The showers aboard the Destiny were designed by the Ancients and do not use water, but rather an unknown substance that sprays like mist against the body, and beads up.

Eli Wallace discovered a compartment next to the crew quarters and investigated without taking a shower himself. During a mission briefing regarding the current water supply, Camile Wray suggested that restrictions be loosened so that members of the expedition could begin taking showers, which was when Eli brought up that the showers do not, in fact, use water. Later, while exploring the ship, Chloe asked Eli to show her how to use the showers. He did so and then stood guard so that she would not be disturbed. Chloe described the shower substance as "really warm" against her skin. (SGU: "Darkness")

During Chloe's shower, Destiny lost all power but life-support. This included the showers, leaving Chloe naked in the dark. Unable to find her way around, she called to Eli for help, who used the light from his cell phone to illuminate the room. (SGU: "Darkness")

Adam Brody devised a way to make the showers dispense a dye that turns skin purple, in order to play a prank on Hunter Riley. (SGU: "Wait For It")
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