Destiny simulation program is a computer system on board Destiny.


While awakeEdit

Destinys simulation software is able to manipulate the minds of the those abord Destiny and can create a virtual representation of it. The simulation is able to manipulate emotion, along with create hallucinations. It is linked with the Destiny AI.

While unconsciousEdit

While unconscious, Destiny's simluation program can simulate all senses. The program is able to place a user in a virtual world, who is able to experience the world as if it were the real one.


The first known use of the program was when Colonel Young's leadership skills were being tested by Destiny's AI. It simulated a Nakai attack, which was always adapting to be unbeatable. The automatic version of this shutdown by Nicholas Rush soon after.

After Amanda Perry was uploaded into Destiny database, Doctor Rush wished to take their relationship further. She created a virtual reality for them to take part in, which was accessed using the Interface Chair. However, he found himself unable to leave. Eli was later forced to quarantine both Doctor Perry and Ginn in order to release Rush.

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