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This episode is a clip show: it is largely composed of clips of previous episodes.

Disclosure is the seventeenth episode of the sixth season of Stargate SG-1.


During a meeting of permanent members of the UN Security Council at the Pentagon, Colonel Chekov speaks with the Chinese ambassador about a sunken Russian submarine, the Rostov. When General Hammond and Major Davis arrive, they explain that this meeting is actually intended to inform the ambassadors about the Stargate program. They are also informed about the nature of the Stargate and other such devices but the ambassadors are initially in disbelief. They are also informed about the Russian involvement, and a clip from the episode "Nemesis" is shown; when SG-1 leaves Thor's ship with the Stargate. The British ambassador is indignant at the fact that the Russians are involved, while America's "closest ally", Great Britain, is not.

While they talk about some meteors being in fact crashed alien spaceships, similar to the submarine cover-up of the explosion from "Descent", Senator Kinsey appears and is finally able to convince the ambassadors in believing in the Stargate. However he also tells them about the threat for Earth and he lays the blame largely on the "flagship team", SG-1. The ambassadors are also informed about the Goa'uld and their ships (several clips from different episodes are shown which present the different types of ships). They also show how the Goa'uld attack and act towards a planet (again clips from several episodes are shown when the Goa'uld attack planets). They talk about the threats of Apophis and the new threat presented by Anubis and his attempts to destroy Earth (a clip is shown when Anubis tries to throw an asteroid at Earth).

The representatives of the USA and Russia then hope that the countries which are present will help them because of their military strength. However, the Chinese ambassador thinks that the general public should be informed. Afterwards a clip is shown when SG-1 uses a Stargate to blow up Vorash's sun to destroy Apophis' fleet ("Exodus"). The ambassadors are presented with the new technologies the SGC has invented (like the X-301 and X-302) (again clips from former episodes are shown of SG-1 using the new ships). Afterward, the ambassadors are informed about the X-303, Prometheus.

The Chinese ambassador becomes angry when he sees these new ships and the fact that the Stargate program is solely under US-control. Senator Kinsey then tells them about the NID, and argues that this organization should have control over the Stargate program. General Hammond is reluctant about this proposal due to the dubious nature of the organization (a clip is shown from the episode when Hammond resigned due to threats made by the NID against his family). The ambassadors are informed about the time when NID agents captured a weather-control device from Madrona (again clip shown) and how the rogue NID members are captured by Jack O'Neill and the Asgard.

Afterwards Kinsey informs the ambassadors about the threats to Earth which are a consequence of the operation of the Stargate, for example when they made contact with a black hole and of how alien-entities, such as the Replicators, infiltrated the base. Kinsey states that he can't allow General Hammond to keep control of the SGC any longer.

During a break, Hammond talks with Major Davis about the fact that he still has an ace up his sleeve, while Colonel Chekov talks to the Chinese ambassador about the economically-advantageous Russian position in the program. When the discussion starts again, Hammond talks about the friends they've made (particularly, the Asgard), but the Chinese and French ambassadors threaten to recommend to their respective leaders complete public disclosure. Suddenly Thor's image shows up in the room and informs the ambassadors about the help which the Asgard got from SG-1 and he also says that the Stargate should be kept under control of Hammond. Afterward, all ambassadors, British, French[citation needed], Russian and reluctantly Chinese, agree with Thor's assessment that the Stargate is better off in the hands of Hammond and SG-1. Senator Kinsey finally concedes defeat to General Hammond ("Well played.").


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  • This is one of only two episodes where none of the regular characters except General Hammond are featured. The other is the Season 7 episode "Inauguration".
  • This is the third clip show within Stargate SG-1, with the first being "Politics" and the second being "Out of Mind".
  • The countries being informed of the Stargate are the three previously unaware permanent members of the UN Security Council: China, Great Britain and France.
  • The Chinese ambassador's comment to General Hammond is a reference to Star Wars IV: A New Hope.
  • The table used for the meeting would later be used as the table in the Atlantis meeting room.
  • The Stargate graphic that is shown on the monitor after the title sequence is played is upside down, having the 8th and 9th chevron at the top. In the same shot, it shows Gate Chevrons and the Point of Orgin for Earth is shown three times. First and second are in row 1, 4th and 7th from the left and the third is in row 5, 5th from the left. A few others are reused as well, the some just flipped left to right and there are 42 chevrons shown in total.
  • When Thor beams in he says that he came to Earth in order to install Asgard shields and weapons on Prometheus, but it is later revealed that they only installed shields.


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