The Destiny database is the central computer database on the Ancient starship Destiny. As well as containing information about the ship itself and the technology aboard it, it also records the sensor data that the ship takes when scanning a planet.

The database is also updated, via subspace link, by the Seed ships, and from this information the ship can plot it's next course. Making queries in the database can allow the ship to determine when the Destiny moves out of FTL to dial to a nearby Stargate and it can lock out nearby Stargates that don't have what the crew needs based on the queries made. In the case of life support, the Stargate was dialed to a planet with calcite for the CO2 scrubber, the other four addresses were locked out, possibly because they didn't have what they needed or because it has a hazard that made extraction of the calcite dangerous. (SGU: "Air, Part 3")

Dr. Rush has only scratched the surface of Destiny's database. (SGU: "Life")

The Destiny expedition now has complete access to all of the information in the database. (SGU: "The Greater Good")

Known information stored in the database includes:

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