Destiny mess hall is an area of Destiny.


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There is a mess hall aboard the Ancient ship Destiny, where Pvt. Darren Becker and other staff members measure and serve daily rations to expedition members. Because many sections of the ship are either damaged or unexplored, the mess hall serves as the best location for the expedition to hold important briefings throughout the day. It is also frequently used for poker games between the crew. (SGU: "Darkness", "Justice")

Due to the lack of supplies from Earth the Destiny expedition has had to gain food from offworld sources such as the alien sweet potato, sour tomatoes and a kiwi-like fruit. (SGU: "Justice", "Faith", "Sabotage")

Dr. Inman was also working on food flavorings and a soy-based protein. (SGU: "Variety", "Space")


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