Dis is a male Vanir and a member of a the crew of a Vanir spaceship.



In 2010, Dis was part of the crew of a Vanir spaceship that chased after Doctor Elizabeth Weir to run tests on her to see how deascending had affected her. Dis and the rest of his crew captured Weir and Ronon Dex, the latter by accident on Sateda and fled, chased by Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard and Doctor Rodney McKay in Puddle Jumpers. To stop the ship, McKay fired on it in hopes of disabling it, but instead the Vanir ship crashed on Sateda. The damage was such that only Dis, in the rear section of the ship, survived out of the crew. Weir later determined he had a skull fracture and was beyond their ability to aid. In an attempt to save Dis if only to find out the Vanir's intentions, the Atlantis team brought in Travelers doctor Dekaas who was unable to help Dis anymore than they could. However, Dekaas noted that the architecture and writing in Dis' ship was similar to an instillation on a planet with a Travelers supply depot. The team was able to locate a field medical station and use its regeneration pod to heal Dis' injuries.

After awakening, Weir was able to convince Dis to talk and he explained that the Vanir's hope was that using the eggs of the Ascended Asgard Ran combined with the Vanir's damaged genetic material, they could start a new generation of Vanir to save their race. The team debated what to do with Dis who offered to stop chasing Weir if they'd let him go, but refused to stop the pursuit of Ran. After Weir suggested contacting Ran directly and asking for her help, Dis took the team back to Earth in a mothballed Asgard scout ship left in the facility. On Earth, Dis used an Ancient shrine to communicate with Ran who returned to mortal form and agreed to help Dis though she warned that they may not succeed and the Vanir might not get the desired results if they did. Dis accepted this, stating that the Vanir had more hope now than they had for a very long time. After dropping off the team's Puddle Jumper, Dis and Ran departed together in the scout ship, promising that the Vanir would no longer be a nuisance to the team. (SGA: "Unascended", "The Third Path")

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