"We know that a Replicator mind can be digitized and transferred from one body to another, but I've discovered a way that will allow us to exist indefinitely as fields of energy, effectively uploading ourselves into sub-space where we'll be free to move about the galaxy unencumbered by physical existence."

An Asuran going through the digital ascension process.

Digital ascension was a new procedure that was developed by rogue Asurans who wished to find a means of ascension, but were incapable of doing so due to their mechanical nature. It was discovered that an artificial means was achievable which digitized the mind of the Asuran and made them a field of energy that existed within subspace. The process resulted in the severing of the nanite bonds that held their body together, which disintegrated at the point they existed only as energy in subspace, where they were to be free to achieve true Ascension. However, there was no next step and the Asurans entered into a state where they were in constant motion and noise that resembled the worst migraine a Human were capable of suffering from. Their lack of bodies meant that they were free to travel the galaxy and inhabit computer systems. The presence of these Asurans was capable of being detected by sudden build of energy which resulted in displacement currents that were capable of hurting organic beings.

This was ultimately an unfulfilling state and quite a volatile one especially when interfacing with new technology. A single mind of one of these Asurans was too much for even Ancient technology to contain and they were able to manipulate machinery, allowing them to take control of computer systems as well as cause power outages. They were capable of regaining a nanite based physical form but only through the use of Ancient technology capable of creating nanites. (SGA: "Ghost in the Machine")

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