soon, but Rush points out that there is no better opportunity anytime soon; Wray is to get her people into position.

The shuttle destroys the alien fighter.

Chloe walks into the control interface room where Eli is following the shuttle. Chloe wants him to show her the fighter that is attached to the hull. While Eli shows her a visual of the fighter, unknown to him, the screen on Rush's console activates and numerous files are streaming into the research lab. In the meantime, the shuttle is in position, and Scott fires a shot into the fighter, which dislodges it from the hull. The next few shots destroy the fighter, along with the tracker.

Dr. Adam Brody is in the Hydroponics lab, feeding some of the plants. Dr. Dale Volker radios him to tell him to get into position and stay in the lab; Brody is surprised they are moving quickly. The radio conversation is interrupted by T.J, who visits the lab to check up on the medicinal plants. In order to ease T.J's suspicions, Brody lies about the radio conversation by saying that it concerned Volker's "bridge club".

Young and Scott have returned the shuttle to its rightful position. However, the Docking clamps will not engage. Eli attempts to engage them via the interface room. However, he realizes he is locked out of the systems. The doors to the ship won't open either. The three realize that they have under eight minutes left until Destiny enters FTL again, and if the clamps aren't engaged again, Destiny's shield won't envelop the shuttle, and would vaporize the second the FTL engines activate. Upon hearing the news, Chloe runs out of the control interface room.

As Eli investigates, he discovers that someone is transferring data to another system, which has blocked the request to engage the clamps. Young quickly believes Rush is responsible. When Rush does not respond on radio, Young calls Greer and orders him to put together a team to find him. In the meantime, Chloe arrives at the research lab and urges Rush to stop, but he doesn't want to. Instead, he radios Eli to tell him that he shouldn't try to stop Rush transferring the data; the process cannot be stopped, and Eli's efforts will only drag it out longer, which could result in the deaths of those on the shuttle. Young orders Eli not to listen to him and continue; Eli is conflicted with orders being barked out to him by both sides. Wray arrives in the research lab and hears of the situation; Wray orders Rush to stop. He is reluctant to do so, since it would effectively stifle any future attempts. Wray reminds him that they promised no one will get hurt, and if Scott and Young die, they will lose everyone on their side. With no other choice, Rush stops the transfer, while at the control interface room, Eli believes he has stopped Rush and engages the docking clamps with seconds to spare.

Dunning holds Lisa Park at gunpoint, demanding what is going on.

However, Rush has control of most of the vital systems. He seals off a series of doors, creating two separate sections of the ship; one side has the civilians, while the other contains the military. The civilians have control of the Mess Hall and the Hydroponics lab, leaving the military in the smaller area with no food or water. Volker walks to the hydroponics lab to meet Brody, wondering why he turned the radio off; T.J. is in the civilian area. She approaches them and wonders what is happening. Brody answers with a "you weren't supposed to be here," mentioning a mutiny is taking place. They then hear Airman Dunning, who is also in the civilian-controlled area, holding Dr. Lisa Park and two others at gunpoint. He demands to be released or he'll shoot. T.J. and Wray arrive; the latter apologizes to T.J. and Dunning, since a few stragglers were anticipated. When he refuses to grant Wray's request to lower his gun, T.J. orders him to, and he complies. Wray promises that this will be over soon.

Young, Scott and Greer are with Eli in the control interface room, which is on the military side of the ship. There, Eli discovers that Rush stopped the transfer prematurely, preventing him from taking control of the ship's life support. Young radios Rush and notes that he has his full attention, and wishes to hear Rush's demands. Rush asks that all military personnel are to relinquish their weapons, and submit to civilian authority, since he believes that Young is running the expedition like a military dictatorship. When Young points out that Eli has control of life support, Rush counters with the fact that, since their side of the ship is much larger, and they have the hydroponics lab that is supplying some oxygen, it would take three days for the air supply to diminish completely. By this time, dehydration would claim those on Young's side, and no side would win.

Though both sides are thus far at a stalemate, Rush points out that Eli could tip the scales. Young has him busy working to regain control. Young also reports that T.J. and Dunning are trapped on the civilian side, while there are six civilians in the military side, each claiming not knowing what is happening. Besides that he announces that Rush wishes to exchange a little food and water for Eli, and that he agreed to it, knowing that Rush is planning on taking away any advantage the military may have. However, Young is enacting a plan on how to enter the civilian side.

Sometime later, Eli is guiding a Kino to one of the doors. He turns the Kino around to prove he is alone. When Rush is satisfied, he orders the civilians on the other side to open the door. There, Eli is met by three civilians, one of them carrying Dunning's sidearm. After Chloe tells him to put it down, Eli comes in, while the others place the containers of food and water on the military side before closing the door again. Chloe escorts Eli to Rush. On the way, Eli confronts Chloe about earlier, believing she was distracting him while Rush took over the systems. She denies the accusation; while she knew the mutiny was coming, she didn't know when. She has sided with Rush because Young abandoned Rush as an inconvenience.

Destiny drops out of FTL again. Young and Greer put on Ancient environmental suits, planning to go to the civilian side via the hull breaches connecting the two sides. Meanwhile, in the Mess Hall, the civilians are wondering whether or not the military will agree to their terms. Wray points out that Young may not bow down at first, but he just needs to remember that the military are taking orders from a civilian government.

Ronald Greer and Everett Young discover three Nakai motherships.

Chloe and Eli arrive in the lab, where he is left alone with Rush, who needs his assistance; he wants Eli to help him squeeze every ounce of unneeded power to strengthen the shield, since the Nakai are returning. Eli is quick to point out the destroyed fighter; Rush tells him that there is another tracking device, this time implanted in his chest. As they talk, Young and Greer are on the hull and notice three motherships dropping out of Hyperspace near Destiny. When Rush discovers this, he prepares to activate the shield. Eli attempts to hold him off, in order to buy Young and Greer time to enter, suggesting that attacking might be better. Persistent, Rush states that it would be better to strengthen the shield and weather the attack, as Destiny has done many times before. The aliens will eventually give up when they realize they cannot beat its defenses. Rush activates the shield just as Young and Greer make it through to the other side. Young orders Greer to open the door to allow Scott's team to go through, while he'll search for Rush.

The Nakai motherships begin their attack.

Chloe enters a makeshift brig where T.J. and Dunning are being held. She announces that it will only be a matter of time. T.J. however, believes that civilians initiating a coup won't help, but would instead make it war, something the military has training and experience for. As they continue, the ship starts to shake, meaning the aliens have started their attack.

Greer manages to knock out the civilians guarding their post and allows Scott's team entry. There, they split up; a team with Greer and Lt. Vanessa James are to go to the Mess hall, while Scott guides his own team to where Chloe is holding T.J. and Dunning. At this point, the relationship between Chloe and Scott comes to question. In the meantime, Greer's team arrives at the Mess hall and holds everyone at gunpoint, ordering them to get down on the floor. When they protest, James knocks one of them down. All comply, except for Volker, who tells them to wait. Greer, not wanting to listen, presses his sidearm at Volker's chest menacingly. Intimidated, he too complies.

In the research lab, Wray learns about the implant in Rush's chest, and believes the reason he implemented the coup was because of fear that if Young found out, he'd be thrown out of an airlock. By that time, Young arrives. He orders Eli to return fire on the aliens, but Rush informs them he has locked out the system, maintaining that fighting back isn't a good idea. Eli and Young, however, disagree; Eli believes that even if they do nothing, the aliens will still follow Destiny until they finally conquer it. By the time Scott arrives to apprehend Rush, Young learns of the tracker, and wants T.J. to perform a surgical procedure to remove it. T.J. and Rush protest; they don't have the right equipment, and T.J. has no experience in this. To this end, Young authorizes someone use the communication stones. Chloe volunteers to become host to someone with experience on Earth.

Sometime later, Rush is lying down for the surgery, sedated with the Squiggler venom. Dr. Brightman inhabits Chloe's body and is made aware of their current situation, and is slightly unnerved about the use of an alien venom to be used as a sedative. Regardless, she starts the surgery. In order to find it, a camera made from a disassembled Kino is used. Meanwhile, Eli believes he has found a work round to use the locked out weapons. However, using it may drain power from the shields, which is already indicating signs of collapse. He convinces Young that they have no choice but to weather the assault.

Tamara Johansen removes the tracking implant from Nicholas Rush.

Back in the Infirmary, Brightman has found the implant and prepares to remove it, when the volume of weapons bombarding the shields causes a disruption; Chloe is back in her body again. By then, Rush regains consciousness, forcing T.J. to administer more of the venom. After he drifts back to sleep, Chloe helps T.J. finish the operation and successfully removes the tracking implant. Scott then proceeds to take the device and destroys it by smashing it with the butt of his sidearm. By that time, Destiny jumps back into FTL, just before the shields could fail completely.

Now that the ship is safe, Young arrives at the Mess Hall and orders the civilians back to their quarters, as there's nothing left they can do to resist. Wray approaches him, and in the conversation, she says that both factions have to find a way to work together, noting "you shouldn't have left [Rush] on the planet." To which Young replies "Don't you think I know that?" After she leaves, Greer notes that this isn't over yet; Young agrees.


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Notable quotes

Rush: Same dream?
Chloe: Yeah.
Rush: Me too.
Chloe: What did they do to us?
Rush: I don't remember everything.
Chloe: Yeah, me neither. Maybe that's a good thing. Everyone thinks we're safe. They think that they'll never find us again. We're not safe, are we?
Rush: No.

Young: So, I've got a head count. Lieutenant Johansen and Airman Dunning are unaccounted for, so I think we can assume that they are on the other side.
Eli: Of course, just because someone's on the other side doesn't necessary mean they're, you know, on the other side.
Scott: Obviously not.
Young: We have a half a dozen civilians, all of which claim to know nothing.
Eli: What about Chloe?
Young: She's with them.
Eli: Like I said...
Young: How's it coming?
Eli: It doesn't help that I'm starting to get hungry. Low blood sugar is not my friend.

Johansen: The Colonel's going to take back the ship. You don't have any idea what you're up against.
Chloe: I think we do.
Johansen: Not a clue. Sorry, but a bunch of civilians up against the Colonel's training and experience?
Chloe: It's about listening to reason.
Johansen: Not once you took this ship. That made it war. And that's what we do.

(Scott notices that after Greer opened the door for them, he notices civilians unresponsive on the floor)
Scott: Sergeant?
Greer: They're fine. I went easy on ‘em.

Destiny is under attack from aliens while Brightman performs a procedure
Brightman: What is that?
Scott: Uh, yeah, we're under attack.
Brightman: What?
Scott: Shields are holding. We're good.
TJ: Welcome to Destiny.


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  • The song that played in the beginning of the episode was "You Won't Know" by Brand New.
  • "Divided" was originally intended to be the mid-season premiere of Stargate Universe, following "Space" as the second half of a two-parter. When "Darkness" and "Light" were expanded to two episodes, "Divided" was bumped back to the number 12 spot.


  • As stated, Colonel Everett Young has "control" of life support. Dr. Nicholas Rush notes that they have enough air for three days, and later says that Young is still pumping air in. However, "control" means that air can be pumped both in and out. Young makes no effort to break the deadlock by threatening to pump air out of the civilian section and give Rush and his people less than three days.
  • It is unlikely that Lt. Tamara Johansen wouldn't have given the two prisoners a thorough physical exam after their rescue. However, she failed to see Rush's surgical scar, even though it was visible enough that he could check and make sure that Chloe Armstrong didn't have one.

Other languages

  • Hungarian: Széthúzás (Dissension)

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